How to lớn get Photocửa hàng 2014 for free (only on Windows)

hello people of the internet

i’m here because i found out something amazing and now i want to tóm tắt it with you


how to lớn get photoshop năm trước for không tính tiền without any viruses or torrents! (only for windows unfortunately)

(currently trying khổng lồ find one for photocửa hàng 2015)


và yes i did say only windows software and that’s because of the files và stuff that we need to lớn use, but another way around it if you have another operating system is using aWindows Emulator và run it through there (but I have little experience with emulators so good luck!!!! :))so anyway let’s get started shall we?

there are no viruses or scams or torrents or any of that crap ok you can trust me! I used this method myself over a year ago và here I am in one piece

if you struggle during these steps, drop by my ask & let me know your problem và i’ll definitely try to lớn help you!

Step 1:

if you follow the steps in italics below you might over up with photoshop năm ngoái, which i bởi not have a craông chồng yet for. so because i don’t have a crack, you’ll have sầu to lớn download photocửa hàng 2014 if you follow this method. go to lớn this link for a 32 bitversion. there is no separate installation page for a 64 bit version, so if you need 64-bit version of photoshop năm trước, you will have lớn try your luông chồng at creative sầu cloud which will, like i said, most likely only have sầu photoshop năm ngoái. a 32-bit photoshop will work on a 64-bit operating system however, so you might just have sầu khổng lồ stick with a 32-bit version of photoshop năm trước, unfortunately!

(visit theAdobe Creative Cloud download page& click"Download Trial’. then you either have sầu khổng lồ sign in or sign up.

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it should download something lượt thích CreativeCloudAdobe, so click it & it’ll install! this program is just adobe’s little easy access khổng lồ all the programs they offer.)

Step 2:

after you’ve sầu installed it, open it, clichồng ‘Apps’ and scroll down until you have sầu found "Photocửa hàng CC (2014)’ or ‘Photosiêu thị CC (2015) or something alike


it’ll then come up in "Your Apps’. make sure you do NOT open photosiêu thị yet!



make sure you save sầu the tệp tin somewhere accessible. if your antivirut says that this file is “suspicious” or anything like that, ignore it. sometimes they like khổng lồ scare you.

Step 4:

now you need khổng lồ locate the original amtlib.dll tệp tin that was downloaded with the photoshop you downloaded just before. you can vày this by opening your files explorer, heading into lớn your C: drive sầu (or whatever your main drive sầu is), và searching for the file. there are two places that it should end up.

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one possible route is

C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photocửa hàng CC 2014

which, if you open, should have sầu many .dll files and a few folders.

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another route is

C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Photocửa hàng CC 2014

or something similar. once you get to that folder, you should see something like this:


then, copy và paste the amtlib.dll tệp tin inlớn that folder that you should be in, & it should come up with a prompt saying “there is already another file with the name amtlib.dll”. replace the file. don’t paste it into any of the little folders in it like "AMT’ & "CIT’ etc.


make sure photoshop isn’t open! it is a good idea lớn keep a backup copy of the amtlib.dll tệp tin you downloaded from my dropbox, in case anything goes wrong!

Step 5:

& voila, you have sầu your own full version photocửa hàng for free! go ahead & have sầu fun!


if you have sầu trouble finding where the photoshop shortcut is, create a shortcut khổng lồ the photosiêu thị.exe pháo file in the same folder as amtlib.dll (if that makes any sense)photosiêu thị is great for making heaps of things, I mainly got it for making gifs. if you want khổng lồ learn to lớn make gifs, IHIGHLY’s GIF Tutorial. it’s how I made mine & her gifs are super!———————here are a few things lớn keep in mind

if you update photosiêu thị through creative cloud, you might want to consider redo-ing step 4, just lớn be safe. this is why you should keep a backup of amtlib.dll.i am pretty sure that this method also works with After Effects CC năm trước, but not any other adobe programs like Prelude, Dreamweaver và so forthalso, i did not come up with this method! someone on youtube did, & i can’t find the video! so i vị not take full credit, i am just here to let you know of this!

if you have sầu any problems, drop bymy askif you have sầu any questions, uncertainties or troubles!I hope I haven’t missed anything!

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