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Panasonic’s DX900 flagship TV from 2016 will carry over into 2017. The company has decided to instead launch a range of new mid-range LCD models, and EX700 is one of them. It comes packed with 4K resolution and HDR support. Mozilla has thrown in the towel so Panasonic has decided to take matter into its own hands and continue development of Firefox OS in-house.

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There are no eye-opening new features on Panasonic’s 2017 LCD TVs but the company delivered solid picture performance at reasonable prices with last year’s TVs so the big question of course if whether EX700 can build on that? And are mid-range TVs in 2017 capable of reproducing decent HDR? We will examine that and more in our in-depth review.Panasonic’s 2017 TVs are available in Europe only.

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Price and retailers:
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TV channels, recording & soundThere are no changes in the TV channel interface. When Panasonic switched to Firefox OS two years ago, it did not unfortunately update the channel user interface.The year is 2017 and the TV guide looks like this.

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To round off, we want to comment briefly on the built-in hidden speakers. Unsurprisingly, the speakers are a weak and bass is almost completely absent. The speakers sound a little bit like they are trapped in a can. However, voices are clear so for casual TV viewing they serve the purpose but for watching movies and watching games we will definitely recommend that you consider a pair of external speakers or a soundbar solution.


As usual, the out-of-box picture settings were worse than bad. We quickly moved on to a more accurate picture mode, which in the case of EX700 would be ”True Cinema” that we have included in the table below. It is still not great but visibly more accurate than the “Standard” mode.True Cinema insists on using a crooked gamma curve that makes bright tones brighter and dark tones darker. It is a fairly common trick but it requires you to take into use the advanced settings in order to improve color accuracy. We did a light calibration, which got us some of the way (as you can see in the included diagrams) but to reach a better result you need to employ both the CMS and 10-point color systems available from the menu. Advanced settings like these are not always available in mid-range TVs, so obviously it is nice to have the option on EX700, but we would rather have more accurate factory settings than having to do advanced calibration. We feel that it is part of what you pay for, especially in high-end TVs (which EX700 is not).Lastly, we took some readings in the HDR ’Standard’ mode. One thing we noticed is that for some source inputs only the ’Standard’ and ’Vivid’ HDR modes are available whereas other sources allow you to use ’True Cinema’ in HDR, too. It is a minor concern but still. As you can see in the ‘HDR – DCI-P3’ tab below, the LCD panel covers less than 90% of DCI-P3 color space and has a peak brightness of just 340 nits (see measurement table in the next section). Despite EX700 having support for HDR on paper, this is not HDR territory. We will get into more detail in the next section.

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