Panasonic Ex 600 4K Uhd (2017) Tv Review: Bang For Your, Panasonic Ex600 4K Hdr Smart Led Tv Review

In a nutshell: The Panasonic TX-49EX600B is one of the cheapest 49-50 inch TVs available in 2017, but there are good reasons for that. Picture quality is poor, with little contrast in evidence despite this being a HDR model. Motion blur is a problem too. We”d avoid this TV and look elsewhere.

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Design & looks

The Panasonic EX600B is the bargain basement model in the company”s 2017 range of 4K HDR televisions, and it has looks to match. It”s about twice as deep as the EX700, with a thick plastic frame around the screen. The base is rather flimsy, but does have the advantage of being adjustable to fit the size of your furniture.

Picture quality

Unfortunately the cheap-looking exterior is a sign of worse to come, as the same cost-slashing procedure has been applied to the screen and the processor. While the screen has 4K resolution and supports the new HDR standard, it doesn”t do much with it. The LCD panel lacks brightness, and with no kind of local dimming available, it”s unable to reproduce blacks adequately either. HDR may be written on the box, but the dynamic range of this screen is anything but high.


Upscaling from the entry-level processor is weak, so terrestrial TV channels can look very blocky.

Things get worse when the picture starts moving. The slow screen shows a lot of motion blur, especially during action or sports, and even when watching dramas. Watching football on Freeview actually made us feel queasy, and that wasn”t because our team lost.

Audio quality

Sound comes from a pair of 10W full-range speakers with simulated surround sound. Let”s be generous and describe the audio quality as average.

Smart TV

This is one area where we can say we”re happy. Panasonic”s Smart TV system for 2017 is called my Home Screen 2.0, and it”s reasonably comprehensive, with support for BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4, My5, Netflix 4K, Amazon Instant Video 4K, and YouTube 4K, with HDR support for streaming.

The remote control includes a handy Netflix button.

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The EX600B has more limited connectivity options than Panasonic”s more expensive TVs, but it has all the basics covered – Wi-Fi and ethernet for connecting to the internet and your home network, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USBs (including one USB 3.0), a combined component/composite input and a digital audio optical output.

A Freeview tuner is included, but not Freesat.

The TV can also stream content from connected phones and tablets.

Conclusion – not recommended

The Panasonic EX600 is one of the cheapest 49/50 inch TVs with HDR support, but it”s not one we can recommend. The price has already fallen significantly since we first reviewed the TV in May, but even at £630 you can find better elsewhere. The Samsung UE50MU6100 costs less but is a better option all round.

Alternatively if you want to stick to Panasonic, we”d recommend spending a little more on the Panasonic EX700B, which is definitely a better option.

Panasonic TX-49EX600B features include:

49 inch LED-backlit UHD screen3,840 x 2,160 resolution1300Hz Back Light Motion rateBright PanelHigh ContrastAdaptive Backlight DimmingPicture modes: Dynamic, Normal, Cinema, True Cinema, Custommy Home Screen 2.0 Smart TVFreeviewPlayAudio: Full Range stereo speakers (10W x 2), VR-Audio True surround soundConnectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet (LAN) x 1, HDMI x 3 (ARC support x 1), USB x 2, headphone x 1, shared component/composite input x 1, digital audio out (optical) x 1, CI (Common Interface 1.3), DLNA, Easy MirroringStandard remote controlEnergy efficiency class: ATypical power consumption: 85W – 149WSize without stand (WxHxD): 1102 x 644 x 77 mmSize with stand (WxHxD): 1102 x 699 x 351 mm

User questions

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Why my panasonic 49ex600cant connect to hdmi and i cant play video?

Asked byCherries baltazarfrom United kingdomon 24th Sep 2017

Panasonic TX-49EX600B user reviews

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Average rating from 7 reviews:

Reviewed by The badger from United kingdomon 27th Feb 2018HONESTLY DONT KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GETTING YOUR REVIEW THE TELEVISIONEX600B in my view is what it says on the can 100% perfect my onlyproblem is connecting my surround system from my old Panasonic to menew tv the synic is out and don�t know how to do it , but the tvPERFECT.Rating:

Reviewed by Andrewtstfrom Malaysiaon 24th Dec 2017I had this TV but K variant as I am from Malaysia. Forthe picture quality it is brilliant include HDR. I had play somesample HDR video and it looks as stunning as others brand. Your review somehow not right. It is not that bad as youdescribe. I am highly recommended this TV.Rating:

Reviewed by Alfredofrom United Kingdomon 2nd Dec 2017To me it”s brilliant. Sorry but your review is totally wrong. If youask me keep of the wine.Rating:

Reviewed by Sabfrom Hungaryon 24th Sep 2017I think this purchase was good in terms of price/value. I seesome of above mentioned failures but it does not disturb the cinematime.Rating:

Reviewed by Malcolm Hutcheonfrom UKon 15th Aug 2017Not being a TV snob, and not being someone who spends hours on end infront of one, I have to say that for Joe Ordinary this is a very goodbuy. Picture quality is more than enough to keep me satisfied, soundis adequate – again, not someone who needs to have the room shakingwhile watching the latest Marvel movie. Netflix 4K was a bonus Ididn”t expect, but shows off the quality of the picture. Ironman3 wasthe first choice of movie I watched, and not once did I think aboutmotion blur. Overall, I”m more than happy with the �629 I spent,and will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new TV. Perhapsyou should consider your audience more before reviewing theseyourself?Rating:

Reviewed by Georgefrom UKon 31st Jul 2017Just set my new TX-49EX600B up and am pleased with its performance andlooks – mind you, I upgraded from a Sony 40in circa 2006, with theclear plastic surround making it a lovely piece of equipment. However,time moves on and the connections were not current! Anyway, I got thisTV at just under �600 so it seemed very good value. It set upquickly and no fuss as well as connection to my Internet – BBC iPlayerno problem and fairly quick! In my living room it fits perfectly andis the exact size for my furniture and room – though I did have toremove the shiny plastic covers from the removeable feet and spraythem matt black!! They reflected beams of sunshine from my rearwindow! However, that was a minor point. A connected keyboard workedfine and is needed for any selection of programme searches – inputtingeach character on the screen is such a pain! Why don”t manufacturersget real? I am happy with the picture though have not tried anything4k yet. It will probably be like my last TV – never managed to watchany HD content and neither of us found the SD a problem! I think thisis good value and will do me for another 5 years.Rating:

Reviewed by Joe Bloggsfrom Englandon 24th Jun 2017The contrast is low because it”s an IPS screen, worse contrast butbetter viewing angles (in a bright room there would be little or nodifference between this and a VA panel). The TVs is deep as its directLED rather than edge lit which may be advantageous. You nevermentioned the input lag for gamers which is amazing, around 20 ms. Ofcourse HD tv looks bad it”s 1080i blown up 4 times, it will look naffon any 4K tv. I”m not sure if someone at Panasonic was mean to you ina past life but this review is harsh. I don”t think many people willbuy at �850 but when it hits the ~�600 mark I think peoplewill snap the TV up.Rating:


Reply by ryanfrom ukon 16th Jul 2018Where did you get the 20ms from? Beening trying to find thisout.

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