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Motivations for having an I”m Back:

“Ciao ho una Nikon f3, il vostro progetto mi entusiasma…”G.L. – – October 24, 2017

“I am glad someone like you have such a great idea. I have a couple of old Camera pass on from my dad, I would love to able to reuse them or give that back to him with your devices, he would be so happy.”A.A. Kickstarter member – October 24, 2017

“Hope you make it. Looks like the old Forsher Polaroid back for 35mm testing in the old days . Fabulous .”J.M.From my iPhone – October 22, 2017

“Hi, Congratulation for jour product. You are make my dream.”S.F. – – August 02, 2017

“Just saw your video clip – amazing! I have 35mm SLRs and lenses collections which are sitting in storage for several years…”Y.W. – – June 30, 2017

“oh wow! magnific idea. Does it work for Nikon F100 Hope yes, please answer soon to support asap kickstarter campaign” R.D. – Enquirer – – March 17, 2017

Copies on photo paper? Perfect!


Click on the photo to see it or view it in high resolution (Iphone 6).

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I’m Back™ launched a successful first prototype on Kickstarter that has been pledged by over 100 people throughout Aug 4 2016 – Oct 3 2016 and raised 325%.Thanks for anyone that an year ago helped our project on Kickstarter!

Now i’m trying again but this time i can finally deliver a finished mass-produced product to you, a good quality and low cost back for your analog cameras.

The old and original project now evolved and thanks to the help of our Brazilian technicians and our partnership with Yuyao Maxwin Electric Appliance S&T Co. Ltd. We’re working together to create a high quality product with an Italian Design!

All the photos and the entire product presentation video were done using I”m Back prototipe in the current version, ie:


Assembly Kit comprised of all the case parts, user manual and material list. – Electronicparts not included.

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Camera module of 8mpx sensorWiFi connection (raspberry pi as hotspot)Smartphone as monitor (more economical and of better quality in relation to a smaller display)For video recording:3.5 Inch Portable Color TFT MonitorThe menu that I will offer open source for those who wish to mount their “Im Back” is in the design stage and as soon as it is ready I will put a video of it.Raspberry pi Zero W or other little board.


Final Version.Completely assembled and working!In the version that will put the sale already mounted, I will use a hardware (no raspberry PI) and software owned by a supplier and producer of cameras, and therefore, the quality will be higher than that presented here, because it would have a larger sensor (16mpx) and already dispose from a complete menu.

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Camera Details (Assembled)


I”m Back™ PCB – Processor Novatek 96660

There will have no crop factor from the size of sensor. The design of this product is called “Depth-of-field_adapter” ( In normal digital camera, the image from the lens is directly projected onto the sensor. So the smaller the size of the sensor, the more the image is cropped which we called crop factor. In this Depth-of-field adapter “digital back”, the image is projected onto the focusing screen, is almost 24mm x 36mm. And then we use a digital camera to take a photo of this focusing screen. You can use a SLR, mirrorless or any size of sensor to take this photo from the screen. There is no crop factor.” Thanks. A. D. 😉

Principal Menu control:ISO AUTO or MANUAL: 100 to 1600EV ControlFoto resolutionWithe balanceAnti-ShakingHDRSceneVide resolutionLanguage

What are you waiting for? Take the dust off your old cameras and go back to take pictures and Videos with them!


The first result of the previous kickstarter campaign ready to be sent. Japan, China, Germany, USA, Israel, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, thank you!


Yuyao Maxwin Owner of Electric Appliance S & T Co. Ltd. – Huanghe Lou is responsible for the engineering and manufacturing of I’m Back ™. Currently supplying 3 other projects funded by Kickstarter.

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