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To stay healthy, we take great care of what we eat and drink. Yet, air is what our body consumes the most.

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As part of our commitment in bringing you Quality Air For Life, now introduces a full range of air design solutions consisting of 4 vital categories – Complete Air Solutions.

AEROWINGS (Shower Cooling & Direct Cooling), nanoe™X, nanoe-G, Inverter, ECONAVI, R32 Refrigerant, 5-Star Rating.






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nanoe™ Technology – 24hrs Quality Air

The new Air Conditioner with nanoe™ Technology features an independent air purification function that can address various types of pollutants in the air as well as on surfaces especially fabrics. nanoe™ X vs nanoe-GThe water-based nanoe™ X particles can effectively reduce strong odours and inhibit harmful pollutants like bacteria and viruses, mould, allergens, pollen and hazardous substances. The nanoe™ X particles can even moisturise skin and hair.nanoe-G with negative ions can effectively remove dust particles as small as PM2.5. Thus, ensuring your loved ones enjoy better indoor air quality at all times.

Reduces Frequently Encountered Odours

nanoe™ X reduces strong, adhesive odours by deeply penetrating into fabrics, resulting lasting freshness in your living space.- BBQ Odour- Sweat Odour- Cigarette Odour – Durian OdourLearn More about nanoe™ Technology

Inhibits Airborne and Adhered Pollutants

nanoe™ X inhibits harmful pollutants, keeping your loved ones away from allergies or diseases.- Bacteria & Viruses- Mould- Hazardous Substances- Allergens- PollensLearn More about nanoe™ Technology

Moisture Retained in Skin and Hair

nanoe™ X water particles helps to achieve proper moisture balance, resulting in smooth, hydrated skin and hair.nanoe™X combines with natural sebum to coat the skin.Learn More about nanoe™ Technology

Removes Dust Particles as Small as PM2.5

Negative ions are released to capture dust particles (PM2.5). These particles are carried back and trapped at the filter.Dust particles (PM 2.5) can cause diseases!Learn More about nanoe™ Technology

nanoe™ Actively Purifies Air & inhibits pollutants all day long

Purify with cooling OffYou may leave nanoe™ mode ON to deodorise, inhibit pollutants and remove dust particles (PM2.5). Low energy consumption with fan mode 25W per hour for a single unit.Maintenance-FreeNo maintenance required for nanoe™ X generator device.Learn More about nanoe™ Technology


AEROWINGS twin flaps angle downwards to deliver concentrated airflow to cool you instantly at start up.


AEROWINGS angles upwards to spread cool air over a wider area, then showers down gently and evenly across the room after reaching the set temperature.

Shower Cooling – Cool Comfort From Above Aero Series Air Conditioner uses AEROWINGS to send concentrated airflow across the room, cooling you gently from aboveStay cosy and relaxed in your living space without the constant cold blast to your skin and body. Say goodbye to excessive cooling.

Shower Cooling – Concentrated Airflow, Further, Faster

The AEROWINGS is controlled by 2 independent motors and dual independent flaps. Airflow is delivered at a faster pace, spreading further at a concentrated level.(1) 2 Independent Motors Control the Sub-Flap and Bigger Outer Flap separately. (2) Sub-FlapCompresses and concentrates cool air. (3) Bigger Outer Flap Helps to deliver airflow further.

FAST COOLING (Aero Series) Aero Series Air Conditioner’s AEROWINGS twin flaps direct concentrated airflow downwards, delivering powerful cool air to cool you in the shortest time possible.


Be Greeted with A Blast of Cool AirTogether with the high-powered Inverter compressor technology, P-TECh, SKY Series and AERO Series can cool you down in the shortest time possible. P-TECh gives you powerful cooling the moment the air conditioner is switched on.P-Tech enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up, giving you powerful cooling the moment the air conditioner is switched on.


The AERO SLIM design features sleek lines and graceful curves while the lustrous pearl finishing and chrome escutcheon exude a sense of luxury.AEROWINGS are flexible twin flaps that can direct and concentrate airflow to cool an area effectively. These flaps are able to channel and concentrate cool air upwards, which showers down over the room for gentle and even coolness – SHOWER COOLING.


SLIM & SLEEK OUTLINE37mm slimmer than previous models.LUSTROUS PEARL FINISHINGClassy tone with a soft, pearly glow.Chrome escutcheon with a sense of luxury.


Energy Saving & Precise Temperature ControlThe inverter system helps you save energy while ensuring your comfort by maintaining the set temperature through varying the rotation speed of the compressor. It also operates with higher cooling power during the start up period to cool the room 1.5 times faster. THE “BRAIN” OF THE INVERTER Micro computer determines the most suitable operation mode as time passes and automatically adjusts output power for maximum comfort always.


P-TECh enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up, giving you powerful cooling the moment the air conditioner is switched on.

ECONAVI – Enjoy Ultimate Comfort With Energy Savings

ECONAVI is a high-precision sensor technology that detects where energy is usually wasted and adjusts cooling power according to room conditions and activity levels.ECONAVI has two sensors – Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor. Together, they monitor human location, movement,absence, and sunlight intensity to use energy more efficiently.

R32 Refrigerant – Sustainable Refrigerant

The commonly used refrigerants in air conditioning system contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions and ozone depletion, consequently putting our environment at stake.ABOUT R32 REFRIGERANT 1) R32 has higher cooling capacity thereby increases heat transfer efficiency. 2) It consumes less energy, helping you to save on electricity costs.3) R32 also has zero impact on the ozone layer, therefore it’s friendly to the environment.

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Energy Efficiency | Air Conditioner

Cares for your peace of mind. Stay comfortable while energy saving.

Healthy Airflow | Air Conditioner

An innovative flap design which maximizes airflow for consistent cooling.

About nanoe Technology – Revolutionary Air Purification System

Effectively deodorises, and inhibits growth of bacteria and viruses and removes dust particles.

Control Your AC with Your Smartphone | Smart Wifi Network Adapter

The Comfort Cloud app enables you to conveniently manage and monitor multiple AC or aircond units for homes from just 1 mobile device or smartphone.

Multi-Split Conditioning Systems – Space-Saving Installation’s multi-split conditioning systems are designed to provide more space-saving installation for outdoor units.

Room Application | Air Conditioner

Clean air is essential to healthy living. We spend more time indoors, making indoor air quality a more serious issue than we realise. Air Conditioner: Inverter vs Non-Inverter

Learn the differences between inverter and non-inverter air conditioners to choose the best way to cool down your home.

How to Clean & Service your Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioning units need regular maintenance to function well. Find out how you can easily clean your AC here.

Using an Air Conditioner: Best Temperature Settings

Here’s what you need to know about the optimum temperature for every room in your home, as well the type of air conditioner to use.

Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner

Is an air cooler or air conditioner a better option for cooling your home? Check out these eco-friendly, energy-saving air conditioners.

How to Choose an Energy-efficient Air Conditioner?

Here’s how to choose an air conditioner that will help you keep your bills low and help the environment too.

Horse Power 1.5HP Cooling Capacity 12,500 (3,140-14,300) Btu/h Comfort Technology AEROWINGS, nanoe™X, nanoe-G, Inverter, ECONAVI, R32 Refrigerant.

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