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đánh giá Super Bomberman R

An explosive sầu return

When most people pichồng up their Switch, they"ll likely be grabbing a copy of The Legkết thúc of Zelda: Breath of the Wild along with it. If you"re picking up another game with your console however, we strongly suggest you consider Super Bomberman R. If you"ve sầu never before played a Bomberman title before - and let"s be honest, the...

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Fri 3rd Mar 2017

About The Game

Have sầu a Blast with Super Bomberman R!

Bomberman is baông chồng as Super Bomberman R! Place bombs and collect power-ups lớn blast your way through classic "Battle" or "Story" mode.

Play "Battle" mode where up khổng lồ eight players are dropped within a maze until the "last man standing" is declared the winner.

Venture through "Story" mode where one lớn two players work cooperatively khổng lồ clear a series of 50 stages in order to save the galaxy.

Key features in Super Bomberman R include:

3D stages with dynamic environmentsBomberman siblings and well-known enemies are baông xã with rich personalityBattle mode for up to lớn 8 players via local connection and online gamepla

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Super Bomberman R

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Sun 15th Jan 2017


Mon 16th Jan 2017


Mon 16th Jan 2017

The game...THE GAME that will make me buy a Switch!

Wed 18th Jan 2017

Sheesh Konami! I need Suikoden so bad! 108 stars of destiny need to come baông xã for my life be complete aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Own 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, tactics, DS version, & they"re all amazing!

Mon 13th Feb 2017

The game"s aesthetic is so disjointed: The cutscenes look OTT kiddie, "Nickelodeon-ish", & "Flash-the-vector-program-ish", much more so than the original cartoon/comic-style art from the 90s that I actually really liked, và the in-game visuals actually look kinda "gritty" and "realistic" at times, with certain shader effects that just look strange, which I don"t like for the most part.

Why couldn"t they have just made the game look like the original classic cartoon/comic style but in 3 chiều, & had the cutscenes match the in-game visuals too?

Ya know, more like this kind of thing:


And even this:


It is an order or magnitude better than what you"ve sầu went for with Super Bomberman R imo.

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Mon 6th Mar 2017

This game has been more fun than I expected

Mon 10th Aquảng cáo 2017

Love Bomberman, hate Bomberman in 3d.

Mon 10th Jul 2017

This game is actually fun, but I really hope that online social is added once the Nintenvì chưng online phầm mềm is released. I really need lớn talk crap while playing this type of game otherwise it just feels lượt thích I’m playing against AI.

Wed 10th Jan 2018

This and Mariokart made me inititaly buy a Switch.

It"s good enough, but not the star of the show anymore lượt thích the great Battlefest, for our 8x player gaming parties. It just feels a bit lacking.

Hopefully updates will add more weapons & features.

Wed 6th Mar 2019

Here"s an idea Konami, không lấy phí to lớn play bomerman game with online 4p multiplayer make money by adding costumes, levels và season passes etc. Works for fortnite, Apex và even tetris 99.

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