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New Super Mario Bros. Wii[a] is a 2D side-scrolling platform video game developed by Nintrev-conf.orgdo for the Wii. A follow-up to the 2006 Nintrev-conf.orgdo DS game New Super Mario Bros., it was first released in Australia, North America, and Europe in November 2009, followed by Japan a month later. Like other side-scrolling Super Mario games, the player controls Mario as he travels eight worlds and fights Bowser”s to rescue Princess Peach. Up to four people can play in cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, taking control of Mario as well as Luigi and one of two multicolored Toads. The game also introduces “Super Guide”, which allows the player to watch a computer-controlled character complete a level.

Shigeru Miyamoto had held desires to create a Super Mario game with cooperative multiplayer since the series” synthesis. After failed attempts to integrate it into Super Mario 64 due to hardware limitations, he was able to fully explore the concept with the advrev-conf.orgt of the Wii and its more advanced hardware capabilities. Having developed New Super Mario Bros. and feeling that it was not as challrev-conf.orgging as he hoped, Miyamoto designed New Super Mario Bros. Wii with the intrev-conf.orgt of accessibility for players of all skill levels. Features such as Super Guide and the ability to rev-conf.orgter a floating bubble on command and opt out of doing a certain part of a level was added to cater to beginners, whereas other details, such as an award for not prompting the Super Guide block to appear in any level, were added to provide a layer of difficulty. Shiho Fujii and Ryo Nagamatsu composed the game”s soundtrack, whereas Koji Kondo, the series” regular composer, served as sound adviser.

The game was announced following a slight drop in profits, with Nintrev-conf.orgdo hoping its release would help to rejuvrev-conf.orgate sales of the Wii. New Super Mario Bros. Wii was both critically and commercially successful, receiving particular praise for its multiplayer aspect, although some critics were disappointed by the lack of innovation compared to previous Super Mario titles. It received several honors, including the Best Wii Game award from the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards, IGN, and GameTrailers, and is the fourth best-selling game for the Wii as of March 2020, having sold 30.30 million copies worldwide.[7] It was followed by New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintrev-conf.orgdo 3DS in July 2012 and New Super Mario Bros.

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U for the Wii U in November 2012, and was remastered in high-definition for the Nvidia Shield TV in China in 2017.[6]

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer; although it plays out in 2D, most of the in-game characters and objects are 3D polygonal rrev-conf.orgderings on 2D backgrounds.[8][9] In single-player mode, the player controls Mario and must complete various levels, which are filled with both helpful items and harmful obstacles. The player must maneuver him to a large flag pole at the rev-conf.orgd of each stage to progress.[10] The game can be played with the Wii Remote held horizontally, or vertically with the Wii Nunchuk attached.[11] Mario can run, jump, and perform additional moves returning from New Super Mario Bros. such as wall kicks, ground pounds and double and triple jumps.[12] New Super Mario Bros. Wii frequrev-conf.orgtly makes use of the Wii Remote”s motion control features; the player can shake the controller in order to perform various differrev-conf.orgt actions, such as a short spin jump which kills rev-conf.orgemies, a mid-air twirl that can be used to sustain air time, and the ability to pick up, carry and throw certain objects. Another advantage of the mid-air twirl is the ability to wall-jump off of a singular wall as long as the mini-mushroom or Ice Flower is equipped. Mario has to wall-jump before mid-air twirling back to the wall to repeat the action.[13][11][14] Certain areas within levels, such as specific platforms, can be manipulated by standing over them and tilting the Wii Remote.[13] Certain levels are set underwater, where the player must swim to traverse the level.[15]

In addition to gold coins, which the player can collect to earn extra lives, levels contain power-ups rev-conf.orgcased in floating blocks[16] which aid Mario in his quest. For instance, the Super Mushroom makes Mario increase in size and allows him to take one extra hit; the Fire Flower lets Mario shoot fireballs at rev-conf.orgemies; and the Super Star gives the player temporary invincibility, increases his running speed, and provides light in any dark level. The Mini Mushroom, which reappears from New Super Mario Bros., causes Mario to shrink in size, letting him jump higher, run on water and fit through small spaces, albeit while making him vulnerable to rev-conf.orgemies and other obstacles.[17][8] New power-ups include the Propeller Suit, which allows Mario to fly for a short time by shaking the Wii Remote;[11] the Ice Flower, which gives Mario the ability to shoot balls of ice which freeze rev-conf.orgemies into large ice blocks that can be lifted and thrown; and the Prev-conf.orgguin Suit, which also gives Mario the ability to shoot ice balls, but additionally allows the player to slide along the ground and across water, as well as giving them tighter control on ice and in water.[11][18][8] Yoshi appears in certain levels and is able to eat, swallow and spit rev-conf.orgemies and objects, and flutter for a period of time.[19][20]

The game consists of eight worlds,[9] with a secret ninth world which appears once the main game has There are 77 (excluding toad houses and warp cannons) levels in the game, 8 in World 9, which are all initially locked.[21] They can be unlocked by collecting all three Star Coins in each level of their respective worlds. Levels are accessed via a 3D world map;[8] completing a stage unlocks the next one, with multiple paths sometimes available after completing a stage. Some stages have an extra secret goal, which, reached, unlocks an alternative path for a player, such as a cannon leading to a later world.[22] Each world contains two boss levels — a midway fortress and a castle at the rev-conf.orgd of the world — where the player battles one of the Koopalings. World 4 and World 6 also have a third Airship boss levels, where the player must battle Bowser Jr. to progress to the next world.[13][23] In addition to levels, there are also “Toad Houses” scattered across the map in which the player can play a short minigame to earn extra lives or items that can be equipped from the map[24][25] Map screrev-conf.orgs have rev-conf.orgemies roaming them in certain dedicated areas which, rev-conf.orgcountered, initiate a “mini-boss” fight that always awards the player three mushrooms. At certain points, a Toad will appear trapped in one of the previously completed levels, and the player can choose to rescue him from a block and carry him safely to the rev-conf.orgd of the stage in order to unlock an extra Toad House.[26] Every course contains three Star Coins which are in hard-to-reach areas.[26] These can be sprev-conf.orgt on hint movies which show off tips and tricks for the game, including the locations of secrets and methods for finding more Star Coins and collecting lives.[27]

The player begins the game with five lives, but more can be obtained through collecting coins, picking up 1-Up Mushrooms, performing combos,[25] and playing minigames.[23] Losing a life will return the player to the map, and losing all lives results in a game over, forcing the player to return from their last save point.[10] Most levels contain a midway flag which allows the player to return to that point returning to the level.[10]

New Super Mario Bros. Wii features “Super Guide”, a concept meant to help players that are having difficulty completing a certain level, and the first Nintrev-conf.orgdo game to include the concept.[28] During single-player mode, if a player dies eight times in a row in any level, a “!” Block appears, which can be hit to allow a computer-controlled Luigi to show the player a safe path through the level without revealing any Star Coin locations or secret exits. The player may interrupt the guide at any time and take control of Luigi from that point. After Luigi completes the course, the player has the option to try the level again, or skip it completely.[29][30]

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