New Super Mario Land For Super Nintendo Released, New Super Mario Land (Snes)

Patch v12 (use on ROM v1.5, Posted 03-20-21):
Homebrew/Non-Commercial ROM v1.5:
PCM Pack
Arranged Pack presented by PepilloPeV (need to redownload if using 1.5 Patch)*:
Code: Preveiw

v1.5 Track Map (v1.2 is deprecated)

* The tracks have been re-mapped. Reference the track map to rename your old set accordingly (or just re-download the sound pack).

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Polargames Ok, here we go. I had to take it down for a bit, discovered some last minute issues, now fixed. Thanks for helping map the tracks.

I almost forgot to thank you for finding a lossless version of this arranged set. Thanks a bunch.

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Just an FYI.


Patch is not compatible with the new v1.1 game released yesterday (same place as usual).

EDIT – Jan 1st, 2020

Based on feedback, there have been a few updates to the homebrew. Mario”s controls and collision detection have been greatly improved. Mario”s jump sounds have also been fixed to be less distracting to the player.

Just an FYI.


Patch is not compatible with the new v1.1 game released yesterday (same place as usual).
Conn wrote:Impressive timing… My commiseration, Pev – I hope the porting is not that hard Very Happy
You are very welcome. Now, for a short break and then deal with this updated version 1.1 at a later time.

Ok, updated. Included patches for both versions of the game. Did a quick test on 1.1 and so far seems ok (did not do a full playthrough). Let us see what happens when more play it. Peace out.

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Polargames Ok, here we go. I had to take it down for a bit, discovered some last minute issues, now fixed. Thanks for helping map the tracks.
Sounds good Pepv, Your very welcome


, Feel free to let me know if you have any more track mapping projects 😀
ok, played through it and have some buzzing in some areas. need to troubleshoot on sd2snes. this will take a bit.


Ok, the buzzing sound when going into pipes is fixed by using a silent PCM labeled as “nsml-msu1-19.pcm“. If you click on the download link, you can choose to just download this one PCM or the whole set all over again.

it should be possible to easily prevent this with “spc fallback”

bit $2000
bvs loop
lda $2000
AND #$08
BNE playspc ; error bit set?
LDA #$03
STA $2007
LDA #$ff
STA $2006
STZ $2007

So if a track is not found (error bit set), simply disable msu playing. This is in above code of course no real spc fallback, but only a mute if track is not present.
Implemented the no track exception code, per your suggestion. I totally forgot about doing this. I get rusty very quickly when staying away from this coding stuff too long, lol.

There is no need for the silent “nsml-msu1-9.pcm” track any more. I will remove it from the pack, eventually.

Update: Removed silent track, no longer necessary. PeV
v6 patch for v1.1 rom can”t be applied, it complains it”s the wrong rom.
This is the one I have:
Name:  New Super Mario Land (J) (V1.1).sfc
Size:  2097152
CRC32: 8d69103f
MD5:   3d89d04f1daee43c6af7218235042807
SHA1:  592d16617f9d8be111ca914d387bfe59a84c0eec

My mistake when creating the separate patches. Ok, now you can safely apply the “NewSuperMarioLand-Msu-v11.bps” patch without issue. Please clear your browser cache and re-download the patch package.

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Turns out v1.2 was released a few days ago. Does the MSU-1 patch need to be updated to account for this? Or should it work on v1.2 as well as v1.1?

OMorty Cannot confirm unless I review it myself. I recall from 1.0 to 1.1, there were changes that forced me to relocate MSU-1 code. I would have to check and update.
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