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Naturally, this creates a problem with the original level design that often hinders that kind of flow, which I tried to mitigate to some extent. Historically, every Mario game feels and controls a bit different. I can imagine some people liking and some disliking the gameplay in this one depending on where they are coming from. It may not be perfect, but ultimately, I chose a style that felt good and fun to me.

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What issues did you run into when running on original hardware?

Apart from the usual myriad of self-inflicted bugs, tuning the gameplay and keeping the framerate at somewhat acceptable levels is what most of the effort went into. It still dips down pretty hard in 4 player expert mode at times, but we”ve all seen worse on the SNES. Also, the camera system posed a problem, because I can”t easily zoom out if players move away from each other, like New Super Mario Bros. on Wii does.

What made you choose to go with the New Super Mario Bros. art style instead of a more standard pixel art style, similar to that of All-Stars or World?

It”s not everyone”s cup of tea, but I really enjoy the fluid, prerendered aesthetics that the Donkey Kong Country series pioneered, and the clean looks of the New Super Mario Bros. games.

Generally speaking, hand-drawn pixel art is king, of course, but I just don”t possess the necessary skill.

To be perfectly honest, the low-poly prerendered look makes it very easy to achieve acceptable-looking, fluid animations with little effort using 3D modelling software. It”s much less effort than drawing everything by hand for sure, so you could say it was an economical decision. Generally speaking, hand-drawn pixel art is king, of course, but I just don”t possess the necessary skill.

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Do you have any plans to remake anything else in the future in a similar style?

Not at all, I usually like to try my hand at different things once in a while. Maybe something original for a change.

Has anyone from Nintendo been in touch at all? If not, are you concerned that the project might be shut down?

No, they haven”t. Games like these are problematic from a legal standpoint, no matter the intentions. In case this gets blown out of proportion on the internet and they are required to react, I”ll have to face the consequences. I developed the game to completion in solitude, put it on a couple of dozen cartridges and sent these out as gifts, so as far as I”m concerned, the project is terminated already. I haven”t made it available to the public, I haven”t made profits from it in any way whatsoever, and the game explicitly states that there”s no affiliation with Nintendo.

Frankly speaking, I do not think the game will make all that much of an impact. It”s a hobbyist remake of a 30-year-old game for a 29-year-old system; a fun little anecdote for fans of the original, but I think the average consumer couldn”t care less.

Thanks to ChronoMoogle for making this interview possible.

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