Windows 7 N: The 'N' Editions Explained, What Are Windows 7 N/Kn/Vl Editions

I have a laptop at work that originally had Windows 7 Home Premium on it. We have a tech that comes in a few times a week to do some of our support work, and we asked him to upgrade the laptop to Windows 7 Professional.

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Before he left he told us the upgrade didn”t work and that we”d have to order a disk. Upon checking the computer it seemed he had upgraded to Windows Professional 7 N.It had not previously been Home Premium N, so I”m not exactly sure how he managed to upgrade it to an N edition.

I do not understand why he didn”t run the Any Time Upgrade, but that is now irrelevant.

How can I change Professional N to regular Professional? I would like to avoid having to restore it back to Home if possible.

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According to Wikipedia, The N-Editions are exactly the same as the standard editions, except they are lacking Windows Media Player. You should be able to download and install Windows Media Player and essentially have a full Professional version of Windows 7. Windows will still report itself as Windows 7 Professional N, but you will have all of the same features as Windows 7 Professional.

Further information on what was removed from Windows XP when the original N editions were released can be found at:


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