How To Unlock The Two Secret Kingdoms In “Super Mario Odyssey”

If you”ve beaten Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey, you know two things. One is that Super Mario Odyssey”s main story is a wild, globe-trotting adventure full of complete strangeness and vexing puzzles. And, more importantly, you know that the game is only really getting started once the final credits roll.You only need a fraction of the massive number of Power Moons hiding in this game to progress through the story, but once you move into the endgame you”ll be scooping up all the ones you missed, plus some extra for good measure. Not only are there are a raft of secrets studded throughout the game, but there are two bonus areas you can unlock withenough Moons.

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Technically, you could say that there are three secret Kingdoms, but the first is hardly a secret: once you beat the game, you”ll find Mario relaxing in the Mushroom Kingdom, a smaller throwback zone with some Power Moons to collect and a whole bunch of Toads just sort of chilling out. Peach is out exploring, so don”t expect to find her there. But you”ll notice now that the game still tells you that the Odyssey needs more Moons, because this is how you get to the first secret Kingdom.

In order to get to the Dark Side of the Moon, you”re going to need 250 Power Moons. Once you”re there, you”ll find yourself in a Moon area not unlike the one from the end of the game, only you”ll be surrounded by rabbits. This is a clue. The Dark Side will task you with fighting all four Broodalbosses with no checkpoints, capping everything off with a repeat of the mech fight from Bowser”s Castle. You”ll be able to explore a bit more once the bosses go down, but they won”t be easy.

The second secret area is, appropriately, called the Darker Side, and you”ll need a whopping 500 Moons to get there. We”re on the moon again, only this time you”ll have to survive a punishing gauntlet of platforming challenges, again with no checkpoints. I”ve seen some criticism online that Super Mario Odyssey is too easy, but these endgamechallenges are clearly meant to provide some red meat for hardcore gamers to chomp on. For me, they feel a little like the Master Trials from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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There”s help to be had in getting that many moons. Once you”ve completed the game, every Kingdom will have a mysterious cube in it, not unlike some of what we saw up on the moon at the end of the main story. You”re going to want to track down said cube and whack it with your hat, breaking it open and showering each level with 20 new Power Moons, complete with map locations for each. Some will involve some pretty demanding jumping puzzles, so don”t consider this like free moons. I”m not sure if there are enough of them in the worlds to reach 250 without doing this, but doing so will definitely help.

Stay tuned for more secrets and tricks for Super Mario Odyssey, as well as our full review later this week.

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