Memu 7 – Memu Android Emulator 7

There are two shortcuts of MEmu App Player on your desktop after installation. One is MEmu, the other is Multi-MEmu.

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If you want to play multiple Android games simultaneously, double click the shortcut to start Multi-MEmu.

1. Create a new emulator

Click the ‘New’ button then select the Android image you want to create from drop-down menu (currently supports Android 4.4, 5.1, 7.1)


2. Start / Close / Delete / Setup the emulator

Click the start button to enable the function of launching the corresponding simulator window.

Click the Close button to disable the function of the corresponding simulator window.

Click the delete button to delete the corresponding emulator image. After deletion, the data in the simulator will disappear, and important data can be backed up by exporting the image.


3. Clone / Export / Compact

Click the Clone button to perform the clone operation. The new image generated by the clone function is consistent with the original image data (except IMEI, mobile phone number, MAC address, etc.).

Click the Export button, select the backup image storage location and enter the backup image name, click the Save button to perform the backup operation.

Click the Compact button to clean up the redundant disk space wasted in the emulator occupied by those uninstalled application. Note that this operation takes a long time, please try not to interrupt.

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Note: If the emulator is in the running state, the functions of Clone, Export, and Compact cannot be implemented.

4. Import the simulator

Click the Import button and select the backup image you want to import based on your needs.

There are two methods of import: from a file or from a directory.

The file format supported is .ova or .memu

You can also import from a directory, such as the “MemuHyperv VMs” directory.


5. Grouping / Upgrade / Settings

Grouping: Select your grouping style (Disabled/List view/Tree view).

Upgrade: Update all of your instances to the latest version.

Settings: Customize your file path, language, or sleep options.

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7. Create a shortcut for individual instance on the desktop


8. Filtering your instances by Name / Index / Android Version / Status


9. Layout: Change the window layout when you have multiple instances running


10: Randomize: Change your device attributes to random values


In theory, there is no limit on the number of running MEmu instances, as long as your PC’s hardware resource is capable to support, especially RAM.

For example, you can play Brawl Stars, read a page and Browse Play Store in a big screen at the same time. Enjoy!

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