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Released 2005, Q4 115g, 20.7mm thickness Feature phone 32MB storage, microSD slot N/A 577,534 hits 1.9″
Joseph MartinRLq26 Dec 2005

I just got mine a few hours ago from Vodafone NZ. Unfortunately, it didn”t come with a USB cable (standard mini USB “though, so I have one spare), and no drivers (and I can”t find any on the internet). Over here, Vodafone”s doing a two-for-one deal (Two E770vs for $NZ600), and I got $50 off for the boxing day sales. It worked out alright. Best. Phone. Ever. It came with a 64MB MicroSD card, which I guess makes up for the lack of USB cabling. I can still access the card as a USB mass storage device, but I need to find the drivers for this phone.

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Pedro MirandaSdY25 Dec 2005

Looks like u need motorola phone tools. Very mutch liked to know witch version, though.

PaulMSR24 Dec 2005

I was looking for a new phone to replace my spv e200 and i was going to buy the panasonic vs6 but then i seen this phone. I bought the phone and it has not disapointed me it does everything it says on the box and more for £100 it is worth every penny.

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RichiL$23 Dec 2005

MP3 over bluetooth…I think I gave it a quick go when I was setting up my bluetooth headset. Quality wasn”t brilliant, but I guess headsets are designed for voice. Maybe bluetooth headphones would be better 🙂 Allowed to download mp3 over usb ? Well, I guess if you own the original mp3 music (ie you ripped it from your own CD) then not really a problem. Although when I bought the phone and asked if you could use mp3 ring tones, the sales guy did say some phone manufacturers dissable the option as they can end up in a legal disspute, as the music is in effect played in a public place, which has licensing issues. Not sure how true all that is though. This was also the explanation as to why Sky MTV on mobiles is MTV without the music, they are having problems with record companies about bradcasting music to mobile devices…again, don”t know how true it is. The guy in the Vodafone shop also told me it was a 1.3MP camera, it certainly isn”t, it”s just vga (640*480). USB drivers…should have come with the Phonetools CD. If the after installing phonetools it says new hardware found, select to browse for the drivers, and point to the CD drive (containing the Phonetools CD). I also noticed today that the Vodafone shop is selling this phone for £70 if you buy £30 worth of topup. This wasn”t mentioned when I bought mine (maybe for you others that bought it it was) but as I commented about it to the sales guy, he gave me £30 of top-up, so nice one there 🙂 So now the phone works out at £70, even more of a bargain!

cmdmRt23 Dec 2005

I”m trying to connect this phone to my pc using usb but i have no drivers for it. can someone post a link to where i could find driver for it.

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StuiIT23 Dec 2005

The guy in the Vodafone shop told me this has a 1.3 megapixel camera? Is this true?

AnishmyM23 Dec 2005

hi, I just bought this phone and was wondering. Are you allowed to download mp3 songs from your computer, using the USB cable? thanks

AnonymousTCu23 Dec 2005

has anyone tried listening to mp3 over bluetooth, what”s the quality like.

RichiL$21 Dec 2005

In answer to Johnny”s question: I now believe the phone has a 65K colour display. As you say, various websites give different information. The Motorola website states 65K, and this website also states 65K (this is the website Vodafone use if you ring them for specifications). The only ones I notice stating 262,000 are the ones giving a preview of the phone. But the manual does not state the colour. Having said that, if it is 65K then i”m not bothered, as the display looks very good to me. The only thing I have noticed, is when transfering pictures to the phone, use direct card access, don”t use phonetools, as this converts the image, and results in poor quality (or i”m doing something wrong!) As for is it a good phone, I”m cerainly happy with it. I don”t see how you can get anything else with the same spec at anywhere near this price, the closest is the Samsung Z140, but no expandable memory option on that one. The only thing I wish was that I could get the black version, as i”m not too keen on the colour of this one, but thats the only slight niggle. I have only just noticed it supports POP3, so I can now access my NTL email account from the phone, another little bonus 🙂 I will be interested to see if this promotion does end on the 24th Dec, and see what the price goes up to.

CosmicbrainiIj21 Dec 2005

Hi i Bought it in Germany but there was noch Cable and no Driver for this Mobile, Cable doesn´t matter but i need the the software, can someone tell where i ken Download it thx for awnser Cosmicbrain

JohnnySdY21 Dec 2005

Hello, fot those who have this phone, could you tell if it has a display of 65.000 or 220.000 colours because the sites and forums I”ve been going to hadn”t had the same answer for that. And do you think this is a good phone to buy considering its specs and price? I”m thinking on buying it with the points promotion of Vodafone, so it will cost me 100€. Do you think it is a goog acquisition?

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