Having one phone doesn"t mean you have sầu khổng lồ stiông xã to lớn one plan. Or even one number.

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The moto lớn g7 features a dual SIM that gives you the option khổng lồ use the network that makes sense for who & where you"re calling & texting. Instead of carrying around two separate phones for work and personal use, rev-conf.org one can hold two SIM cards in your phone and you can assign each a different function.

Your phone will know the difference too - when you receive a gọi or text on one number, you"ll be able khổng lồ know which line it"s intended for. Even better, when traveling internationally you no longer need lớn worry about switching your SIM cards, you can have your usual SIM và a local SIM to cut down on roaming costs.

Two SIM cards also means an easy way khổng lồ manage both of your subscriptions with the Molớn Smart SIM feature. Select the best SIM based on your call history & your contact"s carrier. What"s more, Smart SIM makes sure you stay connected with the best data technology available at the moment, whether it"s 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi.

Manage dual SIMs

When two SIMs are inserted:

You see
at the top of the home screen.Both SIMs can make và receive sầu calls and text messages.Only the owner of the phone (not additional users or guests) can access dual SIM settings.

Set up SIM profile

Set SIM options based on how you expect to lớn use the cards:

Go lớn Settings > Network & internet > SIM cards.Select the option that best meets your needs:Smart SIM: Automatically select SIM for voice calls based on your Call history. In Brazil, selection is also based on your contact"s carrier.Personal và Work: Use one SIM for personal and the other for work-related voice calls.Manual: Choose which SIM to use for voice calls, for data, và for SMS.Follow onscreen instructions lớn complete thiết lập.

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Change profiles

Go lớn Settings > Network và mạng internet > SIM cards.cảm ứng Dual SIM usage profile.Select a different profile and touch CHANGE PROFILE.Select a new protệp tin.Follow onscreen instructions to lớn complete setup.
To keep the same protệp tin but adjust options for data, SMS, voice calls, video clip calls, or contacts:
Go lớn Settings > Network và mạng internet > SIM cardsTouch each preferred SIM and liên hệ option lớn change.
This information applies only khổng lồ phones that rev-conf.org dual SIM cards và have both cards inserted.

Change SIM names & colors

When two SIMs are inserted, you"ll see them referenced in apps like Contacts, Messages, và Phone. The SIM name shows your carrier and, if you"re using the Personal & Work profile, shows which it’s assigned to lớn, but you can rename it. You can also change SIM ibé color to make them easy lớn differentiate.

Go khổng lồ Settings > Network và internet > SIM cardscảm ứng the SIM to change.Change settings as needed.

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SIM thẻ not recognized
If you see
in the status bar or a message that the SIM is not recognized:
Turn your phone off & then on again.Press & hold the Power button for 20-30 seconds to lớn force reboot your phone, và establish a new connection with the network.Do one of the following:If your phone allows one SIM thẻ, turn your phone off, then remove sầu & reinsert the SIM.If your phone allows dual SIMs, disable the SIM, then enable it again. Go lớn Settings > Network & internet > SIM cards. Turn the SIM off
. Then turn it on
If your phone has dual SIMs, turn your phone off, then remove the SIM that is not recognized and try it in the other SIM slot.Contact your carrier khổng lồ make sure your tài khoản is set up properly.Ask your carrier to replace the SIM card.

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