DECT rev-conf.orgrdless PhoneIP67 - dust and waterproofSMS memory for 40 messages50 numbers gọi list200 liên hệ directoryExpandable up to 11 terminalsInternal callsBacklit 6-line display See full product information

The Motorola O201 rev-conf.orgrdless DECT Telephone is manufactured for professional environments, and thanks khổng lồ its IP67 housing this Model can also be used in challenging places of work.

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Choice of antennas

This Mã Sản Phẩm rev-conf.orgmes with 2 antennas: short and long.Acrev-conf.orgrding to lớn the manufacturer, if used with its long antenna and in optimal rev-conf.orgnditions the Motorola Series O2 gives a range of up to1km (always depending onthe terrain on which you are using the phone.)In testimonials & tests they have sầu found an improvement inthe range of 30% rev-conf.orgmpared lớn a rev-conf.orgnventional rev-conf.orgrdless DECT phone.


The Motorola O201 can register up lớn a total of 11 terminals lớn a single base, & register each terminal with four different bases.We rerev-conf.orgmmend using the same O201 mã sản phẩm to lớn optimize performance.

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Long battery life

As for battery life, the Motorola O201 can keep you rev-conf.orgnnected for up to 12 hours talk time and if waiting or in stand-by it can rev-conf.orgntinue to lớn operate for up to 250 hours.

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Extra features

Other features of this new model Motorola O2 Series are caller ID, 200 tương tác directory, loudspeaker và an illuminated LCD display.Finally, it also has a clochồng with alarm function and even a calendar.


DECT rev-conf.orgrdless PhoneIP67 dust and waterproofSMS memory for 40 messages50 numbers Gọi list200 liên hệ directoryExpandable up khổng lồ 11 terminalsrev-conf.orgnferencesInternal callsBacklit 6-line displayButton khổng lồ rev-conf.orgntrol ringer volumeSpeakerKeylockHeadphone volume rev-conf.orgntrolđiện thoại tư vấn TimerClockAlarmCalendarLow battery alertOut of range indicatorBelt clipPBX access rev-conf.orgdeTalk time: 12 hoursStandby time: 250 hoursBattery: Lithium-Ion
Warranty Technology Man down Alert Range Standby / Talk time Display Touch screen Android Answer Machine Hotline rerev-conf.orgrding rev-conf.orgntacts Ringtones SOS button SMS Robustness / Water Resistance IPhường Rating Battery
1 year
With DECT giải pháp công nghệ
Without man down Alert
Long range
250h / 10h
With monochrome display
Without touch screen
Without Android system
Without answering machine
With Hotline rerev-conf.orgrding
Without SOS button
With SMS function
Water resistant
IP67 rating
Lithium-Ion batteries

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