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The game you”ve been dying to see is finally here! Mortal Kombat II has arrived for the Super NES, Genesis, Game Gear, and Game Boy and we give you the first look at this ultra-hot title.

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Mortal Kombat II has been in the works for quite some time now and it still isn”t finished at the time of this writing. All the characters that made the arcade version such a hit are back for more. You will find all the characters in the Genesis and Super NES versions and there is no final word on which characters, if any, will be eliminated from the portable Game Boy and Game Gear versions. From everything we”ve seen, this game looks like it will rival all previous versions.

The backgrounds are drawn with the same attention to detail as the arcade. Nice touches like the flying dragons in the background of the Kombat Tomb will dazzle you in the 16-Bit versions. Nothing has been finalized as to whether or not the Random Character Select feature will be in, but it”s our strong guess that this option will be there since it”s quite popular among the arcade crowds.

There”s just so much to talk about that we”ve devoted five pages to it! Within these pages you”ll find pictures of the game for all the systems and learn about what makes this version a near clone to the arcade. So get set for another look at the game that”s been tearing up the arcades for many months now, Mortal Kombat II. Only this time the battle takes place in your home.

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Mortal Kombat caused quite an uproar when it first appeared in arcades in October of 1992. Its graphic display of violence caused many parents to prohibit their children from playing such a “nasty” game. But when the game hit the homefront in September of 1993, the result was a smashing success. Having released all four versions of the game on the same day, Acclaim pulled off something nobody thought could be done. Hot off the heels of that triumph comes their home versions of Mortal Kombat II. Originally released in the arcades around October of 1993, this sequel took the original gore-fest further with seven new characters, multipie fatalities, and the incredible babalities and friendships. That, coupled with many hidden secrets, kept gamers content for months on end. Everyone who ever played the arcade version of MK2 couldn”t help but wonder how the home editions would turn out.

Well, here they are and they look even better than the original MK home versions. With a total of twelve characters, seven totally new, all those who”ve mastered the arcade edition will have no problem picking up a controller and performing every killer combo that made this game so great.

All the stages, pits, Bosses, and hidden characters are here. Perform Pit fatalities, take on Kintaro and Shao Kahn in the final battle, and meet up with hidden characters like Smoke and Jade. What does the future hold for Mortal Kombat? Will there be new combatants to take on and mutilate? Will there be a barrage of upgrades offering new features to test the might of future warriors? Hmmm…

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Mortal Mania will be here sooner than you think and from these pictures you can tell it”s going to be a scorcher on every platform. Looking through the various system pix, you can see that all the graphic elements have been reproduced as close as a cartridge can come to the arcade. Each character has retained the special moves and skills that made him/her favorites in the arcades. The question on all the minds of hard-core Mortal folks is whether it”s going to play the same. The first Mortal Kombat played close to the arcade and only experts will be able to tell whether Reptile”s Acid Spit is fast enough, Scorpion can still get an Uppercut out of a leg take down, and uppercut Kung Lao after a teleport move. This critical timing is expected to be as close to the arcade as possible. The correct timing of moves is the key to the successful game play and strategy that coin-op players have developed. Our sources ensure us that the programmers have gone to great lengths to make even the pros feel challenged. This is no ordinary fighting game you”re dealing with!

The other big question people are dying to know is whether the secrets that have made this game immortal will be in all the versions. Throughout all these pictures there are no fatalities, pits, friendships, or babalities. Are they holding back? You bet! We”re told that the carts will be packed with secrets! Some of the lower Meg formats may have to make a few sacrifices, but don”t doubt for a minute that all the “finishing” moves will be in full color and full gore! Obviously there are no inherent problems with the friendship or babality moves, but you know there”s going to have to be a few codes or tricks to allow some of the infamous bloody fatalities. In addition to the secret finishing moves, look for some of the hidden characters such as Smoke or Jade in the higher Meg carts. Only time will tell if the three hidden characters and the finishing moves can be reproduced in their entirety. On the same note, we can”t forget the big N”s anti-blood stance and that alone is sure to add variety to the fatalities. Just think of the way they got around the blood issue before. Have you noticed that none of the pictures shown so far depict any blood! Remember these are early photos and the blood might have been left out for the preview, but you can expect all versions to have gore or some kind of substitute along the line of the first version. Rest assured–the companies tell us that all versions were crammed so full of MK2 material that people won”t believe what they were able to reproduce. From the preview thus far you can tell the quality of the game play has been kept intact. Be prepared to get blown away with the superior reproductions on all formats, including all the secrets, blood, and combos that have made this super sequel the talk of the arcades. Mortal Kombat II will be knocking down your door soon! Stay tuned to us for more information.

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