Mkkomplete – Mortal Kombat 4

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Đang xem: Mkkomplete


By iceout0002 Playing Options 02) Legend03) Secrets 04) Kombat Kodes05) Combo System 06) Basic Moves07) Weapon Moves 08) Kai09) Rayden 10) Shinnok11) Liu Kang 12) Reptile13) Scorpion 14) Jax15) Reiko 16) Johnny Cage17) Jarek 18) Tanya19) Fujin 20) Sub-Zero21) Quan Chi 22) Sonya Blade23) Meat 24) Noob Saibot25) Goro 26) Kitana – the lost character27) Glitches 28) Frequently Asked Questions29) Credits-01)PLAYING OPTIONS*CHEAT MODE*Go to OPTIONS, highlight “Continue”, hold BL+RN until secret menu appears.ENDING : See endings after 1st computer opponent (Goro and Noob do NOT have endings in this version.)FATALITIES I : crouch+HP does first fatalityFATALITIES II : crouch+HP does second fatalityLEVEL FATALITIES: crouch+HP up close will do a spikes fatality on ANY stage except Fan stage(which will do the Fan fatality)Practice Mode:No longer any need for the 975-310 and Timer Disabled from MKT!The now common built-in moves list is also available.Extra Outfits/Alternate Weapons:At the select screen, hold START and press any button and the square willflip to a yin-yang.Cage(tuxedo) : 3 flipsKai(leather jacket/sunglasses): 3 flipsScorpion(unmasked/grey suit) : 2 flipsNoob(unmasked) : 1 flipNoob(hooded jacket) : 3 flipsRayden(no sleeves) : 2 flipsSonya(pink with no cap) : 3 flipsTanya(black outfit) : 3 flipsSub-Zero(half frozen) : 2 flipsSub-Zero(unmasked) : 1 or 3 flipsReptile(ninja outfit from MK2): 2 flipsLiu Kang(traditional costume) : 2 flipsTo access alternate weapons for any character except Noob or Liu Kang,do 2 or 3 rotations.SECRET WEAPONS:Johnny Cage's Pistol: 3 flipsKai's Bo Stick : 2 flipsTournament:Standard Elimination, any of the characters can be computer-controlled orhuman. (You can make them all CPU players and just watch.)Endurance:See how many opponents you can beat on one lifebar!ULTIMATE: You get a ranking at the end. Lineup resets.2-on-2 Kombat:Each side selects two fighters, the second one joining in when the firstgets knocked out.Group Select(2-player game only):A shrunken select screen appears. You start with Kai on the top-left andmove down each time you win.Random:Randomly selects your character.Hidden:Hides your select square.Also, entering various vulgar letter combinations on the “ENTER YOURINITALS” screen changes them to “MAB”02)LEGENDJoystick ButtonsUB U UF HP BL HKB * F LP RN LKDB D DFHP/LP/HK/LK: High/Low Punch/KickBL: BlockRN: Run* : can be done in air03)SECRETSNOOB SAIBOT – hidden character, see section 24GORO – The Sub-Boss from MK1 returns! see section 25MEAT – hidden character, see section 23Hold any button during Scorp's BBQ fatality to hear “TOASTY! 3-D!”Hold D right after doing spikes fatality to have them slide down,”Toasty!”During “CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY” for 1-player games, tap START to rotatethe towers and get a different opponent lineup.04)KOMBAT KODESIn 2-player games, a “VS” screen appears before the match starts.Use BL,HK, and LK to change icons. Hold UP to go backwards.— 321-321 Big Head Mode (stays that way – no text)#01 111-111 FREE WEAPON (falls in center)#02 100-100 THROWING DISABLED#03 444-444 ARMED AND DANGEROUS (weapons already out)#04 666-666 SILENT KOMBAT#05 050-050 EXPLOSIVE KOMBAT#06 222-222 RANDOM WEAPONS (different one is drawn)#07 123-123 NO POWER? (one hit kills!)#08 555-555 MANY WEAPONS (about 8 different ones are scattered)#10 060-060 NO RAIN (NOTE: Text appears only on Wind stage)#11 002-002 WEAPOM KOMBAT (can't drop weapons)#13 012-012 NOOB SAIBOT MODE (does nothing)#14 020-020 RED RAIN (on Wind Stage)#15 010-010 MAXIMUM DAMAGE DISABLED#16 110-110 THROWING AND MAX DAMAGE DISABLED#17 011-011 KOMBAT ZONE: GORO'S LAIR (rocks, stage fatality)#18 022-022 KOMBAT ZONE: THE WELL (heads)#19 033-033 KOMBAT ZONE: ELDER GODS#20 044-044 KOMBAT ZONE: THE TOMB (rocks)#21 055-055 KOMBAT ZONE: WIND WORLD (rain)#22 066-066 KOMBAT ZONE: REPTILE'S LAIR#23 101-101 KOMBAT ZONE: SHAOLIN TEMPLE#24 202-202 KOMBAT ZONE: LIVING FOREST#25 303-303 KOMBAT ZONE: THE PRISON (fan stage fatality)#26 001-001 UNLIMITED RUN#27 313-313 KOMBAT ZONE: ICE PIT05)COMBO SYSTEMAir starters : Jump+HP or U,HK/LK (follow with ground combo)Basic series : HP>HP>HK>(B+LK/B+HK)Ground series: HP>HP>HK>(HK/LK)>Draw Weapon(hits)/SpecialPop-up series: HP>HP>HK>(D+HP/D+HK)Weapon series: HK>Any weapon attack except throwMidair series: Jump+HP,(LP/HK/LK)NOTE: HP,D+HP/HK and HP,HP,D+HP will NOT WORK. HK,D+HP/HK can only be donein a combo.Doing Kai's Handstand(BL+LK) in a combo give you a free upper kick finish.If the combo reaches 40% or more, “MAXIMUM DAMAGE” appears and you getknocked back.NOTE: “MAX DAMAGE” does not appear on throws or Goro's Stomp.Throws and Breakers will not count as hits in combos, though the damagewill be added.06)BASIC MOVESUNARMED PUNCH ATTACKSHP : High JabLP : Middle Jabcrouch+HP: Uppercutcrouch+LP: Low Jabjump+HP : Jumping Jabjump+LP : Jumping Power Punch (knocks down)close HP : Face Punchclose LP : Basic ThrowTap HP/LP: Repeated PunchesHP,HP : Left-right HighLP,LP : Left-right LowKICK ATTACKSHK : Face KickLK : Quick KickB+HK : RoundhouseB+LK : Foot Sweepcrouch+HK: Uppercut Kickcrouch+LK: Ankle KickUB/UF+HK : Jump KickUB/UF+LK : Drop KickU+HK/LK : Front Leg Kickclose HK : Knee Strikeclose LK : Bone BreakerOTHER ATTACKScrouch+RN: Pick up and throw non-weapon objectMOVEMENTRN,RN : Sidestep away from screen (can also use L)D,RN,RN : Sidestep into screen (can also use R)UB/UF : Jump back/forwardU : Jump straight upD(hold) : CrouchingF+hold RN: Run forwardOTHERBL : Standing blockcrouch+BL: Crouching block (use for trips,sweeps and LK's low fireball)Hold B/DB: Throw protection07)WEAPON MOVESIn this version, characters also have alternate weapons with other outfits.(draw move): draw weapon out/throw if in hand(Jump)+HP : Midair upper-swing (floats like jumping HK)(Jump)+LP : Midair down-swing (knocks straight down)D+RN : pick up weapon(when standing over)BROADSWORDHP : Quick HitB+HP: OverhandLP : Weak UpperB+LP: Upper SlashD+LP: Sword Spin(hold LP B/F moves)CLUBHP : Side SwipeB+HP: Overhead SmashLP : Hit into screenB+LP: 2-hit upperSPEARHP : UpperB+HP: Running StabLP : Back SpinB+LP: SweepICE STAFFHP : Side SwipeB+HP: Uppercut SwingLP : TripB+LP: Freeze DashBOOMERANG/KITANA FANHP : Short SlashB+HP: Spin SlashLP : Throw (returns later)B+LP: Upward Throw (returns later)HAMMERHP : Side SwipeB+HP: Overhead SmashLP : Hit into screenB+LP: Uppercut SwingMACEHP : Overhead SmashB+HP: Side SwipeLP : Hit into screenB+LP: Uppercut SwingCROSSBOW/PISTOLHP : Upward ShotLP : Straight ShotB+LP: Bouncing ShotBLADE WHEELHP : UpperB+HP: Backhand SwipeLP : DownstrikeB+LP: The “Carver”CURVED SWORD/SCYTHE/BO STAFFHP : Uppercut SwingB+HP: Backhand SwipeLP : DownstrikeB+LP: Dash SlashJAGGED SWORDHP : Lawnmower Slash (tap rapidly for repeated slashes)B+HP : Running StabLP : UpperLP,HP: Special ComboB+LP : KnockdownAXEHP : UpperB+HP: Axe Spin (hold HP, B/F moves)LP : DownstrikeB+LP: Backhand SwipeDAGGERHP : UpperB+HP: 360 SlashLP : DownstrikeB+LP: same as B+HPPIRATE SWORDHP : Step SlashB+HP: UpperLP : Weak UpperB+LP: Knockdown-08)KAI——Draw Weapon: D,B,LPUpward Fire: F,F,LP*Down Fire : B,B,HPZip Punch : D,F,HPSlide Kick : D,F,LKHandstand : BL+LK (UB/UF to jump out)(HS position only)Spin Kicks : LP(hold) (B/F moves)Upper Kick : HKLower Kick : LKStand Up : BLCOMBOS(3) Up Fire,jump HP,HK air chain(35%)(3) Up Fire,HP,jump HK,Zip Punch(32%)(3) Up Fire,D+HK,Slide Kick(29%)(3) (club) Up Fire,B+LP(39%)(3) (dagger) Up Fire,jump HK,HP(34%)(3) (dagger) Up Fire,HK,LP(36%)(3) (corner) Up Fire,Slide Kick,Slide Kick(41%)(4) (bo staff) Up Fire,HP,HP,Slide Kick(44%)(4) (corner) hit out of air with HP,HK air chain,Up Fire,B+HK(53%)(5) (dagger) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,jump HK,HP(35%)(6) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,HK,Slide Kick(40%)(7) (corner) Jump HK,Up Fire,one step back,HP,Up Fire,HP,jump HP,HK air chain(45%)Body Rip : U,F,U,B,HK(close)Saw Blade : U,U,U,D,BL(outside sweep)Fan Stage : F,F,D,BLGoro Stage : B,F,D,HK-09)RAYDEN———Draw Weapon: F,B,HPSpark : D,B,LPWall Smash : F,F,LK*Teleport : D,UCOMBOS(3) (hammer) B+LP,jump HP,Smash(27%)(3) (hammer) B+LP,B+LP,Smash(27%)(3) hit out of air with HP,HK air chain,Smash(37%)(4) (near corner w/hammer) B+LP,B+LP,jump HP,Smash(34%)(5) HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Smash(25%)(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,jump HP,HK air chain,Smash(38%)(5) (hammer) Up Kick,HK,B+LP,jump HP,Smash(40%)(7) (near corner) HP,HP,HK,D+HK,jump HP,HK air chain,Smash(33%)(8) Jump HP,HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,jump HP,Smash(45%)FATALITIESDynamo : F,B,U,U,HK(close)Electrocute: D,U,U,U,HP(close)Fan Stage : D,F,B,BLGoro Stage : F,F,D,LP-10)SHINNOK———-Weapon : B,F,LPIMPERSONATIONSKai : F,F,F,LKRayden : D,F,F,HPLiu Kang : B,B,F,HKReptile : B,B,F,BLScorpion : F,B,LPJax : F,D,F,HKReiko : B,B,B,BLCage : D,D,HPJarek : B,B,B,LKTanya : B,F,D,BLFujin : F,F,B,HKSub-Zero : D,B,LPQuan Chi : F,B,F,LKSonya : F,D,F,HPCOMBOS(3) Up Kick,HK,B+HK(29%)(4) (any weapon) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,jump LP(28%)(5) (spear) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,HP,HP(34%)(6) (near corner) HP,HP,HK,D+HK,jump HP,HK air chain(27%)(7) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,walk in HP,jump HK(34%)The Hand : D,B,F,D,RN(close)Goal! : D,U,U,D,BL(close)Fan Stage : D,D,F,HKGoro Stage: D,F,B,HP-11)LIU KANG———–Draw Weapon : B,F,LKFireball : F,F,HP*Low FireBall: F,F,LPFlying Kick : F,F,HKBike Kick : Hold LK 3-5 secondsCOMBOS(5) HP,HP,HK,HK,Flying Kick(29%)(5) (jag sword) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,run in,HP,jump LP(30%)(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,HP,Fly Kick,Fly Kick(36%)(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,jump HP,HK air chain,air fireball(35%)(6) (near corner) Hold LK,HP,HK,D+HP,rel. LK,HP,Fly Kick(29%)(6) Jump HP,HK,HK,Draw Weapon immediately followed with HP,Fly Kick(46%)(7) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,jump HK,air fireball(40%)FATALITIESDragon Morph: F,F,F,D,HK+BL+LK(1/2 screen)Screen Shot : F,D,D,U,HP(close)Fan Stage : F,F,B,LPGoro Stage : F,F,B,HK-12)REPTILE———-Draw Weapon: B,B,LKAcid Spray : D,F,HPPalm Strike: B,F,LPInviso : BL+HKSuper Crawl: B,F,LKCOMBOS(3) (axe) LP,Crawl,B+LP(26%)(3) (axe) hit out of air with B+HP, hold F and HP(15%)(3) (corner) Jump HK,Crawl,Uppercut(27%)(5) (axe) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,walk in,LP,B+LP(32%)(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,Crawl,jump HP,HK air chain(36%)(5) (axe) Up Kick,HK,HK,Crawl,B+LP(41%)(5) (curved sword)(corner) Jump HK,jump HK,Crawl,HP,jump HP(42%)FATALITIESBeauty Treatment: Hold HP+LP+HK+LK then U(close)3-D Acid Loogie : U,D,D,D,HP(outside sweep)Fan Stage : D,F,F,LPGoro Stage : D,D,F,HK-13)SCORPION———–Draw Weapon: F,F,HKSpear : B,B,LPTele-Punch : D,B,HP*Fire Breath: D,F,LPAir Throw : BL when both in airCOMBOS(4) (default weapon) Spear,HK,HK,Weapon(31%)(5) (unmasked only) Spear,HK,HK,Weapon,jump LP(35%)(5) (corner) hit out of air with HP,HK air chain,telport punch,jump UP with HP,HK air chain(53%)(6) (curved sword) HK,HP,Spear,HK,HP,LP(45%)(6) (mace) B+LP,B+LP,Teleport,Spear,HK,B+HK(43%)(7) HP,HK,D+HP,Spear,HP,HP,D+HK(25%)(8) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,HP,Spear,HP,HP,HK,B+HK(44%)(8) Up Kick,HK,HK,Spear,HP,HP,HK,B+HK(50%)(8+)(near corner) Spear,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,walk in HP,jump HP,LP air chain, air throw(41%)(9) (near corner)Spear,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,Fire,run in HP,Fire(39%)(10+)HP,HK,D+HP,Spear,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in,HP,jump HK,Air Throw(43%)(10)(unmasked only) HP,HK,D+HP,Spear,HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,jump LP(45%)FATALITIESB.B.Q. : B,F,F,B,BL(1/2 screen)Scorpion : B,F,D,U,HP(close)Fan Stage : F,D,D,LKGoro Stage : B,F,F,LK-14)JAX——Draw Weapon: D,F,HPGun Shot : D,F,LPSlide Punch: D,B,LPEarthquake : F,F,D,LKBackbreaker: BL when both in airMulti Throw: Throw,then(hold)RN+BL+HK > HP+LP+LK > HP+BL+LK > HP+LP+HK+LKCOMBOS(4+)(club) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,immediately throw weapon,Earthquake(36%)(5) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon(41%)* *2nd club hit can be blocked(5) HP,HK,D+HP,walk in HP,Slide Punch(24%)(5) (club) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,B+LP(31%)(6) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,HP,Slide Punch,LP,Slide Punch(41%)(6+)Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Backbreaker(38%)(9) (near corner) HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,Slide Punch,LP,Slide Punch,LP, Gunshot(46%)FATALITIESArm Rip : Hold LK for before you win then F,F,D,F,release LK(close)Head Smash : B,F,F,D,BL(close)Fan Stage : F,F,B,LKGoro Stage : F,F,B,HP-15)REIKO——–Draw Weapon : D,B,HPVertical Teleport: D,U* (BL to throw, P/K for regular jump up attack)Horiz.Teleport : B,F,LKFlip Kick : B to D to F+HKThrowing Stars : D,F,LPCOMBOS(3) Flip Kick,HP,jump HK(20%)(3) Jump HK,Flip Kick,walk in,Uppercut(24%)(3) (crossbow near corner) Flip Kick,HP,LP(16%)(5) (near corner) Flip Kick,HP,jump HP,HK air chain,Teleport Throw(34%)(6) (club) Up Kick,HK,HK,Flip Kick,B+LP(43%)(6) (jag sword) Flip Kick,LP-HP combo,Flip Kick,LP-HP combo(46%)(7) Up Kick,HP,HK,HK,Flip Kick,HP,jump LK(47%)FATALITIESPower Kick : F,D,F+HK+BL+LP+LK(close)Shuriken Massacre: B,B,D,D,HK(outside sweep)Fan Stage : D,D,B,LPGoro Stage : F,F,D,LK-16)JOHNNY CAGE————–Draw Weapon : F,D,F,LKHigh Fire : D,F,HPLow FireBall: D,B,LPGroin Punch : BL+LP(dosen't work on Sonya or Tanya)Shadow Kick : B,F,LKShadow Upper: B,D,B,HPCOMBOS(3) (pirate sword) HK,B+HP,Shadow Kick(27%)(5) HP,HK,D+HP,run in,D+HK,Shadow Kick(22%)(6) (tuxedo only) Jump HP,HP,HP,HK,HK,weapon(??%)*(8) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in,HP,jump HK,Shadow Kick(42%)(10)(near corner not too close)Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP, run in late HP,HP,jump HK,run in LP,Shadow Kick(48%)*last 3 shots can be blockedFATALITIESBody Rip : F,B,D,D,HK(close)Head Punch : D,D,F,D,BL(close)Fan Stage : D,F,F,HKGoro Stage : B,F,F,LK-17)JAREK——–Draw Weapon: F,F,HPFwd. Roll : B,F,LKUpward Roll: F,D,F,HPBlade Toss : D,B,LPEarthquake : B,D,B,HKCOMBOS(3) (curved sword) HK,HP,LP(27%)(3) (hammer) B+LP,B+LP,Roll(27%)(3+)(curved sword/hammer) Up Kick,HK,HP,Earthquake(35%)(4+)(hammer) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon,Earthquake(40%)(5) HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,Blade Toss(22%)(5) (Curved sword) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,walk up HP,LP(34%)FATALITIESHeart Pull : F,B,F,F,LK(close)Eye Beam : U,U,F,F,BL(outside sweep)Fan Stage : F,D,F,HKGoro Stage : B,F,F,LP-18)TANYA——–Draw Weapon : F,F,HKFire Ball : D,F,HPAir FireBall: D,B,LP in airSpin Kick : F,F,LKSpilts Kick : F to D to B+LKCOMBOS(3) (boomerang) Jump HK,Spin,LP(29%)(5) (boomerang) Up Kick,HK,HK,Spin,LP(45%)(4) (hammer) B+LP,B+LP,step fowrard,Spin,Splits(35%)(6) (ice staff) HK,B+HP,B+LP,B+HP,Spin,Splits(37%)(6) (ice staff/hammer) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon,Spin,Spilts(49%)(6) Jump+HP,HP,HK,HK,Spin,Spilts(41%)(6) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,Spin,HP,Spin,Splits(42%)(6) (corner, boomerang) Jump HK,jump HK,Spin,jump HK,Spin,LP(48%)FATALITIESExplode Kiss: D,D,U,D,HP+BL(close)Neck Breaker: D,F,D,F,HK(close)Fan Stage : B,F,D,HPGoro Stage : F,F,F,LP-19)FUJIN——–Draw Weapon : B,B,LPDust Storm : F,D,F,HPSlam : B,F,D,LK from the dust stormSpin : F,D,LP(hold) (B/F moves)Flying Knee : D,F,HKDiving Kick : U,D,LK during jumpCOMBOS(3) Dust Storm,Slam,Uppercut(24%)(3) Dust Storm,jump HP,HK air chain(22%)(5) (crossbow in corner) Dust Storm,HP,Dust Storm,HP,LP(15%)(5) Jump HK,Dust Storm,Slam,HK,Knee(34%)(5) (weapon) Dust Storm,Slam,HK,jump HP,Dive Kick(37%)(5) (crossbow in corner) Dust Storm,jump HP,Dust Storm,jump HP on way down, jump LP(54%)(5) hit out of air with very late jump HP,HK air chain,Dust Storm,quickly draw weapon,Slam,throw weapon(55%)(6) HK,HK,Dust Storm,Slam,HP,jump HK(32%)(6) Dust Storm,Up Kick,Dust Storm,Slam,HK,Knee(45%)(6) (any weapon) Dust Storm,jump HP,Dust Storm,Slam,HK,jump LP(50%)(7) (corner)Jump HK,jump BACK with HK,Dust Storm,Slam,HP, jump HP,HK air chain(37%)(100%) (club, back edge of stage) Dust Storm,jump late HP,Dust storm, Slam,LP,repeat combo (club must not hit too far) *NEW*FATALITIESTurkey Shoot: Tap BL+RN 12x(1/2 screen)Wind Blast : D,F,F,U,BL(outside sweep)Fan Stage : D,D,D,HKGoro Stage : B,F,B,HP-20)SUB-ZERO———–Draw Weapon: D,F,HKIce Ball : D,F,LPIce Clone : D,B,LP*Slide : LP+BL+LKCOMBOS(4) (axe) LP,Ice,LP,B+LP(22%)(5) Ice,Up Kick,HK,HK,Slide(21%)(5) (ice staff) B+HP,jump HK,B+LP,B+HP,jump HP(31%)(5) HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Slide(21%)(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,HP,Slide,HP(27%)(6) (corner) Jump HK,Ice,jump HP,HP,Slide,HP(22%)(7) Up Kick,Ice,Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,B+HK(38%)(7) (ice Staff) Up Kick,HK,B+LP,Up Kick,HK,B+HP,jump HP(43%)(9) (default weapon) HK,Ice,Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,Slide(40%)FATALITIES3-D Headrip: F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN(close)Ice Smash : B,B,D,B,HP(outside sweep)Fan Stage : D,U,U,U,HKGoro Stage : D,D,D,LK-21)QUAN CHI———–Draw Weapon : D,B,HKSkull Fireball: F,F,LPTeleport Stomp: F,D,LKSteal Weapon : F,B,HP when their weapon is drawnSlide Kick : F,F,HKAir Throw : BL when both in airCOMBOS(3) (mace) HK,B+LP,jump LP(25%)(3) (mace) B+LP,B+LP,Teleport Stomp(30%)(3) (crossbow in corner) Jump HK,B+LP,LP(16%)(4+)(corner)Jump HK,jump HK,jump HP,LP air chain,Air Throw(40%)(5) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon,jump LP(42%)(6) HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,jump LP(36%)(8) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in late HP,HP,Teleport Stomp(44%)FATALITIESLeg Rip : Hold LK before you win then F,D,F,release LK(close)Imperson-ality: U,U,D,D,LP(outside sweep)Fan Stage : F,F,D,HPGoro Stage : F,F,B,LK-22)SONYA BLADE————–Draw Weapon : F,F,LKPurple FireBall: D,F,LPBike Kick : B,B,D,HKAir Punch : F,B,HPLeg Grab : Hold D,BL+LPFwd. Flipkick : B to D to F+LKAir Throw : BL when both in airCOMBOS(3) (corner) Flipkick,Uppercut(16%)(3+)(corner, weapon) Jump HK,jump HK,jump UP with HP,Air Throw(36%)(4+)HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Air Throw(26%)(5) HP,HP,HK,HK,HK(28%) *link last HK(5) (blade wheel w/opponent near corner) Flip Kick,B+HP,B+HP,HP(28%)(7) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in HK,Leg Grab(42%)(8) (blade wheel near corner) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,Flip Kick,B+HP,B+HP,HP(44%)FATALITIESKiss Blade : D,D,D,U,RN(outside sweep)Deadly Flipkick: U,D,D,U,HK(outside sweep)Fan Stage : D,B,B,HKGoro Stage : F,D,F,HP-23)MEAT——-CODE TO PLAY:Beat group mode with all 15 select screen characters.Then choose any character. Has all moves of that character chosen.He can even do Noob and Goro!-24)NOOB SAIBOT————–CODE TO PLAY:(Activate cheat mode)Select HIDDEN, then Reiko with BL+RNDraw Weapon: F,F,HKFire : D,F,LP* (also during teleport)Teleport : D,U* (BL to throw, P/K for regular jump up attack)Air Throw : BL when both in airCOMBOS(3) (scythe) HK,HP,LP(27%)(5) HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon(25%)(6+)Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Air Throw(41%)(7) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in,HP,fireball(34%)(7+)(near corner)Up Kick,HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,jump HP,HK air chain, air throw(50%)FATALITIESTorso Pull : auto (turn FATALITIES I on)Ice Smash : auto (turn FATALITIES II on only)Fan Stage : D,B,B,HKGoro Stage : F,D,F,HK25)GORO——-CODE TO PLAY:(Activate cheat mode)Select HIDDEN, then Shinnok with BL+RNFatalities can't be done on him. Also no extra outfits or colors.Draw Weapon : dosen't carry one but can use othersFireball : F,B,HP2 Hand Swipe: F,F,HPHigh Stomp : F,F,B,HKWeak Upper : D,D,HPBig Boot : B,B,HKShort Stomp : B,F,D,D,HKTaunt : N/ABody Lunge : N/A (see question)Hook Punch : N/ACOMBOS(3) (corner) Boot,Boot,High Stomp(60%)(3+)HK,HK,Swipe,Short Stomp(41%)(4) HP,HP,HK,Swipe(21%)(7) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,HK,Weak Upper,High Stomp(52%)FATALITIESUnable to do them, even automatic and stage ones. He will automaticallywalk up and kick if he won with a high stomp.26)KITANA – THE LOST CHARACTER OF MK4————————————-CODE TO PLAY:You must have a Gameshark accessory to do this:Enter the code “800fe2930010″(left)/”80126e8f0010″(right).”KITANA” will always be that player.In a 1-player game, hit the buttons to avoid the scrolling tower,(to avoid a crash)Draw Weapon: F,F,HKFly Punch : F,B,HPFireball : D,F,LP*COMBOS(3) (fan) HK,HK,HP(27%)(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,jump HP,HK air chain,air fireball(35%)(5) (fan) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,run HK,LP(38%)(10)(near corner) Jump HP,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in late HP,HP,jump HP,HK air chain,air fireball(46%)FATALITIESTorso Pull : auto (see NOOB SAIBOT)Deadly Flip: autoFan Stage : D,B,B,HKGoro Stage : F,D,F,HK27)GLITCHES———–Knocked Out glitch:Sometimes one or both of the fighters will be stuck in laying-downposition during the “FATALITY” time.This also occurs during the fatality demo.Game Crash:Yep.

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Interrupt a 1-player game by pressing START simultaneously on bothcontrollers.Scorpion's CPU infinite:HK,Spear,HK,Spear,HK,Spear,etc.. Humans cannot do this.Use Rocks/Heads like weapons!!Select Tanya (or Shinnok) to get the boomerang. Use the 002-002 Kombat Kodefor undroppable weapons. If there are rocks or heads on the stage you'replaying, you can “use” them. Draw the boomerang and throw it up with B+LPand quickly pick up the rock. The rock will be stuck to your arm and thegame will think it is the dagger weapon!HP : Up SwipeLP : Down StrikeB+LP or B+HP: 360 SlashAlso Goro can do 2 Boots by going B,B,HK,HK fast. This is a common storageglitch in MK. (Reptile and Robo-Smoke could also do this by doubling thebutton with their inviso moves.)Store a Stomp(Goro):Tap just F,F,B and you can stomp just by pressing HK at any time as longas the stick remains neutral. You can even block then stomp!Pause/Combo Trick:Some moves that are “time-disabled” to prevent infinite juggles (you mustwait 2 seconds to do another if it hits.). But, you can PAUSE the game forthese 2 seconds, restart and repeat juggle because the “flag” that controlsthis still resets itself while paused! (PAUSE when the move hits)For example:Tanya: Spin,Start(PAUSE),Spin,PAUSE,Spin,PAUSE,Spin,Splits(43%)Sub-Zero: (corner, any weapon) (Ice) PAUSE,jump UP HP,air Ice Clone,repeatReiko's warp glitch:With the club,hammer,or the mace, hit them with the LP attack(make sure theyfly way back.) then do the horizontal teleport(B,F,LK) and watch Reiko spinoutside of the stage and in again.Fujin's face shot:With the club/hammer/mace, do this combo:Dust Storm,jump HP,Dust Storm,Slam,LPIt will count as a MAX DAMAGE combo and the camera will be right on Fujin'shead for a few seconds.28)FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS—————————–What are the changes from arcade “Revision 3”?ADDED* Goro as playable Sub-Boss* Noob as super-hidden character* 3rd Outfits for some characters* Alternate weapons for most characters* New “Ice Pit” stage* Practice, Endurance, and Tournament modes.* Big Heads/Ice Pit and No Rain(?) Kombat Kodes* New weapons – Bo Stick, Pistol, and Scythe* Spark trails during Sonya's air punchCHANGED* 3-button 2nd outfit codes from the arcade not used* Different lineups in CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY* Ice Clone no longer flashesREMOVED* No spiked balls in Reptile Stage* No Randper Kombat Kode(333-333)Why no Randper?It causes weird things to happen on the home versions like invisible ordeformed characters.What happened to the Skull Stage?It appears as a backdrop after the TOURNAMENT mode is won. It still may bein there.Found on a ROM dump?”KODE 12: 4 PLAYER RANDPER ILLEGAL”???Undiscovered Kodes..???!!!!Why don't Goro and/or Noob have endings?There wasn't any time to “film” any for them.Does Goro have a fatality?No.What about Goro's Taunt/Body Lunge/Hook Punch???It is possible that the movements didn't get put in… (remember themissing Baraka morph from MKT???)The Body Lunge is just the CPU Goro jumping forward.What are the movements for Noob's fatalities?No “move” exists for his lookalike fatalities, you must use FATALITIES I/II.What about Kitana?Replaced by Tanya(notice the similarity). Oh well…29)CREDITS———-I{OMBAT : Reiko warp glitchDan Dutra(Bogus88) : Kitana Gameshark codeMortalKombatDominion: Kitana movesBadrock : some corner juggles from his EXCELLENT combo FAQMark Jensen : Goro stufflordhtiek

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