I seem to be the only one in the fandom that thinks this, but lớn me, I think Biometal Model Phường is total shit. I find little khổng lồ no uses for it- & I've only actually used it twice before- once in ZX lớn navigate in the dark room, and once in ZXA to hold on to lớn handles in the Junk Stage. Anyone else agree with me on this?


Well, Phantom was the only guardian to actually die in their fight against you. So, maybe he sucked all along.

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Agreed. It's been a while since I last played it, but man did I avoid P. I used it as little as possible. Heck, I think for the dark rooms, I used mã sản phẩm L for the platforming.

Well, watch out for the Junk Stage in ZX Advent (if you play it in the future)- You have khổng lồ hold on khổng lồ handles khổng lồ lift spike-bottomed doors và race lớn them to get through before they cthất bại and kill you. You have khổng lồ use Model P. throughout the whole level, pretty much. Because apparently, Phantom was the only guardian capable of holding on to lớn things. Trust me, the cấp độ sucks. It's pretty much a maze, too. You're sure lớn get a major brain-fuck, & the trùm at the over is annoying. But khổng lồ get past hlặng, Model L is super effective sầu, even though there's no water. Don't ask me.

The way I see it, if you prefer rapid firing over charging then Model PX/Phường. is for you. It feels good lớn see a storm of kunais going toward your enemies. And unlượt thích Model FX/F, you don't thua thảm mobility over the rapid fire capability. It fills in the niche that Model FX/F doesn't cover nicely. So, IMO, it's sub-par when compared to lớn other options, but not "total shit" lượt thích the way you put it.

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I think Model P would've been more useful if it made you faster. It would give an incentive sầu to use it for speedrunning with the punishment of it not being as powerful against enemies.

Or the benefit of that one foot chip from the Zero series that either made you phase through enemies while dashing, or let you stick to walls without sliding down them.

I found Model Phường great. Nothing feels quite as fun as throwing a storm of kunai at enemies. Sure, it's no OHKO or 2HKO but the rush of button mashing opponents to lớn death is quite alluring. Also, I find it aesthetically okay.

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P was good for clearing small enemies in front of you while moving forward. Other than that, H and ZX/X are far more useful.

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