Mini Pc Windows 10 Pro – 10+ Best Windows 10 Mini Pcs To Buy Today

Some are bare-bones kits. Others are ready to go out of the box, complete with an OS, RAM, and memory installed. Whatever the form, these top Windows micro desktops all deliver surprising features, value, and pep for their size.

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Based on an unusual form factor, Asrock’s DeskMini X300 is a cost-effective bare-bones pick if you need a capable small-footprint desktop with a little extra graphics pop.


With up to 10-core Xeon power and Quadro RTX graphics, Dell’s tiny Precision 3240 Compact workstation delivers remarkable performance for its size.
The compact HP Z2 Mini G5 is capable of matching much bigger workstations in its higher-end configurations, with minimal compromises and all the pro-grade features that power users seek.
Intel's latest bare-bones NUC Kit offers surprisingly robust loadout options in a tiny chassis, though it's a pricey prospect once you factor in the cost of components and an OS.
Lenovo's ThinkCentre M720q Tiny is a well-rounded, capable SFF PC suitable for cramped offices or other space-constrained work environs. Just nail the configuration you need up front—upgradability is limited.
Thanks to its compact, fanless design, the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano IoT is a tiny and silent mini PC with enough power for basic office and media-streaming tasks, as well as vertical-market and digital-signage use.

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A well-designed (if not particularly powerful) mini PC, Azulle's modestly priced Byte4 offers surprising connectivity and upgrade potential, as well as the ability to silently stream video.
With a surprising amount of CPU, GPU, and storage options for a mini PC, Dell's OptiPlex 7080 Micro offers a configuration for almost any office need and budget, but this might be a case where less is more.
If you need an affordable mini PC with strong performance for everyday tasks, ECS's Liva Z3 Plus is a sensible option—providing you don't mind upgrading it with an extra stick of SO-DIMM RAM.
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The term “microcomputer” has its origins in the 1970s—the “micro” of the personal computers emerging then lay in stark contrast to the room-size mainframe beasts of the day. But fast-forward half a century or so, and—oh, micro, how you have changed!

Most of the acceleration toward super-small indesktop PCshas happened over the last decade. Of course, it”s still easy enough to find ordinary business boxes and hulking power towers packed with bigvideo cardsand multiple platter-based hard drives. But starting with the “small-form-factor” (SFF) PC revolution of the “00s, many desktops have gone from half-size towers to compact cubes to, in their most extreme reduction, sticks not a whole lot bigger than a USB flash drive.

A big reason why? Graphics acceleration and other essential features, handled in the past by separate chips or bulky cards, have been subsumed under the CPU. Nowadays, small-ification is getting to the point where you can”t go all that much smaller. You need to leave some space for ports to plug in a thing or two.

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Mini PCs: How to Define Degrees of “Small”

As a result, we”re seeing some clear stratification in the market for tiny desktop PCs. The very smallest PCs might be termed the “stick class,” vanguarded by the Atom-CPU-poweredIntel Compute Stickwe first reviewed in early 2015 (and again in its refreshed,Cherry Trail AtomandCore m3forms in 2016), followed by similar sticks from Asus, Azulle, Lenovo, and others.

These are really only suitable for display/signage use or extremely basic applications, and after a promising debut a few years back, have not seen all that much evolution or momentum. You can still find them on the market, but they have failed to have a major impact. A few vendors (notably, Azulle) still make them, though.

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