Mega Man X5 : Every Possible Ending (& How To Trigger Them), Mega Man X5 (Video Game)

Mega Man X5

Also known as: Rockman X5 (JP)Developer: CapcomPublisher: CapcomPlatform: PlayStationReleased in JP: November 30, 2000Released in US: January 31, 2001Released in EU: August 3, 2001


This game has unused graphics.

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This game has unused text.


This game has regional differences.


This game has revisional differences.


This game has a prototype article

The fifth numbered installment of the Mega Man X series involves X and Zero trying to save the world not only from the threat of the Sigma Virus, but also the planet”s impending collision with the space colony, Eurasia.


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1 Unused Graphics2 Unused/Hidden Script3 Regional Differences4 Revisional Differences4.2 Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2

Unused Graphics

Wounded X


Seen Unseen

These three frames of X wounded cannot be seen cleanly in normal play, as the only time he takes this position is in the intro stage when playing as Zero, where his armor is superimposed over his sprites. The only major differences are that the Body part can be seen on the floor, and that X”s head crystal does not glow as unarmored X.

Nova Strike



The animation for the Fourth Armor”s Nova Strike remains in the ROM data, however it goes unused since, due to balancing, the armor”s Giga Attack was disabled. It is likely that this is just leftover and never properly removed.

Gaea Armor Subweapons


The Gaea Armor is unable to use special weapons in-game, although a full set of colors for it exists. Attempting to unlock the special weapons through GameShark or otherwise only results in the game freezing. Forcing the game to load the Gaea Armor graphics under any other armor”s code reveals that the Gaea Armor will never load sub-weapon graphics, and the sound files for the armor do not have any special weapon sounds.

It”s worth noting that the North American instruction manual of the original release only mentioned that the Gaea Armor can”t charge special weapons. In the May, 1st 2000 prototype build, the X variation which serves as an early Gaea Armor template can still use uncharged special weapons, so this limit may have been added in late during the development process.

Using Spike Ball and Twin Dream on Magma Dragoon

By obtaining the Spike Ball in the Training level (which is only possible via GameShark) and then using it on Magma Dragoon, he interestingly reacts as if he was hit with his weakness from X4, Double Cyclone, but takes minimal damage. In a prototype version of X5, the Spike Ball is merely a broken version of Double Cyclone. This suggests that Spike Ball was modified from Double Cyclone.

Whenever Magma Dragoon is hit with Zero”s equivalent, the Twin Dream, the opposite occurs. Dragoon takes a significant amount of damage from the attack, but does not have a weakness reaction.

Unused/Hidden Script

Hidden Dialogue between Zero & Dr. Light

There are two Light Capsules that are impossible for Zero to reach without cheats. Nevertheless, the script does account for the possibility of Zero finding them.

Dark Dizzy”s stage:

Dr. Light:This is the programfor the head part ofthe Gaea Armor.Analyze and uploadthe data to X”smain memory ina secure area.Once X uploads all 4of the programs,the Gaea Armorwill be complete.Thank you for yourcooperation ingathering theArmor files…Duff McWhalen”s stage:

Dr. Light:This is the programfor the body part ofthe Falcon Armor.Analyze and uploadthe data to X”smain memory in asecure area.Once X uploads all4 of the programs,the Falcon Armorwill be complete.With the body partequipped, the damageX receives willbe less.But don”toverestimate thepart, or you”llregret it…Please give thismessage to X.

(Source: X68000)

The Light Capsule in Skiver”s Stage is not impossible for Zero to reach. However, it requires a great deal of work; more so than with any other Light Capsule, which is why most assume that it can”t be done. The trick is for Zero to become infected by the Sigma Virus until he becomes invincible. To trigger enough Sigma Viruses to appear is difficult, and very precise.

Note that Dr. Light mistakenly calls the Body part the “Head” part once. This does not happen when X finds the Capsule.

Dr. Light:This is the programfor the body part ofthe Gaea Armor.Analyze and uploadthe data to X”smain memory in asecure area.Once X uploads all 4of the programs,the Gaea Armorwill be complete.With the head partequipped, the damageX receives willbe much less.Thank you for yourcooperation.I”m sorry that Icouldn”t help you.

Regional Differences

Alia”s Warning

The Japanese release contains a warning screen reminding the player to keep the room bright, sit a sufficient distance from the TV, and take a break after one hour. This is displayed between the Capcom logo and the intro video. The screen was removed from the international releases.

Title Screen

Rockman X5 Mega Man X5

Rockman X5″s title screen background features artwork of X and Zero. This background was replaced in Mega Man X5.

Player Select Screen

Zero”s main weapon is written as “Z-SABRE” in the Japanese version, and “Z-SABER” in the English version.

PAL Timer Glitch

The PAL version contains a glitch not present in the Japanese and American versions.

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If you finish a mission when the timer is between 00″50″00-00″59″99 and 01″50″00-01″59″99 (the intervals from this point do not follow the same pattern), the timer will remove 50 seconds from that, thus giving the impression that you completed the mission faster than you actually did.

This, however, will not help in Hunter Rank progression, as the minutes value must change for the rank reward to change.

(Source: Shademp)

Space Shuttle

To do:Check the Greatest Hits and European manuals

As with the previous four games, the Maverick names were changed during the overseas localization; notably for this game, the translator even threw in references to the rock band Guns N” Roses.

Japanese NameAmerican NameName ReferencedLegacy Collection Name
Crescent Grizzly Grizzly Slash Saul “Slash” Hudson Crescent Grizzly
Bolt Kraken Squid Adler Steven Adler Volt Kraken
Shining Hotarunicus Izzy Glow Izzy Stradlin Shining Firefly
Tidal Makkoeen Duff McWhalen Duff McKagan Tidal Whale
Spiral Pegacion The Skiver Michael “High in the Sky” Monroe Spiral Pegasus
Spike Rosered Axle the Red Axl Rose Spike Rosered
Dark Necrobat Dark Dizzy Dizzy Reed Dark Necrobat
Burn Dinorex Mattrex Matt Sorum Burn Dinorex

For better or for worse, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 undoes all of these changes.

Interestingly, the US instruction manual uses the Japanese names of the bosses and Zero”s abilities.

Voice Acting

The Japanese version has more voice clips than international builds. Including title screen, stage intros, and bosses. Despite this, the removed clips are still present in the game”s files.

In the Japanese version of the game, there were narrator voices for each of the Maverick”s names that you would hear during their intro sequence after you selected their stage. These were removed in the international versions. In order played, the names are: Tidal Makkoeen, Dark Necrobat, Spike Rosered, Burn Dinorex, Dynamo, Shining Hotarunicus, Spiral Pegacion, Crescent Grizzly, and Bolt Kraken.

Intro Song

Rockman X5 Mega Man X5

The Japanese opening song, Monkey (composed by Mosquito Milk and sung by X”s voice actor Showtaro Morikubo), was replaced with the game”s title theme – a remix of the got weapon track from Mega Man 3 and the “Variable X” track from Mega Man X.

Ending Song

Rockman X5 Mega Man X5

The Japanese ending song, Mizu no Naka, was replaced with an instrumental tune – the bad ending track (Ending if Eurasia colony crashes/Space Shuttle operation failed) in international builds.

Revisional Differences

The versions of the game featured in Mega Man X Collection and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 have a few differences from the original PS1 release.

Mega Man X Collection

The slowdown that took place at Dark Dizzy/Dark Necrobat”s stage in the original PS1 version has been removed.The “Vibration” feature for the PS1″s Dial Shock controller has been removed from the buttons configuration screen.The original save feature was replaced with that of the collection”s. Additionally, this also means that the amount of save files has been reduced to three per memory card, as opposed to the eight that the PS1 release has.Oddly, a text string error sometimes occurs during Alia”s, Dynamo”s, and Sigma”s dialogue, in which letters were inexplicably replaced with the number “8” (such as “8f”, rather than “of”).

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2

Maverick Names

As mentioned above, all of the Mavericks in the game use variations on their Japanese names in Legacy Collection 2, instead of the Guns “n” Roses-themed names of the original release. You can decide for yourself whether or not this is an improvement.


Likely due to rights issues, the opening and ending themes in the Japanese version of the game were replaced with their international counterparts in the Worldwide console/Steam release. Japanese console/Steam release is not affected.


During the encounter with Volt Kraken/Squid Adler/Bolt Kraken, a character known as “Octopardo” is alluded to several times. As written, it seems to imply that the player should know about this character already…but we”ve never seen this Octopardo before, much less known what happens to them. What gives?

This, as it turns out, is a mangled transliteration of Launch Octopus”s Japanese name, Launcher Octopuld. Apparently, the original translators didn”t catch this reference. The Legacy Collection 2 version correctly uses “Launch Octopus” during this scene.

Miscellaneous Dialogue Changes

In addition to the above, there have also been other minor adjustments to the dialogue.

OriginalMega Man X Legacy Collection 2
What a graceful entrance… How dare you bust up my lab.

These lines are said by Izzy Glow/Shining Firefly during the pre-battle dialogue.

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Originally, during X”s conversation with Grizzly Slash/Crescent Grizzly, “Crystal Ball” was misspelled as “Cristal Ball”. This was rectified in X Legacy Collection 2.In accordance with the Mavericks” names being reverted back to their original names, Izzy Glow/Shining Firefly is now addressed by the characters as “Dr. Firefly”.All instances of Repliforce being referred to as the “Reploid Air Force” during X and/or Zero”s conversation with The Skiver/Spiral Pegasus and Axle the Red/Spike Rosered have been reverted back to the former.

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