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Mega Man X Collection is a 2006 compilation game released exclusively in North America for the Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2. It is comprised of ports of the first six games of the Mega Man X series, along with additional bonus content.

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“Join Mega Man X and Zero as they relive all six of their first Mega Man X adventures! Available for the first time in one incredible compilation, this collection also features the Blue Bomber”s action-packed racing game: Mega Man Battle & Chase, never-before-released in the US! Now enjoy a total of seven Mega Man games with remixed soundtracks, original and sketch art, and more!”


Mega Man X Mega Man X2 Mega Man X3 (PlayStation version) Mega Man X4 Mega Man X5 Mega Man X6 Mega Man: Battle and Chase (unlocked by completing the first three X games)

Differences and Extras

X Collection contains a gallery with illustrations and music that are unlocked by completing objectives in the games. The entire collection shares a new save data system. Mega Man X, X2, and X3 can access this from the password screens. The script of Mega Man X is altered, with X saying “Damn!” after being defeated by Vile in the Opening Stage. The word “have” was also removed from Sigma”s final dialogue, making him erroneously say “Why you done this to us?!” Most Japanese voice-overs, such as the “Hadoken!” voice clip and all Mega Man X6 cutscene dialogue, are removed. However, the Japanese boss dialogue in X6 remains. The “Vibration” feature for the PSX games” DualShock controller was removed from the buttons configuration screen. The “Weapon Get” screen for Sentsuizan in X6 is changed to say the move is performed with Down+Attack, even though the move is still executed with Up+Attack in-game. Mega Man: Battle and Chase is translated from Japanese for the first time – while the game”s text is localized, the in-game voices remain in Japanese.


Mega Man X Collection received “generally favorable” reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 73/100 on PS2,[1] and 75/100 on Gamecube.[2] The game was praised for its high-quality ports of the first six Mega Man X titles, plus the added bonus of Mega Man: Battle and Chase, but criticized for the lack of additional content or substantial changes to said ports.


Mega Man X Collection was originally planned to make more changes to its included games. Some of these changes include: a new English retranslation of Mega Man X6, new dubs by the Ocean Group (who did X8 and Command Mission) for Mega Man X4 and X6, and remixed soundtracks for Mega Man X and X2. However, these changes were scrapped due to Keiji Inafune wanting to save the changes for the at-the-time upcoming Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X subseries of remakes. Unfortunately, the Maverick Hunter X series never made it past the first installment, leaving these changes forever unused.[3] The error in the “Weapon Get” screen for Sentsuizan”s execution is a leftover change. The move”s input was going to be changed to Down+Attack, but it was either left in or reverted, and remained Up+Attack as in X6″s original release. The music played on the game select and options screen cycles between “STAGE SELECT 1” from X4, “STAGE SELECT 2” from X5, and “STAGE SELECT” from X6. Some of the unused tracks from Mega Man X5 found on the official soundtrack release are featured in this collection as unlockable gallery features in the form of either standalone music tracks (Mission Report, Zero Dead, Armageddon) or played during the game”s staff roll (Dr. Right). X Collection is the first and only time Mega Man: Battle and Chase and the PlayStation version of Mega Man X3 have been localized for release in North America.


Cover artwork

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