Can Super Mario Bros Is On Xbox One Thanks To Project Spark, Xbox 360 Mario Brothers : Target

Everyone is talking about Mario (again). But if you”re on the Xbox, what do you have for a cutesy retro fix?


Games like Mario have a unique visual attraction, and that”s true of Unravel. One of the most beautiful platformers we”ve seen in recent years, EA”s Unravel sees you take on the role of Yarny. Who is made of yarn.

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Mario has his mushrooms, but he can”t unravel his entire body to overcome an obstacle. Yarny can. $20 well spent.

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Super Lucky”s Tale

Launching on November 7, 2017, Super Lucky”s Take is a 3D platformer that sees you take on the role of Lucky the fox who”s on a quest to help his sister rescue the book of souls from that no-good villain Jinx.

It”s fun for all ages and packed with mini-games to keep the fun rolling as the hours pass by. And it”s only $30.

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If you want exploration, you want Minecraft. You might not get the Nintendo exclusive Mario skin pack on the Xbox, but that”s OK, there are still plenty to choose from.

Mine, build, craft, explore, kill zombies and creepers, Minecraft is adored by hundreds of millions of adults and children alike. Its blocky charm is irresistible, but it”s also a game that will keep you coming back for years. Maybe even decades, who knows! Better still is that it”s only $20 for the base game.

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If all else fails, just buy a Switch

Xbox has a lot of great games, including a wealth of fun platformers, old-school names brought back to life and retro-inspired new adventures. But there is only one Mario. If that”s what you want, go on and grab a Nintendo Switch.

Our buddies at iMore will be happy to help.

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343 has the right idea

Halo: MCC”s live service elements make it better, not worse

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is more popular than ever, but some fans don”t agree with the live service approach 343 Industries has taken with it. Here”s why those elements are, at the end of the day, great for the game and for Halo overall.

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Cooperate and compete

Here are our favorite multiplayer games on Xbox

Some of the best games in the Xbox ecosystem are multiplayer games where you either team up with or face off against other players. Here are our favorite multiplayer titles available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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