Super Mario Odyssey Guide – How Many Worlds Are There In Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey: The 10 Best Kingdoms, Ranked Super Mario Odyssey is what fans were waiting for and it has all the fun elements from Super Mario 64 and then some, and amazing kingdoms to explore.

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3 Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most popular 3D Mario games that has come from Nintendo. Ever since its announcement, Mario fans have been obsessed with it, and this likely will not change for a long period of time. This game brings back the Super Mario 64 feel that gamers have been yearning for, for a long time. However, it takes Mario”s exploration to an entirely new degree, as its kingdoms are simply breathtaking.

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That is not to say that levels from games such as Super Mario Sunshine are not great, but Super Mario Odyssey really takes advantage of the underrated power that the Switch possesses. Every kingdom has a unique feel to it, which makes the player truly captivated by the gameplay. Yet, with all of this said, some are simply at a higher level in quality than others.

Mario freezing in the Snow Kingdom
The Snow Kingdom is definitely a cool part of the game, as it has some entertaining tasks to complete. There are also some memorable moons to obtain in it, which meshes well with its nice overall appearance.

It has a similar vibe to Super Mario 64“s Cool Cool, Mountain level, which definitely makes most players enjoy it. The townspeople are entertaining to engage with as well. It may not be the best kingdom of the bunch, but it is still good.

9 Wooded Kingdom

Mario in the Wooded Kingdom
The Wooded Kingdom has a lot going on with it, which definitely makes it fun to play. There are a ton of different types of enemies that Mario has to battle and the mix of the woods with the steel ramps is a unique touch.

It is a level that does not necessarily have the most memorable aspects, but it is still quite solid. It also allows Mario to take on some intriguing tasks, such as him and Cappy taking over a tank.

Mario at the Seaside Kingdom
The Seaside Kingdom may honestly be the most underrated kingdom in the game. When looking back at games like Super Mario 64, it is clear that swimming levels do not run very smoothly and can be draining.

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Therefore, it may be quick to assume that it is the same in this one. However, this game fixes the issue, while also providing some amazing scenery and fun tasks for Mario to complete, making it quite the treat.

Mario cooking in the Luncheon Kingdom
The Luncheon Kingdom is perhaps the strangest level in this game. As its name implies, it is a kingdom that is made up of food, which is a peculiar, yet fantastic choice by Nintendo. Its bright colors also up its value.

Another intriguing aspect of the kingdom is that it is full of pink lava, which naturally damages Mario when he touches it. Also, one cannot ignore how great its song is, too.

The Moon Kingdom is one of the coolest of the entire game. It is truly spectacular, as it literally puts Mario on the moon. The way it looks is quite beautiful too because it accurately contains some true aspects of the actual moon.

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It is also a nice change to see Mario”s jumping impacted on it, as is the case with the moon, too. It really is something that the player does not expect to experience while playing, so it warrants a ton of praise.

5 Bowser”s Kingdom

Bowser”s Kingdom is such a fun level. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of it is Bowser”s strikingly beautiful Japanese castle, which is a fun addition.

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There is a lot that Mario has to do in this kingdom too, as it is extremely massive. Everything about it is very fitting to Bowser”s character, as well. A sweet touch to this kingdom is the small pieces of lava that float in the wind.

The Sand Kingdom is absolutely gorgeous, which definitely helps its case when the player first sees it. However, once Mario explores it more, it becomes apparent that there are so many zany aspects of it for him to explore.

The townspeople are a fun part of it as well, and talking to them is always entertaining. The desert look in this kingdom shows just how much the series has improved since Super Mario 64, too.

3 Cascade Kingdom

The Cascade Kingdom is a wonderful way for the game to start, as it perfectly displays all that Mario is capable of doing with Cappy by his side. Most memorably, this kingdom allows Mario the ability to not only take over Chain Chomp, but also a Tyrannosaurus.

This makes the level extremely fun, but one also cannot ignore how breathtaking it is, too. The stunning waterfalls are a fantastic element to it and they work very well with all the plant life around them.

The Mushroom Kingdom is one of the best in the game and the perfect way to pay respect to Super Mario 64, as it is essentially the HD version of it that every gamer wants. It even has the original song when Mario obtains the old-fashioned power stars.

This is a kingdom that comes out of nowhere, and the player has to appreciate it. The one downside of it is that it contains a bunch of recycled moon missions, sadly. However, for aesthetic and nostalgia purposes alone, it is easily elite.

1 Metro Kingdom

The metro Kingdom is exactly where the game does everything right. It essentially creates New York City in the game, which is breathtaking to the eyes. Furthermore, it also has some of the most innovative moon missions to complete, too.

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This is the kingdom that makes gamers consider Super Mario Odyssey as one of the best 3D Mario games of all-time. And it is hard to argue that claim, as this kingdom allows Mario to experience all of what city life has to offer.

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