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Introducing Lucky 9

It’s time for players to start feeling fortunate with the slot machine Lucky 9, by upcoming game developers, Wazdan. The slot machine Lucky 9 is all about transporting you into a pixelated world of classic casino gaming packed to the brim with fruits of all kinds. It uses popular references to a simpler and fun time of online gambling. The Lucky 9 slot machine is all about that one amazing number that can lead you to some amazing prizes, all thanks to the fruit. You will be spoilt for choice with the six-reel machine and 20 paylines, so have some fun with the Lucky 9 slot machine.

Wazdan has already done everything it can to make the Lucky 9 slot machine look positively cute. The whole setup is a great experience recreated by their team of creative developers who look towards providing a more innovative side of online gambling, focusing hard on their development into mobile technology, the Lucky 9 slot game is completely available for most platform devices, including Apple, Android, Windows and other iOS systems. Feel free to take a browse at their collection and see what other exciting developments they have made, just like the online Lucky 9 slot machine.

What’s Is in Online Lucky 9 Slot Machine?

The first thing you will notice about the game is that everything is all pixelated and retro. The aim of the idea is making the Lucky 9 slot game appear more nostalgic towards older players. It heavily references the 80’s arcade games most players know and love. It even gives off sound effects just like the arcade era as you play Lucky 9 slot game. What makes it better is that every time you win, the scoreboard will be shaped just like the scoreboard of a classic 2D beat-em-up. It’s got it all sorted out, with more unique twists here and there to provide that modern edge that new players will completely wrap themselves into. The slot has got both the old and the new wrapped in one sweet package.

Here is what you can expect when you play Lucky 9 slot game. Below is a list of features and gameplay mechanics that you will need to know in order to score big and come out on top of the game. Keep an eye out for bonuses and make sure to become acquainted with the matching symbols and their payouts:

The Wild of the game is shown in classic, arcade graphics. Landing this baby can net a prize since it can substitute to fill in any possible gap.The Scatter of the game is the golden star. This signifies an objective fulfilled in the arcade, or in this case, winning you special bonus rounds to get you more payouts. Depending on how many stars you get will determine how many free spins you receive.During the free spins is where things will get better. There are special multiplier tokens that can be found only during these spins. Each multiplier will add a different amount to the wins you gain during the free spins. Keep collecting these tokens to keep piling on the multipliers to score bigger and better with every reel turn.When you play Lucky 9 slot game, it’s the number that is the most important. Scoring the 9x multiplier token doesn’t just award this multiplier to your wins. It also gives you even more free spins, continuing your bonus streak and providing even more chances of netting those fat winnings.Wazdan includes a special Buy Feature with their games. For an extra cost, players can purchase their own free spins with a set multiplier. This can be used as an extra investment to gain more winnings in the long run.

The RTP of the game is calculated at 96.11%, according to the official Wazdan website. In terms of what you are actually winning in the Lucky 9 online slot, below is the paytable of what each symbol is worth in the combination, ranging from three of a kind to six of a kind. The maximum bet is made with these results.

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Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 6x)
Each fruit combination is worth something different. The lowest paying fruit is plum. This is then followed by the cherries. Next comes the watermelon. What comes after is the apple, till finally, the Strawberry is what offers the largest paying sum in the Lucky 9 online slot. Any bigger wins are gained by adding the free spin multipliers towards them. Plum: 1,000 – 10,000

Cherries: 1,000 – 15,000

Watermelon: 2,500 – 20,000

Apple: 5,000 – 30,000

Strawberry: 5,000 – 50,000

Can I Play Lucky 9 Slot Online for Free?

You can play the slot machine by visiting any review site like this to have a go at the demo version. The free online Lucky 9 slot machine contains tokens instead of real money. This means that you can enjoy the Lucky 9 free online slot at no costs whatsoever as you don’t need to deposit any real money into it. Nothing on your finances will be used to play the game. Granted this means that you can’t win anything real either in the Lucky 9 free online slot. You can find this free Lucky 9 slot machine online by visiting the Wazdan site as well. They will also have their own version of the game for fans to come and play and see for themselves that it’s all about. They even include a Super Lite version which lets you operate the game on smaller devices or on games that don’t have the power to run it naturally.

Can I Play Lucky 9 for Real Money?

The Lucky 9 slot can also be enjoyed when playing for the real thing. To do so, you will have to first register with a casino that has this game available to play. Once signed up, you can then use their various payment methods to provide real money into your account and deposit as you wish. You can find a list of casinos that have this game from our review site, or from visiting the Wazdan site as well. It’s important to note that some casinos also have bonuses attached to them. Whether its free spins or extra multipliers, you can use these to benefit your gaming experience as well as ensuring you come out with extra winnings.

Is Lucky 9 Slot Game Safe?

Wazdan has grown remarkably these past years. Even more so now that they have safe connections to make sure that all their games are completely safe to play, and the people’s information is perfectly secured. The efforts that come from these licences are that of the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. There are services that allow the provider to use state of the art security encryptions and user-friendly software for player usage. The safety measures are in place, providing fairness to each player’s gameplay.

Interesting Facts about Lucky 9

The game is inspired very heavily by the theme of arcade games and 16-bit creations. These were all prominent during the ’70-’90s. However, games such as this are kept alive through the creation of authentic and immersive gameplay. It references to a bygone time of gaming that many older players will resonate with, as well as newer players growing much fonder respect for the craft. Players of all kinds will enjoy the effort and time that has gone into this game to make it as noteworthy as it is now.

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The Verdict

Players will find this game quirky, entertaining, eye-catching and many other descriptions all merged into one. The gameplay mechanics refer to classic arcade tropes, such as finding the golden star or collecting coins to better your score. The art-style itself is very reminiscent, followed by 8-bit music tracks that were all the range back then. Gamers of all kinds will appreciate just how unique a theme this really is bringing over a forgotten time with new mechanics and features that will keep it fresh in the minds of gamblers for years to come.

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