10/20trăng tròn What’s new in Lightroom sản phẩm điện thoại This video walks through Color Grading, Aulớn Versions, and improvements lớn the Learn & Discover features on desktop và di động.

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03/2021 H& Coloring Effects – Learn how to lớn easily apply hand coloring effects to lớn your photos using Lightroom Mobile.

2/2121 Adding Watermarks khổng lồ Images — Discover how to add watermarks khổng lồ your photos using Lightroom mobile.

1/2021 The Power of Versions in Lightroom điện thoại — Discover how to lớn use Versions in Lightroom di động lớn “save” edit settings as a single “state” allowing you to lớn then experiment with different settings and effects with the security of knowing that you can quickly return lớn a previous Version with a single tap.

12/20trăng tròn How to màu sắc Grade Images in Lightroom mobile — Discover how khổng lồ use the new Color Grading tools in Lightroom Mobile.

11/2020 Using the Selecting Editing Tools in Lightroom điện thoại — Discover the best way to make local adjustments & selective edits lớn add impact to lớn your photos.

09/20trăng tròn Julieanne’s 5 Favorite Editing Tips — Discover my five favorite tips including including swapping the aspect ratio of a crop, using the Aspect slider, setting blaông xã & white points, dismissing the White Balance eyedropper, and masking the Linear & Radial Gradient tools.

08/20trăng tròn Adding Your Own Style to lớn a Photograph — Discover how to incorporate your own personal style on any image using the Profiles, Radial Gradient, and Light Panel.

07/20trăng tròn Lightroom mobile – 3 Tips to lớn Increase Your Productivity! — Discover how khổng lồ increase your productivity while working with Lightroom Smartphone by applying the Previous photo’s settings, Copy & Pasting settings lớn multiple images, và creating & applying Presets.

05/20đôi mươi Creating a Vintage Look — Discover how khổng lồ create a vintage look using Lightroom Smartphone.

04/20trăng tròn How khổng lồ Correct Perspective in Lightroom di động — Discover the best methods for removing lens distortion, correcting the perspective of an image, using the Light panel to lớn reveal detail in the highlights and shadows & drawing attention to specific areas in the photograph using the Adjustment Brush.

03/20trăng tròn Creating Stunning B&W Conversions using Lightroom điện thoại — Discover how lớn crop an image, apply a protệp tin, và use the Light and màu sắc panels to lớn convert specific color ranges khổng lồ shades of gray. Then, refine the final image using local adjustment tools including the Healing & Adjustment Brushes, add a sepia color tone in the shadows, & use the Radial Filter to add an off-center vignette.

02/20đôi mươi Lightroom điện thoại Workflow — Discover how to lớn make quick edits lớn cchiến bại the gap between the image that we envision and what the camera captured. Use the Light and màu sắc panels to lớn change tone and color, remove distracting elements using the Healing Brush, change the mặc định protệp tin khổng lồ add saturation & contrast và, use the Effects panel to lớn add Dehaze as well as a Vignette.

01/2020 Quiông xã & Powerful Image Enhancements in Lightroom Mobile — Discover how to lớn make global & local edits to lớn you image in Lightroom sản phẩm điện thoại.


An Overview of Lightroom di động on iOS

In this Clip we’ll cover the difference between the không tính tiền & paid versions of Lightroom thiết bị di động on iOS as well as walk through the basic workflow of adding photos from your camera, making edits, and sharing images.

Viewing Options in Lightroom Mobile

In this video clip we’ll cover several ways khổng lồ view images in Lightroom điện thoại including flat vs segmented, grid và loupe views, and overlays.

Organizing Photos Using Collections in Lightroom mobile

In this đoạn Clip we’ll discuss the advantages of creating collections lớn organize your photographs in Lightroom Mobile.

Adding Photos from the Camera Roll lớn Lightroom Mobile

In this video we’ll cover how to lớn add a selection of photos from the camera roll as well as how khổng lồ enable Aulớn Import photos khổng lồ a specific collection.

Taking Advantage of Lightroom Mobile’s Capture Settings

In this đoạn Clip we’ll walk through Lightroom’s Capture Settings including DNG and “Pro mode”, providing control over shutter tốc độ, ISO, & focus .

HDR Capture in Lightroom Mobile

In this video you’ll discover how to capture raw, high dynamic range (HDR) images from within Lightroom điện thoại.

Cropping và Straightening Photographs in Lightroom Mobile

In this video clip we’ll cover all of the cropping & straightening options in Lightroom thiết bị di động.

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Applying Presets in Lightroom Mobile

In this Clip we’ll discover how to quickly apply creative sầu và practical presets in Lightroom sản phẩm điện thoại.

In this Clip we’ll discover how to tone and enhance photos using exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, blacks, whites, & curves.

In this Clip we’ll discover how lớn set Trắng balance, make local và global color adjustments using hue, saturation, vibrance, as well as convert photos to blaông chồng và White.

In this Clip we’ll cover adding Clarity, Dehaze, và vignette effects to photos as well as how to lớn enable lens corrections.

In this video we’ll cover making selective adjustments in Lightroom di động using the Graduated và Radial filters.

Applying Edits to lớn Multiple Photos

In this video we’ll discover how easy it is lớn apply the same enhancements (or a subphối of enhancements) across multiple images.

Adding Star Ratings, Flags, & Info lớn Photos

Sharing Photos and Publishing Collections

In this đoạn Clip we’ll see how easy it is lớn nội dung individual photos as well as publish collections using Lightroom di động.

Syncing photos between Lightroom Mobile và Lightroom on the desktop

In this video clip we’ll cover how Lightroom Mobile syncs with Lightroom on the desktop, where to lớn find your files, collections, and sync settings.

Quickly Accessing the Camera while in Lightroom Mobile on iOS

This video “Quiông chồng Tip demonstrates how to “pop” open Lightroom on iOS to lớn access the camera as well as use widgets to lớn tốc độ up your workflow.

Lightroom di động – Five Common Questions

This Clip covers 5 common questions about Lightroom Mobile including:1) How to lớn download photos to lớn enable offline editing (working with files without an mạng internet connection)2) How to limit syncing to lớn WiFi (lớn avoid using your data plan)3) Can Smart Collections be synced (short answer – no)4) Can collections from multiple catalogs be synced simultaneously (short answer – no)5) And deleting from collections vs All Photos

Quickly Access the Lightroom Capture App on iOS

This Clip quiông chồng tips shows 2 ways khổng lồ quickly access the Lightroom Capture phầm mềm on iOS.


What is Lightroom Web and How Does it Work?

In this đoạn Clip we’ll discover how khổng lồ use Lightroom web to access, edit, và nội dung synced photos using a browser on any device.

An Overview of the Lightroom Web Interface

In this đoạn Clip we’ll cover the Dashboard, All Photos view, image navigation, rating and flagging images in Lightroom web.

Organizing Photographs Using Collections in Lightroom Web

In this đoạn phim we’ll learn how to organize our photographs using collections in Lightroom web.

How khổng lồ Add Photos khổng lồ Lightroom when Working Remote

In this video clip we’ll discover how khổng lồ add (upload) photographs to lớn Lightroom web on any device & see how they’re synchronized with Lightroom CC on the desktop.

Crop and Straighten Photographs in Lightroom Web

In this đoạn Clip we’ll quickly crop và straighten a photograph using Lightroom web.

Making Màu sắc and Tonal Edits khổng lồ Photographs in Lightroom Web

In this đoạn phim we’ll learn how to lớn phối White Balance & make tonal và color changes to photographs using Lightroom website.

Creating B/W and màu sắc Toning Effects in Lightroom Web

In this Clip we’ll convert an image lớn Blachồng và White and add color toning effects using Lightroom website.

Adding Special Effects in Lightroom Web

In this video we’ll add special effects including Dehaze, Post-Crop vignettes, and Grain khổng lồ photographs using Lightroom website.

Sharing Collections of Photographs from Lightroom Web

In this video clip, we’ll mô tả collections of photographs và then view comments made by family & clients in Lightroom CC.

Sharing Web Pholớn Galleries from Lightroom Web

In this đoạn Clip, we’ll create a Lightroom Web Gallery và combine photos và text in a customizable layout.

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Quickly Finding Photographs in Lightroom Web 

In this đoạn phim, we’ll look at how Lightroom web’s Search (công nghệ preview) can help us khổng lồ quickly find out photographs.

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