If you"re looking to master Coin Master then you"re going to need a ton of coins to make it happen! Rather than spending your hard earned cash on spins, you can get some daily ones for không lấy phí that will allow you to lớn defkết thúc your village, attack other people"s village, get coins, and repair your damaged buildings! Spins contribute to lớn just about all aspects of the game, so make sure to get as many as you possibly can.

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How to Get Free Spins

To get không lấy phí spins in Coin Master, you can either cliông chồng through daily link, watch đoạn phim ads, follow Coin Master on social media, sign up for gmail gifts, invite friends lớn the game, get spins as gifts, level up your village, get them by spinning, participate in events, complete card sets, or just passively earn them by time passing by! As you can see, there"s a bunch of different ways to get spins in Coin Master for không tính tiền.

I go inkhổng lồ more detail on all of these topics in the text below.

Coin Master Free Spins List

Just clichồng each of the links below to lớn collect the reward! All of the liên kết have been tested và are safe lớn use. We will try to lớn keep any expired rewards off of the các mục so they are all working at the time that you try them!

Facebook has removed Coin Masters from Facebook itself, so the only way khổng lồ use the codes is to lớn tải về the Coin Masters app. Clicking the link when using a Desktop will cause an error, as it takes it khổng lồ Facebook. So going forward always use this page when on a Mobile device, and have the app installed, the links will work perfectly!

Links used lớn work a week behind. Sadly, this has changed so we"ll only show you the liên kết that 100% work.

There are a lot of ways to lớn get some additional coins & spins that aren"t too difficult. I"m featuring a các mục of these methods below, make sure lớn take advantage of them lớn get all the freebies you can!

Watch Video Ads

Once you run out of spins, head khổng lồ the slot machine and look for the spin energy button on the bottom right of your screen. If you see this then you can watch some video clip ads khổng lồ earn some additional spins.

Follow Coin Master on Twitter và Facebook

Moon Active sầu, Coin Master"s developer, will provide you with link that you can cliông xã that will get you a bunch of free rewards. Not only that, they will sometimes run little giveaways và contests that you can enter inlớn for additional không lấy phí stuff. If you really want lớn nab some spins for không tính phí, make sure you are following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Login via Facebook

If you connect your Facebook trương mục to lớn the game then you will get a không lấy phí 50 spins! You might have already done this when you started the game, but if you used a different method khổng lồ login, you can always add Facebook to lớn get those spins.

Invite Facebook Friends

One of the easiest ways lớn get spins is to lớn invite friends from Facebook to lớn play Coin Master. The one issue is that they are going to lớn have lớn accept the invitation, download the game, và login with their Facebook trương mục. They don"t actually need khổng lồ play the game though, so you might be able lớn persuade some people to lớn join up so you can get that easy 40 free spins.

Request Spin Gifts

If you"ve sầu got an active roster of friends in Coin Master, then you can request 1 spin from each of them per day. The friends are going lớn have sầu lớn be playing actively khổng lồ sover you the gift, so try lớn interact with as many people in the game as possible. If you can get enough people on your friends các mục that play consistent, this would be an easy way to farm up spins without having lớn vày much. You can also head lớn your social truyền thông media channels and see who is playing & might be willing to lớn friend you in the game!

Level Up Your Village

When you are able khổng lồ move sầu on from your current village, you will get a nice bundle of bonus spins as well as a chest. This will cost you a considerable amount of gold though, so you"re going to need a bunch of spins just to lớn get enough currency to lớn nâng cấp the village!

Collect Card Sets

As you level up, you will find that you gain the ability lớn collect cards. These are mostly for fun, but if you can collect a full mix of them then you will get a bunch of free spins. Each time you enter a new village, you will get a Wooden Chest to open. This contains some cards, but only a few. If you want more, you can go khổng lồ the coin và spin purchase area and buy chests with coins. Do this to lớn complete your collection và obtain a bunch of spins. You also get some additional rewards like pets, which boost your earnings from the slot machine!


There"s usually at least an sự kiện or two going on all the time in Coin Master. To figure out how lớn take advantage of it, head lớn the slot machine và loot khổng lồ the top right for the bonuses that are currently in play. Try to lớn spin as much as possible if there is a particularly good event going on, because you can get a whole lot of extra prizes by doing so.

Just Spin

Believe it or not, but you can just spin to get additional spins. This is especially the case when particular events are going on that reward you additionally for achieving certain colds. Things lượt thích Attaông chồng Madness will give sầu you a whole lot of bonus rewards each time you reach a milestone in terms of attacking other villages. There"s a lot of things like this that happen in the game, so be sure to spin to lớn win!

Let Time Pass

Coin Master is kind of a game that is best played in spurts. You should get all the daily rewards, but letting your spins build up is a good policy lớn get further inlớn the game. You get five miễn phí spins each hour, so if you can wait for 10 hours then you will max out your spin capability. This obviously means you will need khổng lồ be at 0 spins to lớn fully take advantage of it!

Additional Game Tips & Tricks

Here"s a look at some tips that should help you maximize your spins và coins.

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Bet Amounts

You will only want to lớn increase your bet amount when you have sầu a player as your Coin Master who has a bunch of coins. The most efficient method to lớn gaining a lot of coins is by taking them from the Coin Master. If you receive sầu someone who has a large bank of coins, you can then up your bet amount & hope to raid them. This will triple your reward, which is going to be a huge payoff if the Coin Master had a stash full of coins.

Spkết thúc Those Coins

You don"t want to lớn be a sitting duck when it comes to lớn coins. The more coins you have sầu banked, the more you can get them stolen from you when another player is able to lớn Raid your villages. If you don"t have shields or the rhino pet, then you are particularly susceptible khổng lồ lose out on your currency. Make sure to lớn tăng cấp your village as much as possible or buy up chests lớn collect pet cards you don"t already have!

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