Which players could you be levelling up all season inkhổng lồ true Ultimate Team beasts? These are our picks.

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Madden 21 is just around the corner, and Ultimate Team players are keen khổng lồ get planning their next year of domination.

One of the biggest things in MUT for team building is who the Masters are, và what position they are.

Let"s take a look at who EA is giving us this year.

Ultimate Team MUT Master

Last year"s MUT Masters, Pat Tillman và Tory Holt, were wildly popular cards.

In Madden 19 we got Ricky Williams và Ryan Shazier, so we are likely lớn get an offensive sầu & defensive player again this season.

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The Carolina Panthers former player và coach was instrumental to the franchises early growth and their apeparance in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

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Level Master Andre Johnson - WR

The Texans inhỏ is back! The beast Andre Johnson will be a terrific player lớn màn chơi up all year.


LEGEND: Johnson was ahead of his time in Houston

He"ll be key to lớn your offense as a big red zone threat this season.

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