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In this article, we will brief you on the famous LeapDroid Android Emulator here. There are many Android emulators now available in the market but we will specifically talk about LeapDroid in this article to tell you everything about it.

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An Android emulator is a Software application which allows the user to run Android Apps on the PC devices. There are many emulators depending on their compatibility with the PC’s Operating System.

If you have a Windows PC and are looking for a decent emulator for your device, then read this article to know more on the LeapDroid Android Emulator.


4 LeapDroid Android Emulator Download for Windows

About LeapDroid

You may have seen that nowadays, people have started using the Android games and application on their PC devices. Well, this is only possible thanks to the Android emulators. The APK file for any Android devices is not capable of running on the PC devices on its own. Hence, we make use of the Android emulators to run the APK file in it.


LeapDroid Android Emulator is one of the best and fastest emulators for processing your Android APK files and running the Android Apps on the Windows PCs. Through leapDroid, users can easily download and install apps from the Google Play market directly onto their Windows PC device.

This emulator has been awarded 9/10 points as the best recognition of an Android emulator in terms of performance and ease of access of the particular content. Users can create several accounts and use the emulator function on more than one device. You can compare Leapdroid with Bluestacks here.

The emulator is of great use to the users as the gamers can enjoy playing their games on a bigger screen and with more better controls. Also, the PC device has more battery power and storage capacity than the mobile devices. Hence, it is beneficial to use the apps on the Windows PC devices.


Features of LeapDroid Emulator

Like other Android emulators, also LeapDroid’s basic use is to run the compatible APK files on the Windows PC device and allow the app’s setup to configure into the system. This main function is accompanied with several features that distinguish the LeapDroid Android Emulator from the others.

In this section of the article, we will provide you with the list of amazing features of the LeapDroid Emulator for your PC device. Here is the list for your consideration;

The Android emulator has an Open Graphics Library support for your Windows PC device.Ease of downloading and installing through the app store in the LeapDroid application. It works just as the Google Play Store for your PC device.For input purposes, the hardware interfaces of the mouse and keyboard come into use for any kind of function. From navigation to playing the game on your PC through the LeapDroid emulator.Also, the load time of the LeapDroid Android emulator is much faster than any other Android emulators in the market. It allows faster booting and loading of the games and apps.The visuals can be easily adjusted according to the user’s preference. For example, for the Clash Of Clans game, the user can zoom in to view the development of the town and also can zoom out to view the overall town and war processes.It supports x86 and ARM applications.The user interface is smooth and compatibility with games and apps is almost 99% with latest Android files.Additionally, the users can have multiple accounts to play the games or use app services.

So, with so many features aboard, you cannot deny the fact that LeapDroid is one of the best and unique Android emulators in the market. We know that many of you will be excited to get the application on your Windows PC devices, so we will get to the point as soon as possible.


LeapDroid Emulator Requirements

Before we move on to the Download and installation process of the LeapDroid Android emulator, we will have to cross check the system requirements for the application. This is important to verify whether the application file that you will download is compatible with your device or not.

Here are the points for the system requirements that must be taken care of for successful installation of the emulator application;

Works with Windows OS version 7 and above. (32 bit or 64 bit)Supports with Dual core AMD or the Intel CPU in the device.Graphical Processing Unit of GL2.1 and above.Requires 2GB RAM and higher for better performance.Also, requires about 2GB free disk space for lag free performance.For Windows 8 and above, it is recommended to disable the Hyper-V.

Well, if you are using a new and modern laptop or desktop device then most of the requirements will be taken care of automatically. Another thing to note is that this emulator is only applicable to the Microsoft Windows devices as of now and cannot run on Mac OS devices. We shall revert to you as soon as it will be applicable for Mac devices as well.


LeapDroid Android Emulator Download for Windows

With the system requirements under control, we can now proceed to the steps for the Download and the installation process for the LeapDroid application for your Windows PC device. Well, the process is not at all hard. We just have to download the .exe file for the leapDroid Application on the PC.

If you visit the official website of the LeapDroid Application, you will see that the developers have stopped the development related activities with the emulator. Hence, you will not find the application’s .exe file there. Do not get disappointed as we have brought to you the file download link here in our article.

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Simply click on this link and follow the steps given below it to successfully complete the process:

Download LeapDroid Android Emulator for Windows PC

On clicking the link above, the file download process will initiate automatically.Since the file size is about 250MB, it will take some time to complete so please be calm with the process time.After downloading the file, click on the .exe file and run its setup.Select the “Install” button to initiate the installation process.Wait for the application to install successfully onto your Windows PC device.After completing the installation process, select “finish” option on the screen.Next, you will find the LeapDroid Android emulator application’s icon on your PC which can double-click to launch the application.

File Description  Detailed Information
 Version: 11.0.0
Development by: LeapDroid
File Size: 250.37MB

In this way, you can easily set your LeapDroid Android emulator on your PC. You can directly search for the apps and install them onto your PC or you can use the APK files and install them manually by allowing LeapDroid emulator to run the APK file on the Windows PC device.


LeapDroid FAQs

In this section, we will elaborate some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the LeapDroid Android emulator. There are people who have understood the app’s download and installation processes, as well as the use of the app. But, we also have users who have some queries regarding the emulator and its functioning.

So, to answer all your queries, we will briefly discuss few of these here;

About LeapDroid: LeapDroid is an Android emulator which runs the Android APK files for the users on the Windows PC devices. It integrates the files and installs the app onto the PC device. LeapDroid Inc was founded in April 2015 by Huan Ren and Huihong Luo. No, it is a working division and project under Google awaiting amendments.The future motives with the LeapDroid emulator: For the moment, Google and LeapDroid have stopped the developments with the application. The application is still available for download through special services like our article here. In the future, LeapDroid is set to come back with Google equipped methodologies.Has Google taken over LeapDroid? No! Google has not taken over LeapDroid and its rights as for now. We have no regard to such claims where this rumor may be true.Does the website support any functionalities with LeapDroid existing users? As of now, the official website and LeapDroid’s development team does not respond to any kind of user’s issues. There are no further developments in this scenario but we will keep updating this information on the web as soon as they become online again.

So, these were some of the trending issues with the LeapDroid Android emulator in reality. We hope that you find our article soon because there are third party websites that claim to provide the LeapDroid emulator download but actually is a hoax. Additionally, you can read about Leapdroid is safe here. We have the tested and verified version which can still be used onto your PC device for supporting Android APK files.


LeapDroid Alternatives

Although LeapDroid is spectacular with a mighty response and overwhelming approach to the market but it still has flaws. The app does not respond too well with good characteristic games. Moreover, the app is now out of development and is under Google’s handling. For Leapdroid issues troubleshoot procedures refer here.

Hence, for such reasons, users are looking for an alternative to the LeapDroid Application download.

In this section of the article, we have compiled few of these alternatives for our readers to choose from. So, here is a list with short description of the alternatives;

Bluestacks: This is the most famous Android emulator for most of the OS system PCs. The basic function of the emulator is same as that of the LeapDroid Android emulator. The users can enjoy their favorite Android apps on the Windows and Mac OS PCs. This emulator has surpassed other emulators in the course of performance. The application has millions of users who turn out to be its fans.Nox App Player: This is also another cool alternative to the LeapDroid application. It also runs many APK files of famous games and apps on the Windows PC for its users. It has a simple and clear understanding interface for its users to navigate through. This emulator is developed keeping in mind the gamers needs. This means the app has many features that support the gamers module to function well within the PCs.Andy: This is the emulator which breaks the barrier between app’s use on the mobile device and the PC devices. It provides users with extra storage capacity and runs the APK files in a compressed medium. The application provides many features like; runs all communication apps without hassle, Cloud storage capabilities, multi-touch support for ease of gaming, etc.

There are much more emulators like Android-x86, Genymotion, YouWave, MEmu, Virtualbox, etc which you can search through the web. You can use our recommendations or you can look for others. We hope that you find your desired Android emulator soon.

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With this, we would like to conclude our article on LeapDroid Android Emulator here. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and found important information in it. If you have any query or wish to send us your feedback then simply write to us at LeapDroid Download. Thank you, dear readers.

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