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The LC-42 LCD displays have been specifically designed for use in dedicated professional applications. They feature full High Definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) and deliver crisp, clear and color-accurate perfect images on large display sizes with 42” diagonal.

The LCD technology used in the LC-42 offers many benefits not found in other flat panel technologies:
• High brightness
• High contrast, even in high ambient light environments
• Ultra high native resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
• Fanless design (low noise)
• Frame lock
• Accepts 1080p signals
• Low power consumption
• Long lifetime

For use in control rooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms, the native 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution stands for the ultimate in detail.

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For TV studios the adjustable color temperature setting enables the user to maintain perfect color balance under all studio lighting conditions. The fanless design keeps the background noise below the audible noise level.

In boardrooms and various meeting environments large amounts of information can be presented in a dynamic way with the simultaneous display of a second source as a Picture-in- Picture (PIP) or Picture-and-Picture (PAP).

In lobbies and public address environments the loop-through functionality allows the LCD displays to be controlled from a single location.

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Captivating display of highly detailed images with optimal viewing comfort

Native ultra-high resolution
With a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the LC-42 high-resolution display show even more data and more detail on a large 42 inch (106.7cm) 16:9 LCD screen. The native HD resolution delivers bright and crisp images that do full justice to HD graphics and video.


The ultra-high resolution allows much more data to be shown. You will see brilliantly clear images with maximum detail


Fast response time
The fast response time (8 ms grey to grey) reproduces fast-moving action scenes with vivid accuracy.

Wide viewing angle
The wide viewing angle (176°) is very beneficial in meeting environments where detailed information is viewed by all participants.

Configurable ambient light sensor


For optimal viewing comfort under varying light conditions the ambient light sensor can be configured to switch the backlights to a lower level when the ambient light has dropped below a user-defined threshold.

Black level adjust
The OSD allows adjustment of the black level of the analog input (VGA) for a perfectly balanced image.

Picture in Picture (PIP) Picture and Picture (PAP)

Displaying two images – in any mix of data and video – next to one another or as Picture-in-Picture provides the audience with a dynamic presentation, displaying more information. Size and position of the Picture-in-Picture are easily configurable.


One source on one screen






Broadcast reproduction

Adjustable color temperature
The color temperature can be set to 3200, 5400, 6500 or 9300K to adjust the color balance to studio lighting requirements e.g. for backdrop applications when filmed with a studio camera. User adjustment of the color balance is also possible with R, G and B sliders.


Wrong color balance results in a bluish image in backdrop applications


3200K color adjustment results in a perfect color balance

Frame Lock and Genlock
The LC-42 automatically lock to the input frequency of the connected source in order to play in-phase and in-frame sync with the input signal (50-60 Hz). Since no frame rate conversion is done, the motion is smooth, without judder. If the signal source is genlocked with the studio camera, the camera will also run in sync with the monitor and no phase shift will be visible on the recorded film.

Low noise, fanless cooling system
The noise level is kept below 21 dB(A), which is an absolutely unnoticeable noise level, even when the LCD display is used in small rooms, such as TV newsrooms or boardrooms.

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Easy installation

VESA mounting structure for easy installation
Integrated mounting interfaces according to the VESA standards allow easy wall or ceiling installation with any VESA-approved standard. Table stands and mounting devices are optional.

Wide variety of inputs

Adhering to the most stringent professional standards, the LC-42 offers a wide variety of inputs for the majority of video and data sources: analog and digital RGB, S-video, composite and component video, HD-SDI input (optional from Q4 2006). The internal power supply is automatic ranging from 85 VAC to 264 VAC.


Control & diagnostics

With extensive control and diagnostic functions through RS232, the LC-42 display can be easily controlled, both on or off site or in real time with a simple touch of a button.



Extra functions for public signage

Loop-through functionality
RS232 loop-through allow the use of the LC-42 as part of a chain of displays, controlled (on/off, brightness, contrast) from a single location.


Audio pre-amp module
The audio pre-amp module facilitates easy volume adjustment, balance, bass and treble using the remote control. The audio can then be sent to external loudspeakers by two L + R and a subwoofer outputs.

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