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Dependable Design™ Latitude™ E-Family laptops unite dependable, long-lasting thiết kế with professional style.

Lasting Durability: All Latitude E-Family laptops, from everyday ultraportables to the ruggedized ATG và XFR, undergo rigorous durability testing and accelerated life testing that simulate real-world usage. The result: business laptops that are designed to lớn go the distance.
Strength và Sophistication: A sturdy Tri-Metal™ casing, along with reinforced hinges và rugged system latches, offers durability against the rigors of everyday use. Add style and sophistication with your choice of three striking colors (available on select models).
Sllặng, Reinforced Displays: Advanced LED giải pháp công nghệ enables Latitude E-Family laptops to have sầu thinner widescreen displays while remaining exceptionally durable under everyday use.
Critical Data Protection: A fast-response free-fall sensor on the motherboard, along with a StrikeZone™ shoông xã absorber, can protect your data against system drops even if the máy tính is turned off. Optional solid-state drives allow for fast, reliable data storage.

Intelligent Productivity

Whether used in the office or around the globe, Latitude™ E-Family laptops can simplify productivity for di động collaboration.

Easy Global Collaboration — The lakiểm tra wireless options let you connect with colleagues from virtually anywhere. A light-sensitive sầu Webcam and noise-reducing, speech-enhancing microphone can be paired with speakers for an optimal video clip conference experience. Smart Controls — An intuitive, gesture-enabled touchpad and vibrant backlit keyboard option let you work smartly-và comfortably-in virtually any situation. Power to Do More — With Intel® Core™ i5 & up lớn quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 with Intel® Turbo Boost giải pháp công nghệ processor options, along with next-generation discrete graphics options, you can have a performance boost lớn stay on top of business. Always ON™ Capability — Use Latitude ON technology lớn access your gmail, calendar and contacts without booting up, and enjoy the added benefit of idle battery life that can extend for days, not just hours, on select platforms.*


Simplified Deployment and Maintainability

With an emphasis on stability, inter-compatibility, global support và simplified management, Latitude E-Family laptops can help save IT time & money within your organization.

Family-Level Compatibility: The Latitude E-Family is designed for compatibility so that whether you"re working from trang chủ or from headquarters, you can effortlessly dochồng, swap out batteries or giới thiệu AC adapters with other E-Family users.

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Globally Standard Platforms: IT can globally standardize select E-Family máy tính configurations for an extended, guaranteed time, making it easy to lớn manage systems, resolve issues and order replacement parts.
Long-Life Stability: A 15-month targeted lifecycle, managed product transitions & targeted five-year docking and peripheral commonality make it easy to maintain a consistent work environment while planning for future deployments. Additional service và tư vấn options can further extkết thúc the sản phẩm lifecycle.
Advanced Security and Systems Management: All Latitude E-Family laptops include features designed to lớn simplify data protection, asphối monitoring và remote management while allowing for immediate IT response to business threats.

Global Service and Support

Latitude E-Family laptops feature a range of customizable, globally focused service và tư vấn options.Advanced Security và Systems Management: Three-Year International Service (with purchase of Next Business Day Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis): Available in selected regions. ProSupport for IT: Get tech-to-tech tư vấn for IT professionals và the ability to lớn fast-track dispatch parts and labor, bypassing basic troubleshooting (certification required). Easy Transition & Deployment: Migration Services, with automated processes, can help reduce the manual labor associated with configuration and deployment. ProSupport

Faster, more reliable tư vấn services designed khổng lồ address the giải pháp công nghệ challenges you face today. This new support portfolio is focused on your needs, time demands & budgets.  Need professional tư vấn services that take care of both you & your employees’ IT needs 7x24? Choose ProSupport to lớn get access khổng lồ a certified technician in two minutes or less.Got an IT staff? Choose ProSupport for IT and get tech-to-tech tư vấn with Fast-Traông chồng Dispatch, along with 7x24 access to lớn technicians. ProSupport Service Model ProSupport ProSupport for IT Designed for organisations with limited or no dedicated IT staff. Includes: 7x24 direct break-fix hardware tư vấn for your employees “How-to” tư vấn on popular software applications such as Norton AntiVirus, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Small Business Server, Intuit QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat. Access to lớn a certified technician in two minutes or less Designed lớn provide tech-to-tech tư vấn for IT Professionals, Database Administrators and internal Service Desks or helpdesks. Includes: 7x24 Direct access to Expert Centers Fast-trachồng dispatch for technicians Escalation management through’s Global Commvà Centers

Next, further customise your support solution by taking advantage of the ProSupport Options below that align to how you use your giải pháp công nghệ. SPEED OF RESPONSE PROTECTION International Onsite Service * - Provides service và tư vấn for your máy vi tính while you are traveling.Specialised Onsite Options – Allows you to augment your daily IT management or tap into lớn specific technical expertise for critical projects when needed. Recommended options for laptops include: Onsite Parts Management lớn help minimise downtime by having parts at your fingertips. Onsite Personnel to augment your IT staff. Onsite Diagnosis for accelerated troubleshooting. Asmix Management & Protection Accidental Damage Protection * repairs or replaces accidentally damaged systems Laptop Tracking và Recovery tracks lost or stolen systems Extended Battery Service covers an optional replacement battery during a system’s 3-year limited warranty period Data Management and Protection Keep Your Hard Drive sầu * helps you retain control of sensitive sầu data Hard Drive Data Recovery provides data recovery from a failed hard drive sầu Remote Data Deletion can remotely delete data if your system goes missing due khổng lồ loss or theft Certified Data Destruction wipes your hard drive clean & destroys data  Customisation and Set-Up Deployment Services Our end-to-kết thúc deployment services are designed to lớn simplify & accelerate the customisation & utilisation of your new systems. Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation khổng lồ coordination of deployment resources. Learn more Managed Deployment Managed Deployment Services are for customers who need a complete, end-to-over deployment solution. Managed deployments are useful within complex logistical environments which require a single point of accountability. Learn more Custom Factory Integration offers custom factory integration services khổng lồ help accelerate your system deployments. We can perkhung a range of services such as custom configuration, consolidation, and integration in our factory. Learn more ImageDirect ImageDirect is a web-based, hosted image management service that enables customers to lớn easily create, manage, và load custom images for commercial client systems.

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Intel® AMT và Intel® vPro™ Support For Intel® AMT và Intel® vPro™ customers, new deployment service options such as quality password pre-population; pre-configured management settings; & no-touch deployment can help ease deployment concerns while saving time and money.Advanced Configuration Services With Advanced Configuration Services (ACS), you can save sầu time and resources by selecting various settings during the purchase process. You can choose khổng lồ partition your hard drive; select boot order; change BIOS settings; & modify various standard software configuration settings.  Asmix Recovery Services Asphối Recovery Services Asphối Recovery Services offers safe & environmentally-appropriate disposal solutions for outdated or end-of-life IT assets. This service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, detailed data security and environmental reports at an affordable price. Learn more


Intel® Core™ i7-620M (2.66GHz, 4M cache) (with Turbo Boost Technology)Intel® Core™ i5-540M (2.53GHz, 3M cache) (with Turbo Boost Technology) Intel® Core™ i5-520M (2.4GHz, 3M cache) (with Turbo Boost Technology)Featuring Turbo Boost Technology

Operating System ( recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.)

Windows® 7 trang chủ Premium 32-BitWindows® 7 Professional 32-BitWindows® 7 Professional 64-BitWindows® 7 Ultimate 32-BitWindows® 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

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