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KMS Auto Net is the activator of Microsoft Products such as Windows & Office. It offers you to activate any version of Windows from 7 to 10 without paying a penny to the Microsoft company.

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This activator doesn’t spam on your PC it activates your Windows in such a way that it makes it look like it’s the original copy of Windows.

Instead of only activating Windows, this excellent activator will help you in activating any version of Microsoft Office. No matter if your office version is 2003 or 2016, it will enable all the versions.

Even though this can help you in activating the latest version of MS Office, which is 365, no other activator provides such features that this cool tool gives you.

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What Is KMS Auto Net?

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1 What Is KMS Auto Net?
2 How KMSAuto Works
3 Key Features
3.1 Activate Windows
3.2 Activate Microsoft Office
3.3 Activate Windows Using Keys
3.4 No Advertisements
3.5 Backup Files
3.6 Permanently Activate Windows
3.7 100% Virus Free
3.8 System Requirements
4 Have you just read the features of the KMSAuto Activator? Want to download the activator?
5 Download KMS Auto 2021
6 How To Install KMS Auto
7 How To Activate Windows Using KMS AUTO
8 How To Activate Microsoft Office
9 Best Alternatives
9.1 KMSPico
9.2 Microsoft Toolkit
9.3 Windows Loader
10 Conclusion


After you see the success message on your screen you need to restart your computer.

When you restart your computer now open Word and click on Files, here you will see there is a menu labelled Account click on that. There you will find out if your Office is activated or not.

If it’s still not activated then you should follow the same procedure again but carefully.

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