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Most users, when upgrading or installing Windows 10, subsequently face a licensing problem. This is expressed in a constant notification about the use of a pirated copy, or a warning about the expiration of the license and in the absence of access to the personalization section, and additional OS settings (there is no way to change the background or apply a theme).

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What is Activator for Windows 10 Pro?

KMS Auto – one of the oldest and best activators created by Microsoft for activation of absolutely any Windows system, it will automatically create the schedule in task list in order to have your Windows 10 automatically reactivated after the key expired.

This is a great alternative for searching for licensed keys that do not give results. Simply KMSAuto Net download for free and click the activation button. A successful activation for the Microsoft Windows or Office application is a truly huge deal for many of the Windows users.

How does work KMSAuto Net activation?

Windows and Office regularly check their identity by contacting the licensing servers over the Internet, it is not possible to intercept or block such requests. At this time, the KMS activator imitates this license check server and, when accessing it, does not verify the authenticity of the key, and, accordingly, does not give a command to reject the unlicensed key. And your key, according to Windows, is not genuine. That contributes to his further work.

Activator for Windows 10 carries out product registration using a special activation service without changing the system files, and upon the expiration of the key, the license is automatically renewed. This happens in the background and does not require any third-party user intervention.

Do not forget:
Do not forget that before starting KMS Auto Net, Windows 10 activator may be blocked by the antivirus and for its correct operation, you may need to disable the antivirus software for a while.

Benefits of KMS Auto activator:

Activates all builds and editions of Windows operation systems.Work fast and easily.The easy user interface, anyone can learn using it in just a minute.It has a decent design.There’s also an option to put your own product key if you want.Has many additional options.

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The activator additional features:

You can install Windows on your system, the KMS server, and set up your PC + PC that is in the network for Windows constant reactivation of your server.Allows you to set the product key.You can create a task scheduler to activate.

Instructions for Windows activation through KMS Auto program:

Check this text instruction and video instruction too. I think it is very easy to use, do you think this also? In the Archive you will find KMS Auto Net and KMS Auto Lite activators, information about the password, information about how to use it.

Download the file, open it. Run executable file and you will download the archive with working Activator in it.  Extract all files from the archive with the Activator (Password for archive – windows).Start KMSAuto Net.exe file as an administrator.Press on the Activation button.Press the button “Activate Windows“.

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Reboot the system and enjoy activate.

Video instruction of activation:

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