Kernelex 4 – Operating System Revival:

The original KernelEx project has been abandoned by its original creator, but thanks to jumper, KernelEx is now being updated once again! Jumper has improved over 50 API”s through the years and will continue to include more to come! Compatibility is better than ever thanks to jumper and now K-Meleon 74 (Goanna 2.2) runs wonderfully on Windows 9x! Now, if I could just figure out how to install U-Block for K-Meleon, that browser would be perfect! 😉

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1) Install KernelEx 4.5.2, be sure the system has a reboot before replacing files! If you don”t, KernelEx will not function properly!
Extra Compatibility Tips:KernelEx alone is not enough for some newer programs. To get the best compatibility…-Implement KernelEx stubs-Recommended system file updates:Msvcrt.dll versions 6.10.9848.0, 7.00.9981.0 or 7.10.7031.4-Tips from jumper-DIY Extension Items (K452stub.7z, Ktree9.7z, iphlpapi4.7z, .dll”s are availablePotential Bugs:
-Installing 4.5.2018 may cause folder corruption! This causes folder icons to disappear! Luckily, this glitch is only a change in settings, therefore can be reversed through folder view settings!

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Installing KernelEx4.5.2016.17 updates on Windows 98

Installing4.5.2016.17 updates on ME with DosFix2

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New API not available in vanilla KernelEx 😉
KernelEx with Revolutions Pack 9.7
VLC 3.0 runs fine on Windows ME with KernelEx 24 and dll files from blackwingcat”s Kernel32!

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