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More than two dozen local businesses and more than 600 employees of Four Seasons came together in November to create an unforgettable week of international acclaim. While the event itself was a private event, and we’re unable to share all the details, we can “pull back the curtain” and shine the light on the behind the scenes to share what it took to create this unforgettable series of events. It all started with an inquiry call. Four Seasons Sales Manager and Anguilla native, Colleen Harrigan-Walsh, met with the potential client and was able to persuade them that Anguilla was the perfect Caribbean wedding destination. Once the contract was signed, Tekeyo Bodie, Director of Special Events at Four Seasons, coordinated with the client’s wedding planner (in NY and Europe) to orchestrate the intricate details of a multi-day, highly luxurious special event.

What needed to be done? • Arrange private air arrivals into AXA • Clear land and construct a “ballroom” over sand • Construct an elaborate over-sized tent on the resort’s tennis courts • Coordinate the menus and the arrival of food and beverages for very discerning palates for more than 300 guests • Install plexi-glass over the resort’s Aleta pool so the bride and groom (and guests) could literally “walk on water”

PEOPLE by the numbers Four Seasons Employees: 600+ Extra hires just for this event: More than 50 including 22 interns “Every single employee at the resort worked during this event,” stated Dorla Hodge, Director of People and Culture for Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla. “We even onboarded 22 interns to assist. It was a great learning experience for all involved, especially the interns as they were learning from international experts in a fast-paced and high-expectation situation.” The hours were long and, because of that, the Training Room at the resort was converted into an “Employee Lounge” stocked with complimentary soft drinks, water, snacks and even cots for people to take a rest when needed. “We had great expectations and long hours,” stated Billy Cueto, Resort Manager. “This room provided a place for our employees to recharge.”

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: The events themselves were called “breathtaking”; “unbelievable”; and “something out of a storybook.” Photos posted on Instagram from the international design team (

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vincenzodascaniostudio) included “Dancing under the Moonlight”. Guests did not realize they were on a tennis court inside of a tent. It felt surreal! Another favourite was the one-long table for 150 people on the resort’s Sunset Lounge pool deck. It was simple, elegant, colourful and there was a real sense of place (elegantly Caribbean). The main event was held on the resort’s Aleta pool. Literally, it was on top of the pool and designers created an all-white themed event. Outside vendors worked for two weeks straight to install the tent over the resort’s three tennis courts. The entire staff at Four Seasons worked together. Every department had to step in to help including: front office, housekeeping, security, engineering, laundry, stewarding, landscaping and, of course, culinary. The organizations and teams which brought all the magic together included: 1.

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Cuisinart – Staff Rooms and Dinner Off Site 2. Blanchards – Lunch and Dinner Off site 3. Ocean Echo – Meals for Embark Staff 4. BEP services – Tenting and Plexiglass entire pool Deck 5. Couture Concepts – Decor assistance 6. Shea Shea – Entertainment for 1 event 7. Anguilla Air Services – Private Flights to and from Anguilla 8. Blue Sea Anguilla – Luxury Transportation to all events 9. K sharp Photography – Photography for some events 10. Ron Gift Shop – Personalized Decals for Golf Carts on property (about 50) 11. Andy Hitekdesigns -Personalized Decals for Luxury Transportation 12. Labour Office – Work Permits for Embark and Decor Company Staff 13. Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists 14. GAF – Lighting

“Teamwork definitely makes the dream work,” stated General Manager, Jose Adames. “This event was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I’ve challenged our sales team to make it happen again. This was truly a victory for all residents of Anguilla. It showed how working together the island is a world-renowned destination worthy of multi-million dollar events.” With a hopeful repeat of a buyout wedding in mind, Four Seasons Anguilla hosted international photographers, models, etc from the world-renowned wedding magazine Grace Ormonde in December, and the spring issue of the magazine will feature photos of the resort, and Anguilla, to lure potential brides and wedding planners to choose Anguilla for weddings. Fingers crossed, we’ll bring the island teamwork together again!

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