Apple Iphone Xr / 10R Reviews, Apple Iphone Xr: 6 Colors In 64, 256 & 512 Gb

Apple”s iPhone XR remains available alongside new iPhones, however it”s received a price reduction to $499, which makes it one of the best mainstream smartphone for most people. You get good performance, excellent software, wireless charging, Face ID and a good camera, on a package that is visually more appealing than the cheaper iPhone SE.

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Editors Liked

A12 chipset means excellent performanceDelivers most iPhone X and XS featuresCameras take fantastic photos and videoFace IDWireless chargingIP67 weather/dust sealingThe best battery of any iPhone we”ve tested this yearSix color options

Editors Didn”t Like

No dual lensGood but not great displayMore expensive than comparable Android phonesThicker than the iPhone XS and XS MaxSome apps still not fully optimizedStorage is capped at 256GBNo 3D TouchNo mobile HDRLower-res screen
By TechRadarFebruary 24, 202190

If you”re looking for an affordable iPhone, the iPhone XR is a strong contender boasting the latest software, enough power and surprisingly good battery life… for an iPhone. With the introduction of the iPhone 11, the XR price has dropped further, making it great value for money.

By Know Your MobileSeptember 12, 2019100

Despite cutting some corners to reach that price point, Apple has created a colourful and powerful handset which is arguably a better choice than the more expensive XS and XS Max.

By What Hi-Fi?August 21, 2019100

Cheaper than Apple’s OLED iPhones, but the XR still delivers a picture and sound performance to be proud of.

By cnetMay 31, 201989

The iPhone XR is the best iPhone for the price, delivering most of the advantages of the iPhone XS for hundreds less.

By GottaBeMobileJanuary 23, 201990

The iPhone XR is the best iPhone for the money for most buyers. You get nearly identical performance, excellent software, most of the iPhone XS features, wireless charging, Face ID and a good camera for $250 less than the cheapest iPhone XS. You can score deals as low as $449 when you trade in an iPhone as part of your upgrade.

By Gadgets360December 31, 201890

While we are not fans of its display, it does its job without being particularly great. In other areas such as performance and camera quality, the iPhone XR more than holds its own, and is a match for the more expensive iPhone models as well as other flagship phones.

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By DXOMarkDecember 06, 201899

Camera Review: Compared to the Google Pixel 2, which is the best single-cam smartphone we’d tested up until now, the results are very comparable in many areas, but thanks to improved results for noise and particularly for artifacts, the iPhone XR just nudges it out of first place to become our top-ranked single-cam smartphone.

By 27, 201885

The iPhone XR is the best value iPhone this year. That sounds a little crazy considering it starts at S$1,229, but that”s still S$420 cheaper the cheapest iPhone XS. For that price, you”re getting a phone that does basically 90% of what the iPhone XS does.

By 26, 201894

If you had the money spare and you had your heart set on the iPhone XS, we know which way we’d suggest, but the iPhone XR just makes so much sense. If the iPhone XS Max is made for people with money to spare, the iPhone XR is the iPhone for everybody else. Highly recommended.

By StuffNovember 13, 2018100

While it misses out on a few luxuries, the iPhone XR is the toughest, cheapest and sweetest iPhone you can buy.

By technobuffalo.comNovember 13, 201880

I own an iPhone X, so the iPhone XR isn’t really for me (neither is the iPhone XS, as I said in my review). But anyone looking to upgrade their iPhone 7 or earlier should seriously consider the iPhone XR, because it offers few comprises compared to Apple’s more expensive options, and is in some instances better.

By PCMag INNovember 13, 201870

The Apple iPhone XR is the fashion-forward model of this year”s iPhones, but it trades top-notch performance for a colorful design.

By AppleInsiderNovember 09, 201890

Regardless of how you look at it, the iPhone XR is a great smartphone at a great price. It”s 75 percent of the cost of the iPhone XS, but offers practically all of the functionality a user could want.

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By MacworldNovember 07, 2018100

While the iPhone XR obviously takes its cues from Apple”s thousand-dollar flagship phones, it”s priced like an iPhone 9 would be. In an alternate reality where the iPhone X never existed, the XR would be the most exciting iPhone in years, and people…

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