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The most balanced footy game ever!

ISS 2000This game is incredible, simple. This is the third PAL instalment of the ISS series on the N64 which originated back on the SNES as International Superstar Soccer. The game-play has been tweaked and personalised to give greater freedom to the player. There are some changes from its predecessor ISS98 and the game is leaps and bounds from the mêlée of ISS64 which still holds place firmly in the hearts of most football gamers. Noticeably when you begin the game from playing both the previous instalments you try to bring into your football a likeness which has been effective in the past. This unfortunately will not guarantee you success. If you remember the simplicity of ISS64, playing the through-ball from inside the opponents last third with “Top C” and smiling in the delight of it going through to your striker who was clean through then you may also have not so fond memories of the makers of the game tampering the weight of the through-ball in ISS98 so that it was not so near as effective. Laying on a through-ball in ISS2000 will not guarantee you a goal, nor will it provide you with the ultimate scoring chance, but it might help you conjure up something to make the heart weep with joy. For me and for many gamers who grew up with the likes of sensible soccer, kick off 2, fifa series and striker et al; I know I can say that finding cheap goals were easy and made games sometimes unbearably unfair. Long gone are the hundreds of cheap goals from ISS64 (you gasp but you all know them) and long gone are the three transparent goals of ISS98. ISS2000 delivers a very strong balanced game play. No longer are defenders helpless and no longer will a keeper pull of a save worthy of superman. The situations the game allows you to create are both realistic and fair. If you allow a player into the five yard box, expect them to score. If you allow a player into the five yard box…For the first time in ISS, every player has a role, every man on the pitch vital.

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After countless 2 player + games I can vouch for not continually holding down the “Left C” button indefinitely if you want your players to make the second half. There is strategy in both the exhibition game and the tournament side too. One of the best parts to ISS2000 is that it rewards style, it rewards more importantly variation, and it rewards the player who isn’t consistently hitting the ball out to the wing to cross it to the same striker in the same place in the box. Players not only react more realistically but they have more moves than ever. The ball has lost the stickiness of ISS64 and pushed it further from the foot than ISS98 allowed. The ball does run into free space and not always to a player. The ball rebounds of players and woodwork realistically. The ball will run loose in a slide-tackle and in ISS2000 the ball can hit you in more places. This means shots don’t volley as well with poor connection off the knee, jumping up and chesting the ball from a goal kick might give you a variety of different outcomes. Admittedly after thousands of games I know there are dirtier goals than others, some angles which produce more chances of scoring but also an element of superhuman in the opposing Brazilian team on level 5, but that’s part and parcel to a game that knows you can win with skill and not luck. It’s almost as if the game knows you and reacts to your style and ability. You’ll find no 9-0’s here in a hurry unless you’re incredibly good, and even then you would be playing an unmatched team. To score you need skills, to defend you need better skills, and to win you have to score. This game Is subtle from the slight curl on corners to the players who jostle in the goal mouth. Watch, play and you will be rewarded with a classic, stylish football game called ISS2000.

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