Drawing & Vector Design App For Ios, Android, Adobe Illustrator Draw

Have you ever wondered what else you should be doing besides lounging and binge-watching TV shows during a three-day weekend? For me, the answer is clear. I borrowed the iPad from work to explore all the hidden gems and wonders of Adobe Illustrator Draw.

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Working in a design studio in Boston and being a long-time Adobe user, I was excited and intrigued by this drawing app. I first heard about Adobe Illustrator Draw a few years ago, but never got a chance to find any use for it. Over time, Adobe has done a lot of updates to this little app and it has evolved quite smashingly since its debut days.

The First Impression

When I first opened Adobe Illustrator Draw (AID), I was impressed with its simple and clean interface. The app greets you with a variety of default artboard sizes to choose from. This is a very generous and thoughtful thing an app can do. My favorite artboard size to draw with is the standard landscape letter. It fits the most natural with the iPad screen.

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To summarize, you can view the time-lapse video of the entire process below.

Final Thoughts

If you are a graphic designer and Adobe subscriber like myself and you would like to experiment with digital drawing without the stress of investing in an expensive drawing monitor or other drawing programs, you might like Adobe Illustrator Draw. Overall, the app is simple enough to not overwhelm its first-time user, yet it has all the settings and features that make drawing digitally less intimidating and more enjoyable. I am sharing a few useful links below to hopefully help you get started with this app.

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If you already own an iPad or an iPhone, I encourage you to download this app and give it a try. You may be surprised by what you can create after a few hours of trials and errors.

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