Download Iemu Apk Download For Android (Padoid Apk) February 2021

It is a great experience when you can enjoy two distinct operating systems in one device. Moreover, it feels simply awesome when you can run your favorite iOS and iPhone apps in your Android smartphone. Yes, it’ true!

We know that not everyone can afford an expensive iPhone, but have that hidden desire to use popular iPhone apps. So, we bring this great opportunity to you in the form of iEMU Apk that lets you enjoy all your preferred iOS apps in your own Android. This way, you can have access to unlimited iOS apps without spending any money. The iEMU Apk is considered as the best iOS emulator for Android at present because it completely alters the interface of your Android and makes it feel almost 90% similar to iOS. So, if you are excited with the whole idea and want to download iemu emulator for android now, then read this post to know everything about it.

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iEMU APK V3.0.12 Download For Android (Latest)

iEMU APK V3.0.12 Download For Android (Latest)


iEMU Apk is an iOS emulator and an open-source application designed for Android users. This app simulates selected iPhone apps and games on the Android device. For what makes it so good and better than the others is that it does not require root access. So, no matter which Android device you possess, you can use this app and get access to your favorite iOS applications and games. It is very much similar to the app called Cider Apk, which does exactly the same thing as iemu emulator.

Name iEMU Apk
Version V3.0.12
Size 6.3 MB
Compatibility Android 3.0 & above
Developer CiderTeam
No Of Downloads 6,67,654+
License Free
Last Updated Dec 10, 2020


You must be thinking about any harm that this app may make. No need to get worried or think more as the iEMU Apk is a completely safe app that will not cause any harm to your device. It will not cause any damage and is absolutely secured. The only thing is that your Android device must meet the minimum requirements to download and use this wonderful app. You can also download & install lucky patcher Apk here.

iEMU Features


First, this is an excellent emulator for Android that is available for free. You don’t have to pay any money to use this app.Using this app gives a great experience. It is because it transforms your Android’s interface into an iOS one to a great extent.Almost all popular iOS apps and games are compatible with this emulator.You get the chance to play, view, and access the apps in your Android phone the same way as it runs on the iPhone.Most importantly, you do not have to root your device. It is a non-root app that works great and flawlessly.

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iEMU Requirement

To use this app your Android device must meet the following requirements:

Your Android must be 2.3 or higher version.iEMU Apk requires 61MB space for all apk files.Your Android must support a RAM of at least 512MB to get the viable experience.

What makes iEMU Apk the Best?

Well, we have already discussed the amazing features of iEMU iOS Emulator. But this is not it. This emulator offers more benefits to the users. 

First, it lets you feel the iOS environment in your android device.Secondly, you don’t have to pay any money to use this app.The interface is simple and exactly like iOS. You can run it smoothly and without any hassle even if you don’t possess any technical knowledge.Using this app lets you access most of the iOS apps, which you always desired to run.You can easily search the app that you want to access within the search bar provided in the app.

Install iEMU Apk On Android


First, you must click on the download link provided on this page. The download process will begin as soon as you click on the link.Once the download process is completed, check the download folders and there you will find an icon with its name as iEMU apk.You have to click on that icon in order to start the installation process.Double-tap on that icon and the installation process will begin. It will get completed in a few minutes.Your iEMU Apk app is now successfully installed and available for use.Just open the app and start using it.There can be a possibility when you are not able to download this app. It is when the unknown sources of your phone are not enabled. Hence, make sure you first enable the unknown sources within your device.To enable unknown sources, you have to check the settings>privacy>unknown sources. Just enable that option and start the downloading process again.

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Final Words

iEMU Apk is an excellent app designed for Android users who want to use iOS apps but don’t want to spend money on buying an expensive phone. So, download iemu ios emulator now as it is available for free of cost and see for yourself how great it functions.

Thank You.

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