Hitachi Zx38U – Hitachi Presents New Zx33U

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Hitachi ZX33U-5 mini

The ZX33U-5 and ZX38U-5 can be used with a variety of attachments and have been given several new features to enhance their versatility for a wide range of applications. A low-noise muffler has been fitted to the rear of the cab for quiet operation, which is an increasingly important consideration for urban and residential projects. Each model has an auto-shift travelling system, which automatically reduces the speed of the excavator according to the travel load. This is useful when the blade is used for landscaping or when the machine is moving up a slope.

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Operator comfort was an important factor in the design of the Zaxis-5 mini excavator range. The ROPS-compliant cab of the ZX33U-5 and ZX38U-5 is more spacious than previous Zaxis-3 models. It has a wider seat with an adjustable armrest, expansive legroom, and a larger door and front window for easy access and enhanced visibility. The new multi-function LCD monitor features user-friendly controls and makes information easy to view at a glance.

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Maintenance of the new Zaxis-5 mini excavators is now easier thanks to the convenient cleaning features and easily accessible parts. The radiator cover, for example, now has a handle and hinge, instead of bolts, which allows for easy inspection. The durability of the new ZX33U-5 and ZX38U-5 models has also been improved with the addition of strengthened front joints, a reinforced D-frame and a boom cylinder guard, which ensure high levels of prod

The fuel-efficient performance of the ZX33U-5 and ZX38U-5 is due to the advanced energy-saving system. This combines the ECO mode, auto idle and isochronous control features of the excavators to significantly reduce fuel consumption. With the additional benefits of lower noise levels and fewer emissions, it allows the new mini excavators to have a reduced environmental impact, in compliance with current EU regulations.uctivity and availability.

Joep van den Maagdenberg, HCME Assistant Manager for Mini Excavators Sales & Support, is looking forward to the European launch of the new Zaxis-5 mini excavators at Bauma. “The ZX33U-5 and ZX38U-5 may be among the smaller machines manufactured by Hitachi, but they are still extremely powerful, fast and energy-efficient. They have been designed to exceed the expectations of owners and operators across Europe, and we believe that they will succeed.”

Specifications ZX33U-5Engine rated power: 21.2kWOperating weight: 3,320-3,720kgMaximum digging reach: 5,170mmMaximum digging depth: 3,130mmBucket digging force: 27.2kN

Specifications ZX38U-5Engine rated power: 21.2kWOperating weight: 3,770-4,170kgMaximum digging reach: 5,520mmMaximum digging depth: 3,460mmBucket digging force: 27.1kN

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