hitachi zx280

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Machinery Excavators Medium excavators ZX280LC-5G


This model is
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Reliable and durable

To ensure they can cope with tough working conditions and extreme temperatures in the African market, we have designed the ZX280-5G and ZX280LC-5G medium excavators to be reliable, durable and highly productive. They are fitted with a reliable Isuzu engine, proven on demanding job sites. They are also equipped with a durable front attachment, including a reinforced boom, and a strengthened undercarriage and reinforced upper structure for added durability.

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Several time-saving design features ensure they are easy to maintain, such as the easily accessible fuel filters that can be inspected at ground level, and a dust-proof net to protect the radiator.

Higher productivity and reduced fuel consumption

Hitachi ZX280-5G and ZX280LC-5G medium excavators can load trucks quickly and efficiently thanks to our HIOS III hydraulic system. This is responsible for an increased operating speed with less fuel consumption than the previous Hitachi model.

You can expect a high arm speed while the boom is lowering, as well as powerful lifting and smooth swing operations. An auto power lift mode automatically boosts lifting force by 10% when required.

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Razel, Senegal

French company Razel-Bec used a Hitachi ZX280LC-5G on an earthmoving and civil engineering contract on the Senegal River Delta. The aim of the project was to increase rice-growing opportunities by excavating new canals and rehabilitating existing ones.

“We have found the Hitachi base machines to be extremely reliable,” says Kristen Petillon, Fleet Equipment Manager. “The standard machines have 98% availability and we are satisfied with the level of productivity. They are also very precise, user-friendly and handle well in this tough terrain.

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“The main advantage of Hitachi machines is better fuel consumption, which makes a huge difference in terms of saving costs – the ZX280LC-5G is more profitable as a result.”

Razel, Senegal

Operator Allé Dior Diouf used a ZX280LC-5G to build canal embankments on an earthmoving and civil engineering contract on the Senegal River Delta. “The cab is spacious and the seat is particularly comfortable,” he says. “I use the monitor to check the oil and water temperatures, as well as the fuel level and any warning lights. The number one benefits are the air conditioning and dust-free working environment.

“The ZX280LC-5G is really easy to work with. It’s fast, productive, powerful and easy to excavate the clay. When I work with this Hitachi excavator, I feel that all of the movements, such as loading and swinging, are better than the other machines on this site.”


Model Code ZX280-5G / ZX280LC-5G Engine Rated Power (kW) 132 kW (177 HP) Operating weight (kg) 27 400 – 28 400 kg Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped 1.00 – 1.62 m³ Max. digging depth (mm) 6 530 – 7 870 Bucket digging force (kN) ISO 202 kN

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