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Genre: StrategyRole-PlayingSimulationRating: ESRB: E, ESRB: K-A, OFLC: GHow to Play this Game ?
OverviewHarvest Moon is a farming simulation released on the SNES in 1997. In the game you improve your farm and farming techniques, make money from selling your produce, romance the women of the town, and eventually take a wife and have children.

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thaesino rates this game: 5/5

This is seriously one of the best SIM games to be found on any retro console. The plot is simple – you”ve got 2 1/2 years to bring a farm from looking like a deserted waste dump, to a succesful business. I say “business” because that”s what it is. You grow crops; raise cows and chickens; and care for a dog and a horse – all the while – attempting to woo one of 5 girls and making her your wife, so that you can have one child before your time is up.

This is the ONE “rpg” game where – for those who love using cheats – cheats SHOULD NOT be used. There is absolutely no point to this game if you have everything from the get-go. You”d just be wooing some chick in town, and you would lose in the end because your farm would still look like crap, even if you have a family, and you”d get a less than terrible ending. Game Over. If you wanna use cheats, just go play FarmVille on Facebook or something.

Strongly recommend this game to ALL retro gamers.

Mystics Apprentice rates this game: 1/5

This is the original Harvest Moon game, and honestly, the plot didn”t make a whole lot of sense to me.I had only rented the game so didn”t have an awful lot of time to play around with it to figure it out, but it was… very unique. I”ll give it that.It”s not really an RPG game, but I would equate it closest to that if I had to categorize it. To my understanding, you”re supposed to raise a family and have a successful farm and you”ve only got a certain amount of time to do it in. I thought the whole thing to be a bit odd, but perhaps I never gave it enough of a chance.Good graphics and neat gameplay, I just wish the plot was a bit more specific and made more sense.

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JJ rates this game: 5/5

For all fans of the Harvest Moon series, now is your chance to play the original game. You have two and a half years to fix the family farm and start your own family. Raise cows and chickens as well as grow multiple crops. All fans should play the game that started it all.

Dark Samus rates this game: 5/5

This is a great retro game, whether you are a Harvest Moon fan or not. If you are, take this opportunity to play the game that started it all. If you aren”t, it is still an addictive and fun sim (I wouldn”t really call it a traditional rpg, sim is more fitting). The nice thing, I think, about the Harvest Moon games is that it is a more laid-back game that you can play for fun or casually, but it still offers a certain level of difficulty. In addition, it is not one of those 100-hour games, so you can get through it and enjoy it even if you have a busy schedule. I highly recommend this game to almost every gamer, especially people who enjoy retro games.

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jezbo09 rates this game: 5/5

The first game in an on going series that first introduced us into the farm-sim style of game. Also even as the first game in a series you have so much to do and so many secrets to unlock. The basic story line is that you have just left your parents to go work on a farm they will come back in 2 and a half years to inspect you and see whether you capable of running a farm while starting a family. but this is not all you have to do there are also many secrets for you to unlock and many surprises. If it was up to me I would give this game full marks as a perfect start to the Harvest Moon series that never stops to thrill its audiences.

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