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Read H Windows Reviews from consumers and industry experts alike on this Wisconsin-based wood clad window manufacturer.Have a question for our site editors, Dane and Tim? Email them and let them answer your specific project questions. Make sure to include your email address so they can get back to you directly (we never use or sell your email, we promise.)Please note, our website is not affiliated with this window manufacturer.

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Editor”s H Windows Review

H Windows is a Norway based company that manufactures wood clad windows and doors for the commercial and (some residential market). They”ve been around for nearly three decades, but since they are mostly commercial, we don”t interact with them often in residential. They seem to make a high quality product that fit well with the severe weather conditions in places like Wisconsin, Michigan and the Dakotas.Beyond this, I know nothing about them. As we receive reviews about this Wisconsin based company (in the U.S.), we will update this page.Tim – Site Editor – from 2018

H Windows vs. Loewen

Hi Tim, I am thinking of using the H hinge alum clad window to replace failed dbl hungs due to storm wind and driven rains facing Lk Michigan. Are they of a quality design to do the job? In comparison say to Loewen? I understand they are now owned by Sierra Pacific. Thank you for your thoughts.

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DA – Homeowner – from 2019DA, I don”t know enough about H windows to say much. Here is an interesting thread on them, but it is from 2010.http://www.replacement-windows.com/windowbb/viewtopic.php?t=3652H windows sound like they are very well made, but expensive. If the cost is in your budget, I”d have to say that H windows sounds like they would be better built than Loewen windows.Dane – Site Editor – from 2019

H Windows To Replace Pella ProLine

We live in Oakton, VA, just outside of Washington, DC. We have a large family room (about 600-700 sq.ft) that has north-facing windows. During the winter, we get as much as a 6-7 degree temperature gradient in the room (coldest near the windows). The room has Pella Prolines that were installed in 2001 and those windows comprise about 160 sq ft of total area (two single double-hung on the sides of the room facing east or west, four double-hung units that are mulled into two openings of 6’ wide x 5’ tall (see photo facing north, and a 5’x5’ picture window facing north). We are thinking that we should upgrade these windows but would like to know if you think it will make a noticeable improvement in the thermal gradient issue.If yes, we are leaning to Marvin Infinity because we like the wood look of the current windows. We are shying away from vinyl because of the size of these openings and because we like the wood interior of the current windows. The other manufacturer we are thinking about is H Windows because they offer a large awning style that we could put in the 6’x5’ openings. Do you have any opinion/experience with H Windows?Thanks for your assistance.

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Rick – Homeowner – from 2018Rick, I don”t know much about H Windows. They appear to have a good product with some of their windows having a 70 design pressure and a .06 air infiltration, both quite impressive numbers, especially for a wood clad window. The big issue is going to be the price. If you want to cut down on price and still get a good looking vinyl window with an interior laminate, you should get a bid on the Okna 800 window. I know there is a dealer who services the Washington DC and Virginia areas. Just google “okna windows in washington d.c.” and they should come up. Same deal if you want to see Sunrise or Soft-Lite windows, both of which also offer vinyl laminates. Some people have an issue with them, but I think these top manufacturers make some pretty impressive looking windows.Tim – Site Editor – from 2018


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