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GTA Online makes a strong case for itself as one of the most diverse and expansive online multiplayer games currently available.

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Not just restricted to a boatload of activities in Freemode, players can jump into all sorts of Races and Deathmatches to occupy their time in the game. While Heists still remain the most popular go-to in GTA Online for money and RP in the game, there are tonnes of ways players can make money.

The game lets each player put their best abilities to use and make some money off of them, such as shooting, driving, or even flying.

In case players are looking to grind apart from the various businesses they run in the game, these game modes offer a great way to make the best out of one”s time in GTA Online.

Top 5 game modes in GTA Online to make money and RP 

Note: Always keep an eye out for the Double Cash and RP event in GTA Online. With each weekly update, players can earn double the amount of payout they would usually get.

#5 – Occupy Adversary Mode



This game mode is essentially a game of Domination (seen in Call of Duty) but with the original GTA spin. The cool part about this game mode is that players will respawn on an Oppressor and take the fight to the enemy in all sorts of fun ways.

The game mode can get pretty frantic very quickly and is one of the most fun game modes present in GTA Online. It is easy to grasp, and players can spend hours grinding in this mode to level up quicker.

#4 – Air Quota


For players who can fly a plane efficiently without crashing into stuff every other second, Air Quota is one of the best match types around in GTA Online.

The game mode is extremely fun as each time players complete a kill quota, they are thrown into a lesser aircraft with less weaponry and maneuverability. Which, in a genius move, balances the game out quite well.

Players will be tested on their skill to handle all sorts of different aircraft and makes for an extremely fun experience.

#3 – Arena War – Tag Team



Arena War is hands down one of the best additions to GTA Online as vehicular combat can never really get old. With players being able to bring their own custom variants of Arena War cars and trucks, the game mode can delve into chaos quite quickly.

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Tag Team, especially, is amazingly chaotic as players are split into 2-4 teams inside a relatively large arena. Also, it doesn”t take long for vehicles to start blowing up all over the place.

Tag Teams is definitely one of the best Arena War game modes in GTA Online and a great way to make money and RP.

#2 – On the GOH – Land Race


The key to Races is that the more laps there are, the higher the payout usually is, but not all the time. On the GOH is a popular Land Race in GTA Online as it is a fairly interesting track that pays out well enough to satisfy players.

One of the ways players can increase their payout is to bet on themselves and hopefully compel others to bet on you, too. However, that is only advisable if the player is confident enough in their racing abilities.

Races are notoriously hard in GTA Online, and it is quite easy to see why, but On the GOH is one of the more accessible tracks in the game and a fun one at that.

#1 – Slasher


Fans of asymmetrical horror-action games immediately fell in love with the Slasher Adversary Mode in GTA Online. Essentially, players are split into two, with the majority taking the role of the Hunted, while one player becomes the Slasher.

The objective for the Slasher is to kill all of the Hunted before the timer runs out. The catch is, the Slasher is equipped with a shotgun, while the Hunted are only kitted with a Flashlight and must attempt to kill the Slasher.

However, after the 3-minute mark, the Hunted are then given Shotguns and can hunt down the Slasher. When a Hunted kills a Slasher, they will then become the Slasher in the next round.

This makes for an extremely fun time with friends or even Solo in GTA Online in a classic game of hide & seek but with shotguns.

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