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NES is an acronym for Nintendo Entertainment System and it is based on Family Computer of Famicom which was used in Japan in the 80s. NES was significantly modified version which is popular even today as a retro console. It was released on the 15th of July 1983 in Japan. First, test units appeared in the United States in 1985 in Los Angeles and New York. However, full availability in the United States began in 1986. On the same year, the console became available in some parts of Europe and Australia. In 1987 it became available in other markets, except Brazil where it was launched in 1993.

The chief developed was Masayuki Uemura and he wanted to create a 16-bit console with a keyboard that used floppy disks. However, the president of the company rejected this option due to the fact it would increase the price and make the console uninteresting for regular users. The president back then was Hiroshi Yamauchi. This is the main reason why developer, Masayuki Uemura created a console as we know it today. It is powered by the 8-bit processor which operates at 1.79MHz. Back at a day, this was considered as a fast processor.

The original unit had controllers which were permanently connected to the console. There were no ports due to the cost saving. Eventually, they added 15 pins connector to the console and made it possible for a user to connect and disconnect a controller as pleased.

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Masayuki Uemura is responsible for adding two interesting features to the NES console. The first one was a lever for the cartridge injection. It wasn”t mandated back then, but he believed that children will have a great time using it and will want to play the games for longer and also use different cartridges. Another addition is the mic which was present in the second controller. The idea here was to allow children to play their voice over the TV speakers.

NES is well-known for being able to use cartridges developed for the console by third-party developers. Back then this was a huge hit by Nintendo which made it extremely popular across the world. Soon we were able to see games of all sorts developed by various developers for the console. The initial cartridges supposed to be large as a cassette tape, but they ended twice as large. Of course, their size was decreased eventually.

Today, players can enjoy the NES games on various platforms thanks to emulators. These are small software developments which run on Windows, Android, and Mac operating systems and allow for gamers to load a ROM file and get the exact game characteristics on a modern platform. Some of the most popular emulators are Jnes, Nestopia, Nesoid, and retroArch.

Each emulator will help you play classic games such as Wheel of Fortune, Tiny Toon Adventures, Kid Icarus – Angel Land Story and many others. We have created a massive library with the all desirable NES ROMs you can think of. It will be updated as often as possible so we can provide the games you need.

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