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For years, Pokémon fans have been waiting for a great Pokemon game that could bring something fresh to the famous series. With Pokemon Go, we’ve experienced augmented reality technologies for the first time. However, there is still something lack with the gameplay, especially the storyline.

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That being said, with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu, Eevee!, you’ll have the chance to experience intuitive gameplay along with a captivating storyline based on the legendary Kanto region.

The game is now available for Nintendo Switch and certain smartphone devices. Find out all about this amazing game with our review.



With the combined gameplay of both the old-school Pokemon games and new technologies, Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile is undoubtedly a promising title. You’ll start as a young teenager who’ve got an undying desire for studying about Pokémon. Receive your first Pokemon from Professor Oak, grab on the Pokedex and embrace your journey through the Kanto region.

Battle tough Gym leaders to earn your badges, catch Pokemon to complete your Pokedex, and defeat the evil organization of Team Rocket. In additions, you’ll need to become friend with your Pokemon to earn their trust and affection. This would, in turns, strengthen the bonds between the trainer and their Pokemon, giving them a powerful boost during battles.



The game features the traditional RPG gameplay with the same setups from the original Pokemon Yellow. However, gamers will have their chances to explore many new elements that were never before seen. Find out more about the gameplay here:

Running, swimming, and even riding with your Pokémon

In Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile, players can have their Pokemons staying out with them instead of keeping them in the Pokeballs. However, this is not a new feature, even compared to the original Pokemon Yellow. The thing that makes this feature a lot more interesting is that you can keep more than one Pokemon out of their balls.

That being said, you can have all your Pokemons running around with you as you travel the lands of Kanto. In additions, if you have large Pokemons like Onix, Gyarados, and the likes, you can even ride on them along with other small Pokemons. This makes the trainer feel like they’re in the real Pokemon world.


Catch the same Pokemon for special rewards

For the hardcore trainers who would like to collect all the possible prizes and rewards, you can try to create a catching streak of a single Pokemon. This gives a lot of benefits as you’ll increase the chances of encountering Shiny Pokemons as well as earning a simple candy for powering your Pokemon up. And if you drop out in the middle of the session and catch a different Pokemon, any recorded stats will be deleted. That being said, make sure you continue your streak to reach your final goals.

Play against the legendary master Red

The original character from the original Pokemon game, Red is considered as one of the most powerful trainers in the world. Thus, making him a desirable opponent for any trainer who want to become champion.

That being said, after completing the Gym challenges and defeating the Elite Fours, you’ll have your chance to face the legendary trainer. Fight and defeat him in a head-to-head battle. Make sure your Pokemons are powerful enough as most of his are over the level of 90.

In additions, the two of you will be fighting without the use of items or whatsoever. Hence, make sure you come with the suitable tactics and have a healing Pokemon in your team.


Take on the Master Trainer challenge

Although the main gameplay only last until you defeat the Elite Fours and Red in your final battle, there are still many challenges as well as side missions for you to complete in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile. And one of those is the exciting Master Trainer challenge.

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Like its name, the challenge requires you to surpass all Pokemon trainers in the whole region by defeating them in trainer battles. However, there is a single rule for this challenge, you can only bring the one Pokemon to battle the same Pokemon of others.

Across the Kanto region, there would be 153 different trainers, equivalent to 153 different Pokemons in the Pokedex. This would be quite tricky since you’ll have to train all your Pokemons so they can have the required powers. Not to mention that it wouldn’t be easy to catch all the Pokemons in the first place.


Connect to Pokemon Go

If you’ve been playing the old Pokemon games, you’ll know how hard it is to collect all the Pokemons in the Pokedex. That being said, in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile, they have made things a lot easier with the option to connect to your Pokemon Go app.

You can use Pokemon Go to capture all the rare Pokemons that are difficult to locate in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile and trade them between two platforms. This makes things a lot easier as you’ll also have access to a large community of Pokemon Go gamers.


More interaction between Pokemons and trainers

In additions, the game also focuses a lot on the relationship between trainers and their Pokemon with some highlighted features. You’ll have access to more interactions with the Pokemon aside from just keeping them outside of their balls. Talk to them every once in the while, pet them, give them food, or even scratch their backs if they feel itchy. All can be done using the touchscreen control.

And as mentioned, the stronger the bonds between the trainers and their Pokemons are, the stronger the Pokemons will become. Hence, if you have a strong bond with your Pokemon, it’ll have a better chance at dodging attacks, healing from poisons, burn, paralyze, and so on. You’ll have higher chances of winning the battles.


Play with other trainers

Although the game mostly focuses on the single play gameplay, you can still play against other trainers in friendly battles. You can also trade Pokemon with them so that you both can have your desired Pokemons. And most interestingly, the game allows trainers to join forces in catching tough Pokemons. You can “double-throw” the Poke Balls to enhance your chances of successfully capture certain Pokemons.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful 3D graphics with realistic elements that make you feel like you’re playing in a real Pokemon world. In additions, the gameplay is quite friendly with little violence. Hence, the game is available for people of all ages with little restriction.

And most importantly, the relatively simple graphical demands also make the game playable on all devices. Hence, you can enjoy Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile on even the old Android models with ease.


Follow your whole journey, you’ll be enjoying peaceful music and soundtracks that keep you relax. In additions, the sound effects and voiced actors make the world of Pokemon seem much more intuitive than ever before.

Final thoughts

With improved graphics and gameplay, the game is definitely a worthy title even for the old fans who’ve played the original Red, Green, and Blue versions.

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Download Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! Mobile latest Android APK

Fans of the famous Pokemon Masters or Digimon ReArise will definitely find Pokemon Let’s Go as their next favorite game. Any Android devices that use Android 5.0 and up are able to download and install this game. You can start by going to rev-conf.org and look for the keyword “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! Mobile APK” in the games category.

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