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This CLASSIC party game, just got bigger and better.

CARD PARTY is inspired by the classic card game you with family and friends…But has new crazy cards! Wowza!

Card Party Features

???? for FREE with rev-conf.orgers across the world
???? Up to 10 special cards like WIZARD, ARROW, and MEGABLOCK
???? New 6 rev-conf.orger Mode for frantic fun!
???? with Facebook Friends or as Guest 
???? Earn Coins and level up!
???? Fast-paced competitive and fun – for FREE!
???? 9 Unique Leagues to unlock with new ways to
???? FREE bonus coins every day!
???? Excellent game graphics and animations

This classic game is so popular you probably already know how to win ????!

On your turn, a card that matches the top card in the centre of the table ????‍♀️.

To win, you must all of your cards before your opponents do.

Unlike the classic game, you wont have to shout anything on your last card. But if you win ???? you get a special chicken dinner surprise! ???? ???? ???? 

Card Party is based on classic party games ???? but also designed to give you a totally new fun experience. Enjoy classic card fun but be prepared to be surprised with new and exciting cards and a unique way to

 Some of our unique ???? cards include:

ALMIGHTY WIZARD – casts a spell on all rev-conf.orgers!
????‍♀️ MEGABLOCK – Block everyone!
???? WARP PIPE – Takes cards to another dimension
???? ARROW – Shoot another rev-conf.orger with an arrow!
???? HAND SWAP – Swap your hand

….and many, many more! ????

It is a simple ???? color ???? and number ???? matching game. Unlike other apps like ono classic, you can CARD PARTY with 6 rev-conf.orgers ???? and progress across 8 leagues unlocking new cards. Everyone from your family ????‍????‍????‍????, even grandparents ????????and kids ????‍????‍????‍????can enjoy a party card game along with their Friends and Buddies ????.

Every league you unlock is different ????, some leagues you will start with four cards ✌️✌️ and in others you get eight! ???? Each league also has a time limit ⏰ per game.

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If nobody gets rid of all their cards ???? before the timer runs out the game will end and coin prize ???? will be awarded to rev-conf.orgers with the least cards left ????????.

The first rev-conf.orger has to match ????‍♀️ the card ????in the discard pile either by number or color ???? or the rev-conf.orger can throw down a special ???? card else he must pick ???? a card from the deck. If he can what is drawn, great ????. Otherwise the turn moves to the next person ????.

The winner ???? is first one who has no cards left ????.

Tips & tricks to be remembered:

1. your cards before the timer runs out ⏰
2. Smart! ????‍???? You can choose ???? to pickup a card instead of rev-conf.orging a card during your turn ????
3. Forcing your opponents to pickup ???? more cards than you can also lead to victory ???? with your Facebook friends ????, against the computer ???? or with millions of ono fans around the world ????.

You will also soon be able to create a Friend Match ???? and invite your friends to ????️.

This is a classic four colour card game ????️ of family fun! Race ????️ to get rid of all your cards! Use the crazy special Cards against your opponents ????.

Games ????️ like take two online you can anytime ⏰ anywhere. Now you know Card Party features, don’t you think would be the ultimate family fun on your phone?????

Download ⬇️ Card Party for your phone ☎️and tablets ???? today and have endless hours of fun, we hope you feel Card Party is much better than the competition, take two, crazy eight.

So, what are you waiting for? CARD PARTY now for FREE!!

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