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Practice putting numbers in order with this simple number game, which focuses on numbers 1 through 10.

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Can you put these numbers in order? Get some practice with numbers 11-20 with this simple number game.



Go on a space hunt — not for aliens, but for numbers! Find the spoken numbers in this space scene and click a pic for space success.

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Ski Racer: Compare Numbers 1-10 is a fun and challenging way to practice comparing and evaluating numbers.
Children practice identifying numbers 0-10 in this learning adventure that takes place under the sea!
Click on each number as you hear it! Identify numbers 11-20 to win the race in this interactive rev-conf.orgal game.
The very first step to becoming a math pro is learning numbers. In these entertaining numbers games, kids will build essential skills in recognizing numbers, counting, comparing quantities, and even solving simple math equations. With vibrant animation and friendly characters, these numbers games give your child their first tools for math success.

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Numbers are the basic building blocks of all math, which makes developing number sense an important activity to start early. In our vast collection of engaging number games, your child will find a challenge that will help take their math skills to the next level, no matter where they are on their math journey. Beginner students will benefit from playing games that help them practice recognizing numbers, counting, and comparing quantities to sharpen their number sense. Intermediate learners can step it up into solving simple addition and subtraction puzzles, and more advanced math enthusiasts can take the plunge into multiplication games and working with decimals. Whether your child is just starting to learn their numbers for the first time, or they”re already manipulating three-digit numbers and exploring place value, has the perfect challenge to grow your child”s proficiency, confidence, and excitement for math practice. Launch your child”s math adventure with a free basic membership today, and when you”re ready to kick learning into high gear, upgrade to a premium membership to gain access to our entire collection of rev-conf.orgal resources.

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