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This guide will show you how to play Nintendo DS game ROM’s on your 3DS directly from SD card using TWiLight Menu++. TWiLight Menu++ adds a few features to DS games such as a cheats manager, increased sound quality and widescreen support. TWL Menu++ runs entirely in DS mode so some 3DS features will not be available while the application is running. It is compatible with the vast majority of DS games; TWiLight Menu++ DS Compatability List.

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Required Downloads:

Hacked (New) Nintendo 3DS (XL) Console

TWiLight Menu++ requires a hacked 3DS with FBI to install the homebrew application

(Micro) SD Card (32GB or Larger)


An SD Card is required to store the exploit files and homebrew apps32GB or more is recommended to store gamesThe SD card must be formatted to FAT32MicroSD cards are compatible with Old 3DS consoles via a MicroSD to SD adapter
Insert your SD card into your PCExtract TWiLightMenu.7zCopy the /_nds/ folder to the root of your SD cardCopy the /roms/ folder to the root of your SD card
Place your .nds ROMs inside the /roms/nds/ folder


Go to the /DSi&3DS – SD card users/ folderCopy the /_nds/ folder and BOOT.NDS file to the root of your SD card


Go to the /3DS – CFW users/ folderCopy TWiLightMenu.cia and TWiLight Menu – Game Booter.cia to the /cia/ folder on your SD cardCopy TWiLightMenu-Updater.cia to the /cia/ folder on your SD card


Insert your SD card into your 3DS and power it onLaunch FBI on your 3DSGo to SD -> cia


Select current directory ->


Press and go back to the Home Menu when the installation is completeUnwrap and Launch TWiLight Menu UpdaterSelect the TWL Menu++  and wait for the files to installSelect the nds-bootstrap and wait for the files to installSelect the Updater  and wait for the files to installSelect and wait for the files to installSelect -> -> Press and wait for the files to install


Press to exit then press to go back to the Home Menu

Congratulations, you’ve installed and updated TWiLight Menu++. You’re now ready to launch the app and boot up some NDS ROMs.

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Unwrap and Launch TWiLight Menu++ from your Home MenuSelect your console type and press to confirm your selection


Navigate to /roms/ -> /nds/


Select your ROM to load the DS game


The Acekard theme (zelda) is recommended for its improved cheats selection UI.

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Highlight your game in the TWiLightMenu++ file explorer


Press for the information window then press for the cheats window


Toggle cheats on and off with the button then press to save


Launch your game with the selected cheats


Congratulations, you’ve now setup cheats with TWiLight Menu++ so you can power through your Nintendo DS backlog without random encounters or Game Over screens.

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