Pokemon Yellow Rom Download

Pokemon – Yellow ROM Download for Gameboy Color (GBC).Pokemon – Yellow Versiongame is available for download only on rev-conf.org.Pokemon – Yellow Version ROMfor Gameboy Color download requires an emulator to play the game offline. The main language is English and the graphics are really good.

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FULL NAME: Pokemon Yellow Version (US)
FILE SIZE 497.43k
REGION English < USA >
GENRE: Role Playing
DOWNLOADS: 2,057,654
RATING: ★★★★

Well, who doesn’t love the cuddly, cute Pikachu, right? Well, in 1998 there was a special Pokemon Game released dedicated to Pickachu known as Pokemon Yellow Rom. Back then the game was developed for GameBoy console users.

As far as storyline and gameplay go, you’ll find Pokemon Yellow to be on the same track as Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red where the ultimate goes is to beat gym leaders and compete in the Elite Four for the ultimate price.

And while you are on the road to becoming a champion, there is will be constant interference from the notorious Team Rocket whose evil plans will need to be dealt with at every turn.

While most Pokemon games give you a wide range of Pokemon such as Squirtle, Charmander, etc. as your first Pokemon, Pokemon Yellow keeps up with the original anime theme and gives you Pikachu. As expected, Pikachu loves staying outside of the Pokeball all the while helping you catch the rarest and most powerful Pokemon in the Kanto region.

What makes this game so loved amongst Pokemon lovers is the fact that the game follows the original story line pretty closely while maintaining is uniqueness.

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How to Download ROM

Download Pokemon Yellow ROM3 Other Must Try Pokemon Games

Download Pokemon Yellow ROM

1. Click on the download button below and the installation will start.2. Once the download will complete, open the PokemonYellow.exe and run it. Don’t forget to run it as an administrator.3. Complete the offer you will get at the beginning of the installer.4. Once you finish it. The downloading of the Pokemon Yellow ROM will start.5. Double click the downloaded file and enjoy the game.6. Note: Use Winrar to unzip the .zip files.

Here is the download link of Pokemon Yellow Rom. This is the direct link, click here to begin download. Happy gaming.

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Pokemon Yellow ROM Download


Which is the best emulator to run this ROM?

If you are looking to play Pokemon Yellow ROM on your PC, the first thing you need to do is download a ROM emulator. As you already know this is a Gameboy Color (GBC) game, a GBC emulator is a must. in case you use a Windows PC, GBC emulators such as BGB 1.5.3, BasicBoy, Higan, GB Enhanced+, etc. should work best for you.

3 Other Must Try Pokemon Games

Are you enjoying playing Pokemon Yellow? Then I promise you, you won’t regret playing these Pokemon games as well.

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Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Gold is all about going deep in the Johto Region in search of not just rare Pokemon but also to win battles against gym leaders in order to qualify for the Elite Four. One of the main differences between this and other similar Pokemon games is that here to get a chance to catch Dark-type Pokemon and Steel-type Pokemon. To top that, you can also breed your own Pokemon

Pokemon Crystal

If you think that the Pokemon Gold is good, you will absolutely love the Pokemon Crystal game as it is an even better version of it. This game is also set in the Johto region where you won’t just come across regular Pokemon but also some legendary and rare ones such as Ho-oh on your journey. But before you can get your hands on this beast, you first need to catch three other legendary Pokemon in the region.

Pokemon Red

Pokemon Red and Pokemon Yellow are very similar when it comes to storylines. The reason being that Pokemon Red is the predecessor. But similar does not mean there’s nothing different. Pokemon Red sets itself apart from the pack by giving you the opportunity to select between Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur as your first Pokemon. As for ultimate objectives go, win the battles against gym leaders, win the Elite Four and you can proudly call yourself, a Champion.

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