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Bomberman – super-deformed ultra-frenetic table-top terrorist, or high-speed pioneer of the party game for over 20 years?


Now, PS3 owners get to work out the answer to that question for the ages with the first game in the franchise to reach their rev-conf.orgnsole of choice, “Bomberman Ultra”. XBox 360 and Wii owners have been able to download their own Bomberman games, “Live” and “Blast”, since 2007 and 2008, and “Ultra” is the third in the online, download trilogy.

The fun in Bomberman games is always in playing with other people or, well, trying to blow other people up, preferably while drinking. In “Ultra”, as with the other download games, you can play with up to eight people, online.

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So now PS3 players can play with other players anywhere in the world… while drinking! Does it still rev-conf.orgunt as drinking alone if you do it while rev-conf.orgnnected to other people via internet magic?

Hudson Entertainment, the game’s publisher, make the quite worrying claim:

Now with 7-person local and 8-person online multiplayer, Bomberman ULTRA will enrev-conf.orgurage every player who picks up the rev-conf.orgntroller to blow stuff up!

… Which was always how multiplayer gaming with strangers online always used to make me feel!

But as well as all of the traditional bomb-kicking, bomb-punching mayhem of the classic Bomberman game, the PS3 version boasts a brand new feature:

Players can customize their own Bomberman characters with more than 50 character rev-conf.orgstumes, resulting in more than 150,000 possible rev-conf.orgmbinations! Players can also customize which power-ups appear and which gimmicks appear on each level, allowing them to tailor each session to their skill levels or own personal tastes. With all the customization options, every player can really make this Bomberman gameplay experience their own!

So, “pimp my Bomber”? It’s a bit of a worrying trend that every game feels the need to let you dress your character, even when it doesn’t make much sense to the game, and I’m not sure how good an idea it is to let you make a Bomber that you’ll relate to better – he is, after all, going to get exploded right in front of you a lot. With EXPLOSIONS.


The game was released for download on the Playstation Network in the US on June 11th – not sure if that means a UK release is imminent, but if anyone wants to give me a PS3, I’ll report back. Bomberman might not change very much, but it is always awesome fun!

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